Perks of being me

This is based on my life and about my crush, dramas and all those things that goes through a teenage girls head.

I will write chapters and it will be seen from my perspective and will include real-life situations.

Please don't copy it, cause it's kinda personal.

Sorry if the English sucks, I'm born and raised in Denmark.

Constructive responds, thoughts and comments about this are appreciated.


1. Prologue

I always thought I was just Thea. Just another girl, living another boring, ordinary life. Doing her homework and gossiping with her friends. And reading quite a lot, too.

Well, that's what I thought.

From the outside I'm pretty boring, anyways. My fair skin with just a little tan from the fading summer; shoulder long, light brown, curly hair, that's always messy; my always midnight blue nails (just like Hazels in The Fault in our Stars); and my tiny, girly body, which is neither strong or fast. Always wearing skinny jeans, a tee, and an oversize flannel that I usually steel from my brother. And yeah, the glasses.

Just a basic, geeky fangirl, right?

And obviously, I have a crush, like any other 14-almost-15-year old teenage girl. The problem is just that I'm not the only one crushing on him. And he obviously likes that other girl (who by the way happens to be a 5"7 tall bronze beauty) more than me.

And the rumours about me crushing on this other guy, who is clearly crushing on me, doesn't help. He's just kind of a creep, too be honest.

So that's my life. Hope you'll enjoy reading about it.

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