A death. A spirit. The army.
What do they all have in common?


2. Chapter One

Luna sat in the desolate coffee shop, twirling her finger around the edges of the coffee shop. With the money from the atm she had managed to buy a new outfit, stayed at a hotel for a couple nights, and that left her with around twenty pounds. After that had gone, she was on the run again. At least she got her strength up a little; although she hadn't slept for days, her night was still plagued with nightmares.

Her mind over the last few days had wavered- she'd sit and stare at walls for hours. She had almost hoped that she could leave her past behind her, a futile attempt that miserably failed. Luna yearned for Althea- she would have gone to her, shared a tub of ice cream and within an hour all their problems would have gone. But them days were over- what she did to Althea ruined her life.

A young girl, around the age of 18, looked around the coffee shop and her eyes fixed onto Luna. The girl had noticed that Luna was alone, and that there weren't many spare seats, so she walked over with her hot chocolate and smiled down at woman who looked distracted.

"Um... Would it be alright if I sit here?" She asked, quietly and politely while holding her mug with one hand and resting her other hand on the top of the chair, ready to move it out. 
"Huh?" Luna said blankly, before looking up at the woman standing in front of her. 
"Oh, um sure.." She said with a faint smile, before stirring her now cold tea with a spoon. She glanced at the girl in front of her, who was now sitting down. She looked almost worried, which made Luna sigh in response. 
"Sorry, I'm just... Thinking.." She explained, looking outside the window to the busy traffic outside. The girl smiled a little, moving a few strands of her purple hair from her face, following Luna's gaze to the outside traffic.

"Is... Something bothering you?" She asked, her voice was innocent, which could make people believe that she was younger than she actually was. Slowly, she raised the mug to her lips and took a sip of her hot chocolate while waiting for a response. Luna looked up at the girl, fully paying attention. She defiantly had a unique style- purple hair, dark clothes, and bright green eyes. 
Just like Althea...
Sighing, she let go of her cup. 
"It's... Nothing. I wouldn't want to waste your time." Luna looked down at the table, tracing patterns with her finger. The young girl put a finger onto her lips where the mug had just been, as if she was thinking, or quietening herself.

