Deathly Poison: Book X Of The Chronicles Of Death City

A weapon and a meister combined with a twisted past, sadly they drag there friends down with them....


2. Prologue (Pt. 2??) Look The Other Way

~~It was only, not even a month earlier. It was a rainy day in late April, dark, the atmosphere almost feeling evil in a sense. It was one of the days that you would rather not live, regardless of your age. Sad. Depressing. The air felt as if it were a mixture of a horrid, sick heat, and cold, as if ice was dropping from the sky, pricking your skin. But it was simply water.


Pressed up against the wall, a small girl, no older than eight or nine stood. She strained to hear. Her mother and father were in the other room. She could hear quit sobs, and an occasional mumble. Many ideas of what was going on came to the girl's mind, the young, curious brain full of imagination, coming up with scenarios that only a small child could come up with.


Not all of them were happy ones. She slid down the wall. It must have been from what happened earlier. It simply must have. About a year ago, she had discovered she was a weapon. It was an accidental discovery, of course. Although none the less, there became a tension between she and her mother and father.


Not even a month after her little 'discovery', had she gotten into a fight. Not by choice. The shy child had had enough of the behaviour of the bitchiest girl of her grade. Anger issues had gotten the best of the girl. “Why don't you- why don't you shut up!!” She called out to the snob. “'Scuse me?” Was the reply she got. Little did she know, the bitch had black blood, which would soon be in the girl's own blood.


The flashback ended there. She bet that was what they were talking about. That was only part of it however. The nine year old stood, and scampered off to her room, quietly shutting the door, locking it, and then heading to her bed. Without realizing it, a few bitter, salty tears has cascaded down her pale face. She laid on her bed, soon falling asleep. That was the last she had ever heard from her parents.

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