Shades of Grey

Sometimes people are meant to fall in Love but not meant to be together. The story between Rowan Williams and Greyson Harting show that not only is this all too real but that this relationship is more complicated and more surreal than anything they could have hoped for.


4. 3


"And you are?" He asks shutting the door behind him.

"I'm Rowan."

"You're the roommate?" I swallow, looking over to all the clutter in that space. That can't possibly belong to him. All those stars.

"Yeah, I am." I smile. "Do you-?" He follows my gestures pointing to the decor.

"Yeah, I lie here but most of this shit belongs to Ava. Have you met her yet?" Okay.

"Um a little bit. She came to get something..."

"Yeah-". For the first time since he's arrived I've noticed a black wing poking out of the top of his shirt, translucent against his skin adding a another aspect to his charm. He has very light but heavy scruff outlining his jawline and brown almost olive skin. Yes, at first sight I am immediately attracted to him in the way school girls are attracted to a peer and when he runs a chiseled hand through his hair pulling back some of that wool, exposing his eyes an I'm floored.

"Are you a partier?" He moves the covers around in a furry. I shake my head. "We'll do you like to drink?" I shake my head. "What do you like to do?"

I think a bit.

"I like to write and read." He raises a crisp eyebrow at me.


"Is there something wrong?"

"No," he laughs. "Just making sure." He finally finds what he's looking for and turns to the mirror, fixing his hair and grabs a gold box from his dresser. "I better go."

"Where are you going?" Too intrusive? He stops on his way to the door, grinning.

"A party. Why? Would you like to come?"

"Uh, no thank you."

"Alright well..." All day people have been in and out of this dorm, in starting to wonder if I should just walk to campus and actually take Chirst's advice for once in my life. If I had I wouldn't be here waiting to take classes for a profession that I sit even like.

As soon as I stand all motivation leaves my body. I'm stuck with ambitious thoughts but I'm a pathetic excuse for a "do-er". I am an observer. I lock eyes on my toiletry bag and decide to take a shower instead, so I leave the comfort of my dorm room and set out to find the showers which is not hard at all due to the large white sign reading: " Showers -->."

Just like the dorms the showers are co-ed, meaning mixed, the only means of separation between naked bodies and the public eye is a flimsy little shower curtain. It's empty and quiet and I mentally thank my body for only being able to shower after 9pm.

I step inside, placing all my things on the ledge in the shower and get undressed. I hold my breath a few times to allow myself to hear if anyone is joining me but every time there's no one. With that out of the way I wash my hair an let the warm water relax my overly tense muscles. I'm already missing home and desperately want to call home but I already know I won't get an answer on the other line.

I reach for my towel, turning the water off and wrap it around me. The spot that my gray faded sweats and Vermont T-shirt had filled is empty.

"Really!?" I scream, throwing a wet lock of hair out of my face. "This is not happening!" I pull the towel tighter around m body and grab the toiletry bag before dashing down the hall towards my door, twisting the handle only to hear a click of rejection.

"No! Please open." I yell banging on the door and twisting on the knob. Left, right,left, right. Nothing. The bag falls, spilling all my products onto the floor making me have to bend down and gather them. After clearing the floor I lean back against the wall and set the bag on top of my leg.


"If you need anything..." My mind draw a blank. I am completely naked and I have no way to get into my room. I can feel my face growing hot at the thought of someone seeing me.


"Rowan?" I hear as my shoulder is given a gentle push. "Hey, wake up." He grabs me before I slip back down against the wall. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." I grumble. How long have I been sleeping?

"What are to doing out here?" He grabs a hold of my shoulder, helping me stand and pressing the towel against my body.

"I got locked out of my room."

"You could have came to me. I have a few extra shirts that you can borrow, but you can't just sit in the hallway like this." His eyes are soft as they lock on mine and he holds out his hands for me to grab and takes the bag for my other hand.

"Alright come on." He says and shows me to his apartment. B12, flashes in my head with his voice trailing along.

"Sit down there, and I'll go get you a change of clothes." He instructs me when we are finally inside. The clock on the farthest wall reads 3:53am and I shiver at the though f being left outside until he came home or the wee hours of the morning.

"Thank you." I call to him loud enough so that he can hear me.

"It's no problem." When I look up he's beside me, handing me a navy blue T-shirt I assume is his and a pair of his boxers.

"Sorry about that, I don't really have any shorts or pants that you'd fit."

"This is fine." I say. Although wearing his clothes is a little unsettling I take them anyway. He shows me to the bathroom and I walk back, pushing the door open. I'm immediately hit by the image of me in the mirror. My mangled hair and crusted eyes, I cringe dropping the clothes on the rack and frantically comb through my hair before putting on the shirt, that drop down to my knees, and his boxers that I have to roll at the hen twice.

"Thank-you." I say once I enter the little space.

"You're welcome." I don't know if I should excuse myself or stay so I stand watching him move around the room.

"Are to hungry? I don't know how long you've been out there-"

"I'm okay." I say. "Why are you up so late?"

"I was reading a book." He stops glooming around."

"What book?"

"An abundance of Catherine's, by John Green."

"Oh I've heard of that one."

"Have you read it?"

"No, I haven't."

"You can borrow this one, I just finished today." He grabs the paperback off of his nightstand and shoves it at me.

"Thank you."

"You say that a lot. There's no need to thank me." He finally sits, looking up at me and this book. The sound of a door slamming draws Lucas to his feet, opening the door and turning back to me.

"I think your roomies back."

"Should I go?"

"Only if you want to." He says opening the door to look across the hall at my half open door. "But be careful. No more sleeping in the halls." Grabbing my bag, I start walking back.

The room is dark beside the flash of a screen on his side.

"I thought you'd be sleeping." He slurs.

"I was across the hall. I got locked out." I close the door, he finally looks up at me his eyes going wide.

"Whose shit is that."

"Um-it's Lucas'." I say curling the fabric in my hands.

"Lucas? Lucas Parker?"


"Do you know him?" The screen goes dark leaving everything a shadow.

"No, we'll not really."

"And yet, you've already fucked him?" My skin crawls at the word an I jerk back pushing myself closing to the door.

"I did not have sex with him." I gasp.

"Then why are you wearing his stuff?" My cheeks go red and I shrink in this outfit, feeling insecure.

"I had nothing else to wear." He slowly rises from his bed, closing the space between us. The closer he gets to me the more he reminds me of my Dad and the scent of his liquor cabinet.

"So you did not fuck him?"

"Do not say that!?"

"Are you a Virgin?" I'm caught off guard and start to stumble walking back into the door and he's on me, moving a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"What are you-" his hands moves to my neck and he stops.

"Are you a virgin?" He repeats.

"I don't know who you think you are-." The phone in his left hand ignites again, showing Ava written across the screen. He answers it not taking his eyes off me.

"What the fuck do you want?" Her voice is barley audible on the other end.

"Grey, where are you!?" She scream in the other end.

"I don't know, ask Marc." He spits and hangs up. He finally steps back retreating to his bed and in left, breathless, goosebumps tailing down my neck.

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