My Princess( Niall Fanfic)

Mellissa had a complicated life. She gets abused at home by her step dad, and she gets bullied at school. Until one day, when she had enough...


5. The next morning

*The next morning

Mellissa P.O.V

When I woke up in Nialls room, I had almost forgotten that I had left my house. It took me a good 10 seconds to realize where I was. Right now, I'm just looking at the ceiling waiting for something to happen. I decide to get up. When I sit up on my bed, I notice that Niall hasn't even woken up yet.  He looked so innocent, and cute.... Wait, did I just call him cute? I don't even know him... Well, hopefully I'll get to know him better cause I'm staying.... Or at least I think I am. I should really talk to Niall about it. As I was thinking, I smelt something coming from down stares. I decide to slowly walk past Niall. When I got down the stairs, I see Harry.


"Morning Harry!" I say to him cheerfully. I didn't know why I was that cheerful knowing what was going on. "Morning Mellissa." Harry said, also in a cheerful voice. "Whatcha making? It smells really good." I say while rubbing my stomach. "Just some eggs and sausage." "Shouldn't the others be up by now as well?" I say, looking around at the empty apartment. "No, they'll wake up as soon as they smell it" he says smirking. Before the boys come down I decide to go up stairs and get changed. When I open the door to the bed room, Niall was standing shirtless, in the middle of the room. " Oh! Mellissa, I didn't know you were coming up." I saw his face start to blush as he quickly gets a shirt and outs it on. "Its fine" I say in a mumble. I look down and felt my face burn.


When Niall was going to leave the room, I decided now was a good time to ask about me staying here. "Um, Niall?" I say shyly. "Yes Mellissa" He turns and looks straight into my eyes. He was so attractive. Then I notice I was staring for a little to long. "I was wondering how long I will be able to stay with you and your band mates..." I look down, feeling a light bush coming on. " You can stay here as long as you like." Said Niall. I couldn't believe it. Someone who I only met last nigh is letting me stay with him. " Thank you so much!" I said cheerfully. Without thinking, I hug Niall. I felt his hand go around my waist, firmly. Then we pulled away.  " No problem" Niall said. "Oh, I need to talk to you about something later ok?" "Sure. What about?" "Something" He said. Then he went down stairs. After Niall left, I decided to get changed, the headed down stairs.

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