1. The First Wonder of the Universe

I swear there wasn't anything else I could think of that night.

You consumed me, I could see forever in you -

Look around, and all there is are stars and spirals and gas clouds, how can you say that's just your body, when they are scars and stretch marks and bones-

To me, they are just as beautiful.

They are the same.

If it had been anyone else, I would not be breathing,

because while I'm eroding, your beauty radiates, and I can't feel how I'm falling, but I must be, that one word rolling like a pebble off the tip of my tongue, so smooth, so neat, so small but the ripples of the water below will drag it down forever, once it has been said it cannot be picked up-

I am not sure if I want it to.

You held me when dawn came.

I inhaled your stardust and ran my fingers through your hair.

You beautiful gift, you. 

The first wonder of the Universe.


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