Sister Knows Best

"She's only using you!" Why can't he see that? "If you weren't such a stubborn bitch, you'd see that we're in love!" He argues his side. "If you weren't so blind, you'd see how screwed you are." I stomp out, slamming the door on the way out.

Amber Styles, sibling of Harry, sees the true colors of his new girlfriend, little miss Brenda Rambleton . He doesn't believe her, but when will he learn, sister always knows best.


6. Ice on Cheeks and a Stolen Kiss

I walk on in to Niall's house, tears in my eyes and a red  hand print on my cheek. He stares at me, mouth agape. "D-did Brenda do that?" He asks, bewildered. I shake my head solemnly.  "Harry." I collapse into him, and his body folds around mine.

"It's alright.. shh... It's okay.." Niall leads me to sit on the couch,  and he  gets an ice pack, placing it carefully on my cheek.

"What happened?"  I explain it all, how we fought, and how I kicked him out. The worst part being how it's all Brenda's fault.

"Does it hurt?" He asks. "No,"  I roll  my eyes. "It feels  like Heaven." I immediately regret it. "I'm sorry, I'm just really mad."

He doesn't say anything.


He holds my hand, and  soon his fingers are laced in mine. Before I know it, the  ice  pack is on the floor, Niall  is laying down, and I'm on top of him.

He runs his fingers over the small of my back, sending shivers down my spine. I run my fingers through his hair and kiss a little harder.

I roll off of him as I snap back to reality. "What just happened?" I ask.

Niall is breathing heavily, and he  sits up before replying.  "I'm a thief, but I only want two things.  Kisses, and you're heart."

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