A death. A spirit. The army.
What do they all have in common?


1. Prolouge

She slowly walked across the dusty plains, kicking a rock with her foot. Her black jumper had faded into a dark grey, the long sleeves frayed at the ends. The black leggings that she was wearing were worn and dirty, her shoes tattered. Walking for days had taken it's toll on the girl; she was incredibly thirsty, and tired, but she slowly carried on.. Even if she didn't know the full reason she was was walking for.
The raven haired-girl knew exactly why she was running away; just not where she was going.

"L... You better have a good reason for leading me this way..." She sighed, her voice hoarse.


The leader of the soldiers was a young man, only around 21 years of age, with long-ish, dark brown hair and a slim, yet sturdy figure. Despite his age, he flew through the ranks and made it near the top due to his talent with a blade. Nobody really knew him as a person, just the 'soldier-version' of him. The crew of around 6 soldiers reluctantly followed their leader.
"Erm... Why are we heading this way? It looks deserted!" Was what one of the 'newbies' proclaimed.
"Hush. She is this way." He said, simply and quickly. As soon as he finished speaking, 'she' came into view, he gave the signal; to go. And with this, they continued to walk closer to the woman.
Oblivious, the timid, worn out girl carried on. She was about to sit down and give up when she heard footsteps, ones that seemed to be getting closer. 
Whisking around, she was soon surrounded, panic seeping through her. 
'L! Why didn't you warn me!' She thought, trying to think of an escape option. He then caught her eye, walking slowly towards her- heavily guarded, he seemed to be very smug to have found her. 
'Well, it's not over yet. They'll have me over my dead body, L. Where the fuck are you? I need you!' 
'I needed to see how you would be able to deal in this situation. I won't be there for you to call-upon whenever you feel like it.' The voice, so labeled 'L' said. And with that, she fell silent.
The leader, Blake, stood with a hand on his sword handle, still inside of it's case, and the other hand on his hip. His eyes fixated onto hers as he blinked once, quite slowly, and then spoke.

"I'm gathering that you won't just come along quietly?" He asked, in almost a stating way. His voice was calm despite being faced with someone who was know to have strong abilities.
The woman chuckled, obviously not fazed by his question. 
'L... Just be here if I need you, okay?' She thought, then turned her attention back to the soldier.
"Oh, you know me too well" she laughed, facing away from him. 
"I guess you're not going to let me go either, will you? Hmm, we're stuck in quite a pickle here aren't we?" She smiled, placing her hands on her hips. 
"Oh, and you might want to take your hand off your sword. You don't want this to get messy, do you? But then again, unless you let me go, this won't end very good." She threatened, as she knew that they knew what she was capable of.
'It depends what I get in return...' the voice said before drifting off until it had gone. Letting the girl focus on her enemies.
Blake let out a slight chuckle of sorts, "I would never let an enemy just slip away. No matter the cost. Those are my orders and I obey them, simple really." He said, the soldiers were in shock from hearing their leader speak so much.
"You don't know what I'm capable of and yet you still threaten me? How naïve." He said with a faint smirk, his eyes were still fixated on hers.
The girl smirked in response, shaking her head. 'Idiots,' she thought. The soldiers probably thought that all they were going to do was eliminate some nobody. 
"Well, you orders must have been a death sentence, because that's all you're getting today. And I don't plan on dying today, or getting taken by you pussies. So you can go fuck yourself." She pointed just one finger at them, to show them how she really felt about this situation.
"Hmph... You certainly know how to act all high-and-mighty don't you? How about we see just how well you can back-your-words up then?" He asked with something in his eyes that nobody had seen before, it was if he wanted to fight her, as if he wanted to kill or be killed, it was similar to blood-lust.
He drew his sword, giving a slight shake of the head for the soldiers to lower their weapons.
"A-are you crazy?!" The youngster asked in shock, their leader just told them not to fight.
Blake simply took a fighting stance and sighed, "You want to live correct?" He asked before watching his comrades take a few steps back.
Crossing her arms, the girl studied him. 
"Whoever wants to live, run. Because I don't intend on leaving any survivors that are in my sight." She sighed. With that, the soldiers ran, some of them almost tripping over. The girl slowly walked over to Blake, putting her finger on his neck. 
"And you. You seem very angry..." She put her lips up to his ear, feeling him slightly tense. "Are you one of the many that wish to kill me?" She whispered seductively, taking a step back.
Blake growled a little as she approached him, "I am doing as I was told to do..." He said, he didn't believe his own words so how was anyone else suppose to believe them? The two soldiers who remained, turned and walked away, not wanting Blake to notice that they'd left him.
Not that it bothered Blake. He shut his eyes, "You can't seduce yourself out of this situation." He said hastily, almost glaring at her.
"Fine then. Not like I'm some whore, but what do you know. Let's cut to the chance. What do you really want with me?" She sighed, looking him in the eye. "Because let me tell you, I do not want to be fucked around with. So you can save your lectures about how the army needs me, blah blah blah, because I'm not very interested in becoming a military weapon, thank you very much."
"Did I honestly say anything about you being used? No." He said as some things finally started to fix into place. A little more info and he'd have it, he'd have the truth.
"I don't know what they want with you, probably just so you can re-pay crimes that you've committed."
"I don't know what you know... But it was an accident..." Her voice wavered, taken aback by his response. 
'Fuck...' She thought, but it fell on deaf ears. L knew what happened that night, and knew it struck a cord on her. But she still stayed silent, waiting to see how she reacted.
Blake's eyes widened for less than a second, "So it is you..." He said, his grip tightened on the sword but he took a few deep breathes, as if to calm himself from not running in and stabbing her right there.
'Hm? Did that hit a nerve? He seems to know something about that incident. Did you see his reaction?' L replied, not being helpful at all but just stating the obvious.
'Just shut it for a second. Let's see how I can play this.' She silently said to L, before crossing her arms again. 
"You're not here with the army, are you? You know I did something. Well, you've got no proof that I did anything." She smiled, looking down. The girl seemed to be distracted, like her calm had been cracked. 'I will be quiet when I want to be quiet.' L replied before shutting up, wanting to see how this would play out herself.
"Maybe I'm not here with the army... Maybe I'm here because I wanted to see if it was really you... Luna." He spat out words, as if they tasted bitter in his mouth. His grip was so tight on his sword that it was visible, his arm was shaking a little from his brain trying desperately to stop his body from reacting. His calm had certainly been cracked. "What?!" Luna whispered, taken aback. It then dawned on her who the man standing in front of her was. 
What the hell was he doing here? 
The girls legs crumpled under her as she sank to the floor, staring at nothing. The memories all rushed back at her, transporting her to then. All the guilt, rushing at her like a tsunami. And there was nothing that she could do that could stop it. The memories from three years ago, the day that she'd tried so desperately to forget. A single tear slipped out of her eye, rolling down her cheek and dropping off her chin. It faded into the dust as quickly as it had came, and then more flowed, but Luna still sat there silently, lost in her past. Blake growled at the sight of the helpless girl.

