Sister Knows Best

"She's only using you!" Why can't he see that? "If you weren't such a stubborn bitch, you'd see that we're in love!" He argues his side. "If you weren't so blind, you'd see how screwed you are." I stomp out, slamming the door on the way out.

Amber Styles, sibling of Harry, sees the true colors of his new girlfriend, little miss Brenda Rambleton . He doesn't believe her, but when will he learn, sister always knows best.


4. What'd You Think?

"So, what'd you think about her?" Niall asks me. "I dunno. She seemed.. Slutty," I laugh. "What's your opinion?" I ask him. "Same as yours. I can't believe Harry brought her home." He says, "Especially since he was making you stay."

"Well, he's been acting weird lately. Different." I say, "Haven't you noticed?" He nods solemnly. "Yeah, he has. Have your parents called recently?" He inquires. "I talked to Mom this morning. She said her and Dad are alright and they miss us. I might go visit soon." I admit.

"So, what's tonight's movie?" Niall asks, changing the subject. We sit on the floor, going through his bins of movies. "The Notebook? I thought you were a man!" I tease, and his face reddens. "Hey! That's my mum's.." He snatches the movie, causing me to laugh more.

My phone starts to ring, and it's Harry. I pick up, "What's up?" Someone starts to speak, and it's not Harry. "As I was saying earlier, you better not tell Harry about this. He's bound to believe me, alright?" I roll my eyes. "Where's Harry?" I ask.

"In the shower, bitch. Anyway, I gotta go. Zach's calling." Who's Zach? Harry's never told me about him. "Who the fuck is Zach?" I question. "One of my other little boy toys. Now, remember, Harry won't find out about this, Okay?" I open my mouth to tell her off, but I'm cut off by the dial tone.

I roll my eyes and put the phone down, and I start going through the movies again. "Frozen?" Niall asks, a huge grin on his face. "Sure, but you have to pay for pizza." I bargain. "Deal!" We shake on it, and he pops in the movie. I get a text from Harry. 

Harry: Where r u?

Amber: Niall's. Y?

Harry: I told u no!

Amber: I'm 17! U were 2 busy w/ whats her name 2 notice I left

Harry: We'll deal w/ this when u get home

Amber: I'm a grown woman!

Harry: Hell no ur not!

Amber: I'll move out then. Oh wait, ur living in MY house!

Harry: I'll move in with Brenda.

I don't even respond. The doorbell rings, and I hold out my hand for Niall's money. He pauses the movie and hands me a twenty. "Thanks." I mumble, and hand the twenty to the man. I bring it back, and continue singing and eating with Niall.


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