"I have time." She said, then moving her finger to touch her watch carefully, her moves were not wasted and were precise, just how Althea's would have been. Luna pushed the unwanted thoughts away. This girl, was not Althea. The eyes did look similar... but... 
'No.' She thought, trying to compose herself. 
"Hm?" The stranger asked, as if to encourage the woman to continue. Her petite fingers slid along the table and tapped lightly, trying to get her eyes to meet with the person opposite with her. Luna stared at the table for a while before standing up. 
"I'm sorry, it's just... You remind me too much of someone..." She says before walking out hurriedly. Tears stung at her eyes;  it had been years since the incident. Why was the memory still haunting her? 
The girl squinted her eyes a little and raised from her seat, Luna hadn't even finished her coffee. The girl already knew that leaving her alone to dwell in her thoughts would be a stupid idea.
She followed the other female outside, watching her from afar. Luna could sense this but she carried on- she knew she had to get away. It wasn't long before she found herself standing in the middle of a park, so she quickly found a desolate area and sat down. It was dark and full of foliage, random coloured flowers popping out of the bushes. She sat on the ground, putting her head between her knees. 
'Why won't this stop... I can't do anything nowadays without being haunted by the memory of Althea! L... Help me please.. Just do anything, take my fucking memories away, I don't care!' Luna screamed in her head, rocking back and forth on the cold, hard floor. The young girl appeared behind her, trying to be as silent as she could, she was just very light on her feet, her petite figure was probably the reason for it.
'Take your memories away? Now that is just beyond my power.' L replied bluntly. 'You are the one who did it, therefore, you must live with the guilt of it.' She then continued.
'I know just... It was an accident! I never meant to hurt her!
Luna then burst out into tears, letting her emotions take control of her. No matter what she did, she could never get Althea out of her head, and how it was all her fault, and everyone blamed and hated her for it. She hated herself for it. The cold memories haunted her every day, and no matter how hard she'd try to forget it, they'd just crash down on her like a wave. Constantly rolling, never stopping.
'I've killed a number of people, do you see me weeping in guilt? No. I don't care. That is the way of life.' L replied, emotionless and collected, not letting any emotion slip into her words.
'You're not exactly helping...I'm sorry. I know you cant do something like that...' She thought, sensing L's frustration at her. 
She felt a hand on her shoulder, and jumped slightly.
"Death is common, you know... " She said softly, not getting too close in case Luna got angry with her and tried to strike her. Luna just simply shook her head, her face stained with tears. L disappeared and again, watched what the mysterious girl would say.
"I think you might want to hide..." The purple haired girl said as she guided Luna behind some trees, putting her finger on her lips, signalling for Luna to be quiet. After she'd pushed Luna into the trees, she headed back into the open where she was greeted by a soldier.
Luna crouched down, trying to keep as silent as possible. She couldn't exactly start a confrontation in the middle of the park, just as she couldn't risk being exposed. 
Blake was probably searching for her, which just added more stress to her busy mind. Searching around the dim-lighted area, Luna tried to find an exit, to no available. 
'Fuck. L, find anything? I need to get out, quick. If they've found me here, we need to go...'
The girl noticed that Luna had moved, she let a small smile appear on her face as she spoke to the soldier. As soon as the speaking stopped, the soldier saluted to her and headed away, after this, the girl returned after Luna. "I sent him away... But you really should be going..." She said quietly from behind of Luna.
'This girl is suspicious... It would be stupid to trust her and leave, I mean, did you see how the soldier acted around her? If I must... I'll take action.' L finally replied, not wanting Luna to get into unnecessary trouble.
"Erm, thanks..." Luna sighed, looking around. The girl slowly sat up, trying to see if there was any sign of the soldier.
'Hurry up L... Fuck...
"So... What's your plan?" Luna said to the mysterious girl, not sure what to do. She wasn't sure what L was planning to do, but she needed to hurry, and fast. 
The girl raised an eyebrow, "Your name is Luna, correct?" She asked, looking at Luna's unique eyes, blue with flicks of purple in them, and thinking for a moment before continuing. "You could follow me... I would love to join you." She said, then realising that her words seemed a little... Awkward.
'We need to test her, her abilities... You can't have just anyone following you around.' L swiftly spoke, still putting some things together in her own mind. 'Lets hope this plan works... L, stay close, okay?' Luna started to panic, not knowing what to do. Also the fact that this girl was kind of creepy didn't help. 
"Okay." She sighed, much to the stranger's surprise. "If you think of trying anything funny, just don't. Okay?" Luna looked down, clenching her fists. She knew she had it in her to protect herself. After what happened...
"Wait... How do you know my name?" The girl stared at the woman standing in front of her, eyebrow cocked. 
"And why would I try 'anything funny' with one of the army's most wanted people?" She asked with a light chuckle, then leaning against a tree, "That's no concern of yours..." She replied to the latter question while folding her eyes, "So where do you wish to go?", her words changed the subject quickly.
L's voice popped into her head, like a whisper. 'You can protect yourself enough... Plus only you have magical abilities so she can't harm you that easily.' The voice almost sighing in her words. 
"Look, I don't know how you know these things. But, I'm willing to go with you. I don't care where we go, just as long as it's away from the soldiers. And if I think, for one minute, that you are complying against me," Luna walked up to the girl and put her finger under her chin, "I won't hesitate to kill you." 
The woman stifled a gasp, regaining her composure. 
'L, I've known for most my life that nobody is a threat to me. I couldn't be killed if I tried...' She thought. 
Folding her arms, she stared at this mystery girl. 
"So, you know my name. And that the army wants me. So how about you?" 
"You really are a strange one... Didn't you ever think that I may be working with the soldiers? That I may in fact be a soldier?" She said with a shake of her head, disbelief that Luna would go with her so easily.
'Mhm... She still needs to be tested. Take her somewhere open, away from the soldiers.' L said hastily, then fading away.
"How about me? Hmm... I don't see any point in disclosing information about myself here." The girl replied, her gaze moved from the figure opposite her to the park in the distance, then back at Luna.
"Hey, if you were one of the soldiers, you'd know what I was capable of." Luna just simply said, knowing that this was in fact true. The soldiers that were with Blake were scared to death when they saw her. 
"Okay, let's go somewhere then. Out in the open. I don't fully trust you; I don't fully trust anybody. But I see no reason to jump to conclusions," She looked in the direction that the mystery girl was looking at, and in fact saw a soldier, 'hidden' away, "as we've only just met."
"Indeed that is true but that soldier is quite irritating me. He knows too much. Shall I do the honours, or will you?" She asked pushing her body from the tree and standing up straight. Obviously she meant to kill when she said 'the honours'. "My feelings are mutual." She said, her thoughts seemed to be distracted by the soldier who was trying to stay hidden and failing miserably.
"Do it then." Luna smirked, as she wanted to see what was the deal on this girl. Was she with them or not?
The girl shrugged, "Alright. I haven't had fun in a while..." She said as an 'evil' smirk appeared on her face before she walked over to the soldier. She looked over her soldier to make sure that Luna was watching before dragging the soldier out, smashing his body against a nearby tree and despite her slender figure, she was able to throw him near Luna. "Heh..." She said as a creepy smile appeared on her face.
The soldier staggered to his feet and drew his sword and then tried to defend himself but it was hopeless. She was just too quick.
Her movements were swift and sudden, her punches and kicks were strong. In no time at all, she had the soldier on the floor, unconscious and blood pouring out of his mouth, which proved to her that she was victorious.
Just as a precaution, she took out a dagger and stabbed him through the heart, then standing up and turning back to face Luna, dusting her clothes off.
Luna stood there in shock. She had never seen anything like that; it was lucky nobody was around.
"Well, you gained some trust there..." She said, speechless. So, she was a fighter.
As the girl caught up with her, Luna crossed her arms again. The purple-haired girl in front of her took a deep breath and then her usual friendly face reappeared.

"Gained some trust? Hm... I don't need you to trust me, I'm coming with you regardless of your choice." She replied, walking right in front of Luna, "That was quite fun... I might have to find some more..." Her words were quiet, almost as if she was talking to herself.
"Fine. Looks like I'm stuck with you then." Luna sighed, before she started walking away. She knew an abandoned field about half a mile away from here- which was a good place for her to find more about this girl. L wasn't being much help- but it's not as if she could do much, either. The girl nodded, and as Luna started to walk away, she smirked to herself, what Luna didn't guess what that she had plenty of things up her sleeve. Without saying anything, she followed Luna as they headed for the abandoned field.


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