Sister Knows Best

"She's only using you!" Why can't he see that? "If you weren't such a stubborn bitch, you'd see that we're in love!" He argues his side. "If you weren't so blind, you'd see how screwed you are." I stomp out, slamming the door on the way out.

Amber Styles, sibling of Harry, sees the true colors of his new girlfriend, little miss Brenda Rambleton . He doesn't believe her, but when will he learn, sister always knows best.


3. Welcome..

The boys arrive ten minutes before Haz and his new nighttime toy. We say our hellos, and I receive my hugs. It's so funny hearing all of their accents. I moved to California for school when I was a freshman in highschool, so I've adapted to have an American accent. Soon, the doorbell unlocks, and Harry walks in, pulling along some chick.

"Hey, I'm Amber." I smile and hold out my hand. "Brenda! Nice meetin you!" She shakes my hand, squeezing so tight it seems she's trying to crush me. I pull my hand back, noticing her eyes baring into the back of my skull as she walks around. "Excuse me, I'm headed to the bathroom." Harry excuses himself, kissing her cheek on the way  out.

Brenda crosses her arms, noticing our awkwardness. "Well, bitch, I thought you would've at least looked somewhat decent." She looks me up and down, and I cock my head. "Are you seriously talking to me?" I ask, taken aback by her rudeness.
"Yeah, you are so -" Her tone  changes as she glances  at something behind me. "pretty! I love your fashion sense! We should totally start shopping together!" Harry walk around me, to her, as I realize that's the  reason for her sudden mood swing. "Well, Harry, wanna show me your room?" She winks at him. Ew!

"With pleasure." He places his hand on her ass, guiding her up the stairs. I turn around and look at the boys. "Are you fucking kidding me? You saw that whole thing, right?" I make sure I'm not hallucinating. I get a  chorus of yeps, and I roll my eyes. "I'm outta here. Niall, I'm crashing at yours." I jog upstairs and pack my bag, trying to ignore Harry and that bitchmonster's moans.

I scribble out a quick note, then we all load up their car. "You guys are right. She is the devil." I laugh. "Well, I think  we're all getting girlfriend time, so we're skipping movie night. Sorry you two." Louis apologizes. "Ugh, y'all suck. Are we the only ones not getting laid tonight?" I laugh. "Who said we're not getting laid?" Niall wiglles his eyebrows jokingly, and I swat at his chest.

"I am not doing  you! Sorry Niall, but I'll pass," I laugh. He fake  cries, and we finally pull up at his house. "Bye guys!" We hop out and run in, unaware that tonight is simply the start of the first big change.


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