Deathly Poison: Book X Of The Chronicles Of Death City

A weapon and a meister combined with a twisted past, sadly they drag there friends down with them....


1. Prologue: How Could This Happen?

~~  On a sickly summer saturday in late May, evil was lurking about. It was hot on that day, so hot you would feel like you were melting if you only stuck one toe out the door. As night came on this fateful day, the temperature dropped, and the supernatural came out to play. A girl at the age of 9, lie in a light sleep in bed, dreaming, dreaming a horrid nightmare.

        Covered in the blood of her family and friends, the little girl looked up at the great beast that had killed everyone that she love. She felt older in her state of mind. Her shoulders were broder with the sythe in her hands. She felt so powerful, yet so weak. She heard a voice come from the sythe, "Let's end this."

        The girl gave slight nod, changing her stance a bit. With the weapon in hand she ran straight at the monsterous being, but it did something she never expected. Its massive hand collided with the death sythe, causing the blade to snap off of its hold, while it flew backwards out of the girl's hands, it changed back into human form, showing the hazy form of a boy.

        He wasn't breathing. The girl turned back to the great beast, "You killed him!" She screamed, "YOU KILLED HIM!"

        The monster gave what sounded to be a laugh as a response. The girl, with tears steaming down sher face, changed her stance yet again, but this time she had no protection. The great thing took aim and....

She woke up... Screaming, tears covered her face and clogged her throat. Her dreams were becoming more and more vivid... and more and more realistic.

        But something was... off normally when things like this happen her mother and father come running.

        But there was no one coming to her rescue, there was only darkness. She shakily got to her feet and slowly opened the door. Staring her in the face was something she never thought she'd see.

        The bodies of her parents lie on the living room floor, covered in blood, But that wasn't all that awaited her eyes. The souls floated above the bodies, and there was a man standing there with a death sythe in hand. She vaguely heard voices coming from the man and the weapon. She strained her ears to hear it.

        "Nice work partner, now all you have to do is eat the souls, so why don't you change back into human form would ya? You're getting kind of heavy," The man said looking at his weapon. The little girl knew all about weapons and miesters, after all her parents were some of the best.

        "I'm not heavy!" The weapon says while changing back to human form, "You're just tired."

        The sythe that was now a man was a bit taller than his miester, he was thinner with blond hair and green eyes. His miester had blond hair and blue eyes, "Yeah, maybe that's it," The miester replied.

        She fully went back into her room before shutting the door completely and locking it as quietly as possible. Grabbing a backpack she packed clothes and other things that she thought she might need before climbing out the window and down the side of the house. She ran down the driveway, being careful not to get spotted. She made to the woods across the street just before the two men came out to the house. The little girl looked at their smiling, happy faces, "I will find you," she said, "and I will kill you."

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