Sister Knows Best

"She's only using you!" Why can't he see that? "If you weren't such a stubborn bitch, you'd see that we're in love!" He argues his side. "If you weren't so blind, you'd see how screwed you are." I stomp out, slamming the door on the way out.

Amber Styles, sibling of Harry, sees the true colors of his new girlfriend, little miss Brenda Rambleton . He doesn't believe her, but when will he learn, sister always knows best.


7. Get out!

I walk into my house, Harry and Brenda in the middle of an  intense makeout session. "What the hell are you still doing here? Get out of my house!" I shout, pointing to the  door.

"What's wrong with you, darling?" Brenda asks with a  little giggle. "You. You're my damn problem. You're cheating on my brother. Plus, you seem to have turned him into some monster! Both of you, leave. Now." I say sternly. 

"I told you to move out. I'll call the cops if I must." I say. "I'm not leaving. Mum said that I could stay here. You can't kick me out.." He smirks.

"She only told you because agreed!" I start to dial the number for the police, but Harry shouts. "FINE!I'm leaving!" He gets his suitcases and leaves .  "Asshole." I mutter. 

The doorbell rings,  and I look out the peephole to see 4/5 of One Direction. I let them in. "Did you really?" Louis asks. "Yes. I kicked Harry out." I sigh, and his eyes widen. "Wait a second, you kicked Harry out? As in, he does not live here anymore?" He asks.

"Wait.  If you didn't know about that, what were you talking about?" I ask,  confused. "Your kiss with Niall, of course!" Zayn answers.

"Oh yeah, that also happened." I give a small smile. "And I'm personally hoping it will again." Niall replies, looking straight into my eyes.

"GET SOME, NIALL!" Liam shouts, pushing him into me, and running to hide behind the couch.

I pull him into me, our lips connecting sweetly, a change from last nights kiss. 


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