"How do you think I felt then?! She was my sister! My goddamn sister! And you took her away from me!" He said taking a step closer to her. His legs were getting like Luna's, weak. Regardless, he remained standing and held back memories of him and her, and his sister. His thoughts were conflicted. Kill or save. Sacrifice or forgive. 
"Just do it..." She whispered, a sob breaking out of her throat. Looking up at him, tears streaming down her face, her face crumpled. 
"You came to kill me, didn't you? Well fucking do it!" She put her head down, closing her eyes. "I'm tired of running..."
'You're so pathetic. Giving up because 'he' comes along!', L's words were emotionless as usual, but still, if Luna died, so did she.
Blake raised his sword and placed it near her neck, "Do you honestly think that death will suffice for losing my sister?" He asked, the sword end still against her neck, his hand was shaking which meant the cold sword kept touching her skin lightly. He used all his strength to keep himself standing and to keep his eyes fixated on her. Words, Sentences, Paragraphs, more and more things of what he wanted to say kept coming into his mind, yet all of his attempts were pointless; nothing seemed to come out, his mouth had suddenly become dry. All of a sudden, a barrier formed around Luna- almost invisible, like a vague shimmer. Blake's sword was knocked away, clashing against the floor. The girl stifled a gasp of surprise, then concluded that it was L's doing. 
"I'm sorry..." She sobbed, before standing up closing her eyes. With one swift motion, she held her arm upwards, then flung it down, which made a cloud of smoke appear around the girl. With that, she was gone, vanished into thin air.

Re-opening then, she found herself in a alleyway, the opening of which had people passing by quickly. The tears were still flowing, clouding her vision. L sighed, glad that Luna had gotten out of that situation.

'The barrier was just a precaution, his sword was touching you too many times.' She said before then continuing. 'A few streets down, you'll find an atm. I can get into it, maybe get you some money. You need to rest, Luna. Get there quick, while there's nobody there.' L knew that Luna had only teleported a handful of times, and that it took up most of her energy. If they were found, it would mean big trouble for the both of them..

Luna nodded, slowly standing up. Using the wall as support, she started to walk with all the energy she could muster.

'You might want to wipe your nose. You appear to have a nosebleed, Luna.'

Taking L's advice, she held onto her nose with her sleeve. When she got to the atm, she pretended to put a card in before taking the money and continued to walk.

'Go down the next street. You'll find a small bed and breakfast. Just a little longer.' L reassured, as Luna carried on.

Blake was still a little shocked from what just happened, it was if... Something just knocked his sword away, as if someone was protecting her. That someone could have been him.

'No... I can't let my thoughts get like this...' He thought to himself, trying to clear the past from his mind. The sword was soon back where it belonged and Blake turned to watch Luna disappear. What the hell just happened? Everything? Could it have been just a dream? He shook it off, or he tried to, and headed back to the army base, a million thoughts clouding his mind.

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