My Princess( Niall Fanfic)

Mellissa had a complicated life. She gets abused at home by her step dad, and she gets bullied at school. Until one day, when she had enough...


2. The Unknown

Niall's P.O.V

Who was she? Why is she here? As I approach her, you could tell she was nervous. " Hi, I'm Niall."  She stiffens. "Don't be scared, I'm not going to hurt you." I said. " My name is Mellissa" she said quietly. I give her a small smile. " Why are you here alone?" I ask. She says nothing. " I'm sorry, if I'm asking you so many questions." I said, blushing a little." Why don't you come to my flat, and tell me." She tries to smile, and nods.


Mellissa P.O.V

What did I just agree to? I don't even know him... As soon as we got into his car, I could see his features clearly. Blue eyes, brown hair that has been dyed blond. He was cute... What am I thinking? We don't even know eachother, and even if we did, he probably wouldn't  go out with me. About 5 minutes, my ankle started to hurt, I must've twisted it when I ran... I'm such a klutz When we reach his flat, he opens the door on my side and helps me stand up, but I go off balance. " I think I twisted my ankle" I say quietly. "Oh, let me help you." Niall says, as he lifts me off my feet in a cradling position. Then he slowly carries me to the house. 

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