My Princess( Niall Fanfic)

Mellissa had a complicated life. She gets abused at home by her step dad, and she gets bullied at school. Until one day, when she had enough...


3. The Other Boys

Mellissa P.O.V

"Oh, by the way, I live with my four band mates..." Niall tells me. I stiffen. Other boys... He opens the door and carries me. " Hi Niall' All the boys said together. They sat on the couch and looked confused. " Hmmm, Niall, why are you carrying a girl?" said the curly haired one. " Oh" Niall slowly brings be back to my feet. " Her name is Mellissa, and I found her in the alleyway, 5 min away, and she twisted her ankle." " Oh, that's Niall being romantic for you" Said the one with the striped shirt. "Well that's Louis" Niall points at the boy with the striped shirt. " That's Harry." He points at the curly haired one. "Liam" He points to a boy and the back of the room. He gives me a big smile." And Zayn" He points at the boy at the front of the room. "Nice to meet you all" I say, quietly. " Anyway, come on, I want to show you something!" Said Niall. We go up stares and we go into a room. This is where you are going to sleep. He points at a bed on the right side of the room. " How about you?" I say. "I  wil sleep on the floor" " No, you don't have to do that" I say. "Yes I do. I like sleeping on the floor anyway". He says. "Thank you" I say, quietly. " Do you have something to change into?" He asks. " Yea" I answer "Ok then, change, and meet me and the boys down stares. Are you alright with that?" I nod. He smiles. Then a few seconds later, he leaves.







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