Shades of Grey

Sometimes people are meant to fall in Love but not meant to be together. The story between Rowan Williams and Greyson Harting show that not only is this all too real but that this relationship is more complicated and more surreal than anything they could have hoped for.


3. 2

In my old room there was a small bay window that somehow made it it seem smaller than the actual footage. This is not the case. 

The dorm is bigger than anything I had ever seen, with two large film-strip windows on both sides of the room and half of it already filled with Mosaic art and abstract pieces dangling from the ceiling made to look like stars. I stop in the doorway completely second guessing this decision. Do I want to do this? Could I honestly survive living in a co-ed, boys girl, dorm. There has to be some law against this! 

"Winnie?" He only uses that name when he's unsettled. "Are you comfortable with this? I could go back." 

"Yes, I'm comfortable." I lie. "I can't turn back now."

"I would be willing to spend what ever money it took to make you happy. I just want you to have the full college experience like every kid deserves-" I suck a cloud of unrendering restlessness and calamity and let them fight it out below my rib cage. 

"I'll be okay. Thank you." I smile. It doesn't look that bad. I am just hoping that a girl belongs to that pile of art and by the look of heavy decoration I am guessing that my hypothesis is true. 

"I'll get your things then." He tells me. 

"Thank you."


I take my first step inside, the carpet forms under my feet and the smell of coffee trails through the room and well into the sitting room off to the right. Everything is a pale white and bare besides the tiny blue bulbs hanging from their ceiling and painted clouds reading: Be untouchable; Be fearless."


The bed on my side is bare and a blue pail of paint rests on the floor. I'm tempted to open it and flick the egg-shell blue across the walls, just a little bit but instead I sit. Surprisingly, the mattress greets my weight and sighs in exhaust as I curl more into the bed.

"Rowan." He knocks before sitting the box against the wall and walking in. Behind him someone follows carrying an armful of my boxes. "Thanks." My Dad smiles at him. "Rowan this is Luca Parker." He introduces me when all the boxes are seated on the floor in circles. "Luca, this is my Daughter Rowan." I smile politely and stand to greet him. 

"What are you studying to be?" My Dad asks in that condescending voice. 

"I'm finishing up some of my Law classes for my Barcharel em Direito." 

"Bachelors in Law? That's a wonderful profession." He says in that Williams tone that means one thing and one thing only. Rowan you should see what this guy has to offer. 

"You should let me get settled in Dad." I say in an attempt to get rid of him.

"I know, I get the hint." He says and grabs the side of my face gently. "Be a good kid."

"I am an adult." I remind him.

"I know don't remind me." He laughs. "I love you Winnie. Call me when you're done." I promise him and exchange an 'I love you'. When he leaves I turn to Lucas.

"Thank you for helping him."

"It was no problem." He shoves his hands into his jean pockets.

"Did you move down to these dorms or..?"

"No, I just enrolled."

"Really? Why are you coming so late?"

"I had to finish up some school in Wales and they extend their school year." I inform him. I had only went on a business trip with my dad and it gradually turned into me and Chirst staying in Wales and Mom back home and us staying there for school. Although the experience was amazing it wasn't picture perfect.  

"You travel?

"Sort of. It's more of a follow the leader thing and then get stuck." I laugh and he laughs along with me. 

"Do you need help here?" I size up my side. 

"Um No, I think I got it handled here. Thanks though."

"Of course. Well if you need anything B12." 

I start the bedding first. The ivy sheets are bigger than the twin mattress and the comforter slides right off the bare surface so I throw the sheets to the side and start on emptying the boxes and make mental note to get more sheets. I empty all my boxes but one and when I look up the sky is orange and red and my clothes are in the closet or inside the dresser. 

"I just don't think that's something you should focus on right now." I hear as the door clicks open and I'm confronted by a girl with shiny blonde hair. 

"Hello?" She addresses me with confusion. 


"Yeah, I'll call you back."  She hangs up, slipping the phone in her bag. "Hey, who are you?"

"I'm your new roommate." I tell her. 

"Roommate? What's your name?" 

"Rowan Williams."

"Oh, I'm Ava. This isn't my dorm but it's nice to meet you." I swallow. It would be nice to meet whoever I am rooming with before I eventually fall asleep. She leans over the bed grabbing a note book. 

She seems sweet, like someone I would have been friends with back at home, I remember to call my Dad and have to dig around the mess on my bed to look for the phone. 

"I'll see you around." She says leaving and I wave her off. I find my Home contact and dial out. 

"Hey!" Chirst answers. 


"How is it?"

"It's great. I just got moved in and now I'm waiting for my roommate."

"Don't do that."

"Do what?"

"Wait for them to show up. It's weird." 

"Then what do I do?"

"Watch a movie, go out to campus, see whats going on." I shrug dismissing him. I would have no way of getting around due to my lack of knowledge of the map and it's nearly dark outside. 

"Where is Mom and Dad?" 

"Hang on." I hear shuffling in the background and finally my mothers voice replaces the silence. 

"Hello dear How is it?" 

"It's great! I'm already unpacked."

"That's amazing we definitely have to come visit soon." I agree with her. 

"I'm already a blubbering baby. I miss you."

"I miss you too, Mom." 

"Your brother is going to take us out to dinner. I wish you were here."

"I've been gone a few hours."

"I know. Well I wish I could talk more but we should get going. I'll call you when we get back and we can talk all night."


"I love you."

"I love you too-" The door clicks open and there he stands in white washed jeans and a plaid shirt with his hair sticking up at the top of his head in a strange style. I slip down to the edge of my bed and smile. 


A/N My original chapter was scrapped because I was not comfortable with it but I figured why not throw in a cliche twist. Anyway, please vote or comment it would be great and just keep reading I hope to give you the best of my ability. Thank you. Chapter three should be up soon if not Wednesday.- K

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