Shades of Grey

Sometimes people are meant to fall in Love but not meant to be together. The story between Rowan Williams and Greyson Harting show that not only is this all too real but that this relationship is more complicated and more surreal than anything they could have hoped for.


2. 1

*10 Months Earlier*

   The remains of my room have been tossed in the back of my  Mothers little blue Volvo and squeezed together by the impact of the trunks door. My ties are being cut slowly but never less. I would throw myself at the threshold of the doorway if that meant me staying here, but it's big girl time and this is what big girls do.
      They pack up their belongings and leave. Such a dramatic move as this should take time, at least a few days to comprehend the exhaust of it and the labor-especially for someone starting so late. 
     Chirstek, my brother, leans against the back of the Volvo with his hands pressed against the edge of the trunk.

"Little shit is finally going of to college. Best days of your life." He was a pre-med but now this is his last year of medical school until he goes to be able apprentice for the next five years in Oxford.

"There's partying and shit tons of hot girls walking around half naked. It's a sight-." Mom smacks him on the back of the head before he can finish.

"Sorry to disappoint, Chirst but your sister has more sense than you. Rowan will behave." I nod as she turns to look at me and my Dad joins us, wrapping an arm around me.

"Especially with the family profession at stake." 
Chirst gives me the look of an injured animal as he moves away from the trunk. I can't count how many times me and him have discussed my impending hatred for medicine and anything in that category.
  You have two years to tell them, Rowan. He said to me my Junior year of High school and again when I had finally gone into my last year but now it's too late for me to tell them I'm not doing it. Just like it was for him.

"Well the chancellor is waiting for our arrival. We should get going hun." My Dad says softly jerking me toward the car.

"Goodbye sweetheart." My Mom calls with one last flick of the wrist.

"See you on Easter." My brother says.


Norwhich stands in rolling rows of brown bricks and overgrown teenagers loitering around the campus.  A group of men toss a football while chasing it down and diving to get it and another group sits while discussing the phenomenon of some book. This is where I will be spending the next two years of my life doing generals.

Im terrified.

I cling onto the bag thrown across my body and follow my Dad inside. He's dressed in a gray suit fitting in less with every step he submerges himself in this New world. The dress my Mother threw at me during breakfast this morning hangs loosely around my hips and my bust, stopping just in time to show off the burlap slippers and my bare toes. My hair once collected around my face runs down my back to the last button on the dress.

"You look so much more beautiful when your hair is down." Mom told me this morning I was tempted to pull it back into my signature bun but dad has been pulling at it to make it flow more.

"Ms. Williams." A man behind a mahogany desk greets me. "Simon." He says to my Dad. When he stands I see how tall he really is, how well he settles into the black tuxedo and shiny almost metallic hair. He must be closing in on his 50's as well as my father but instead of looking choppy he looks well groomed.

He holds out his hand to me and I take it.

"You look very nice today." He tells me.

" Thank you." I reply.

"Take a seat." He gestures to the great big chairs directly in front of his desk. "Ms. Williams. I can't help but notice the incredible dedication you have shown in your transcripts. Normally  I'd never let in students past enrollment but you are an exception."

"Thank you." I flush. My Dad pats my leg and smiles at me.

"Rowan has possessed such an amazing spirit and such smarts  since she was a young girl."

"I can defiantly see that." He praises. "Unfortunately." Oh no. " And this is the reason why I called you directly from my office- all the dorms seem to be full in the All girls dormatory." I look to my Father who's turning a pale blue.

"What does that mean?" He asks. Will I not be able to attend Norwhich? Will I have to go home and wait another year to start school? As much as I love the safe comfort of my home I certainly do want to go to school and finish. I don't know what I would do if I had to wait another year.

"Don't worry, she won't have to delay her attendance." He answers my thoughts. "but either she will have to live in the co-ed dorms or on a private housing." He looks at me again.

"How much would that cost?"

"Co-ed is combined with tuition so-free and private housing is an additional thousand per month." My Dad sucks the air trapped between his teeth. He looks at me for a third time and smiles a small sly smile.

"Don't tell mom."

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