The broken promise

Patch is a guardian angel. Kara is mortal.
In the angel and demon realms, they are assigned to watch over humans if they're in their royal blood line, or just... deseprate.
The only problem is, Angels and demons aren't allowed to be together.
It's always been a long standing rule for them, and Patch followed it clearly.
... but with this mortal, it's different.
As the prophecy will be foretold once again.


2. The beginning

In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments;

There are consequences’

~Robert Green Ingersoll~

My name is Patch. I don’t have a last name, I probably did in my human life… but my memories had been somehow tampered with when I had to do a ritual for to become like this. I’m an angel, you could say. I was originally a demon angel, but that all changed from the prophecy. I have three shinigami’s as friends; a shinigami is a ‘failed’ demon angel. Simon, Paul and John are gods of the underworld. They’re complete goofs though, so they don’t take their jobs seriously. You can tell if you hear their voices and attitude. They’re so high-pitched and croaky. Even if you have an important role they don’t take you seriously. They just laugh right in your face as if it’s no big deal. Anywho, every angel or demon angel is assigned to watch over some one. I’ve been waiting for mine for three years, her name is Kara. We can tell whether someone is assigned to an immortal creature from a symbol tattooed on any area of the body they appear. It’s uncontrollable, but the symbol is a bit like the ying yang one, if you count out the projected lines and encrypted language underneath it.Everything for Kara had been planned out, travelling, friends, dream job, housing, maids... everything. And it was all linked into the angel realm. Once she becomes sixteen, the curse will be activated and she'll have to go through all of that. 

Life for a guardian angel isn’t as brilliant and perfect as you’d think. Movies- that’s not real, that’s what the director wants for us to be portrayed as. It’s camouflage if you think about it. I think I’m going to have to pay one of them a visit one day to show my appreciation from disguising our true selves.

Being an angel means, no computer games- well, I’m guessing Paul, Simon and James are an exception… considering the fact not only they haven’t been assigned to anyone as their slackers- their newbies.

You can’t transform into one of us unless you’re either dead, or it’s in your family blood line.

As I’ve mentioned the ritual before… you have to be resurrected, (sorry for not pointing that small little detail of my journey as an angel). It’s done in groups of five, it’s a deadly thing. Only two or one person makes it out alive- but the only downfall is you get to live for a rather long time. I didn’t want to live for a long time you see, I’d be another parasite or burden- whatever adjective floats your boat.

In the ritual they pour angel or demon blood into a golden chalet, and also take a sample of your blood. They shake the chalet ever so gently until the two mixtures are mixed in together, and you have to drink it.

The difference between angel and demon blood is that one’s angelic- pure and divine, demon blood- that’s the opposite, toxic and well… deadly poisonous. I was lucky to get out alive. I’ve seen how the… unfortunate ones go. It’s not pleasant at all. It’s an indescribable feeling.

The victims freeze as the blood jolts up right through their systems, and they go into some sort of frantic panic attack as the blood finally kicks into their body- and the blood… it takes full control of them. The blood decides whether the victim is strong enough to handle the will power, and… the blood kills the ones that are useless to this realm. It’s not pleasant at all.

          “Hey poof boy!” Paul shouted from a distance. I scanned around the area- realizing he was sitting in the front seat of my black porche… I gave him an alarming glare. I’m called poof boy because of my hair, it’s chopped up and messy- and it’s just effort for to brush my hair. Besides, in my personal opinion… I look good with it. I’m a pure angel, but I also have some sort of demon thing going on. From the look of Pauls frightened face, he got my signal and moved back into the back seat with Simon, as John- being the most responsible one out of the three. John’s a formal demon; he’s literally- in a black suit every day, with a small worn out golden pocket watch dangling down from his coat pocket. He’s already assigned to someone, I realized as I glanced down at his wrist as I got into the front seat.

          “Who is it?” I asked John as he looked at me, he knew instantly what I was talking about as I pointed at the symbol. It really looks like the symbol had been plastered on to his wrist in black thick paint. By the looks on John’s face, he didn’t want to talk about it. His face darkened and he shifted as a reaction. So I swivelled back into my seat, grasping the steering wheel.  The area wasn’t so bad. Minus the fact it had been a little deserted, and the houses were far apart from each other- huge gaps. The smell was fresh; with cornfields scent blooming in the atmosphere… it’s like a small farm place.

Today I’m meant to be going to Veronaville, the destination from where my ‘soul mate’, is located.

          “You have your soul mate today,” John gritted his teeth together, clenching his fists. He never liked that the fact we were assigned to mortals. Neither did I really, it sounded like a lot of extreme hard work protecting a human. Given my previous experience with them; they complain about everything even if they like it. There’s always one small detail that they find about something. It always has to be perfect. Fine and dandy.

          “Kara, isn’t it?” John questioned, Paul and Simon were too busy munching on cherry red apples and acting like a bunch of… I don’t really know what to describe them. When I was watching them through the driver’s mirror, all that came to mind was children. I kept my eyes back on the road, it was empty and abandoned. I nodded stiffly. I didn’t know what the girl was like… but there was always one lasting and permanent rule.

Humans and immortals aren’t allowed to be together.

And that’s why I’m aiming to come across as rude and a slob to Kara until she realizes what I am.

Our soul mates in the end always figure out what we are.

          "Yeah, let's just get this shit hole over with." I muttered underneath my breath, dreading the thoughts of what's yet to come. 

John’s eyes focused on the road intently as if he had nothing else to do. Simon and Paul were in the back, gossiping and exchanging unbelievable theories of what’ll happen once the curse is kicked in for Kara Montez.

Not that I cared what Simons and Paul’s thoughts were on this either which way. 

All that I needed to focus on is that my arch enemy doesn’t go for Kara first. His name is Alaric, we were mistakenly assigned to the same mortal and we had full on hatred on each other ever since then. Alaric won at everything from when we were kids, and I wasn’t going to let him win this time. I’ve truthfully had enough of his stubborn childish ways into dealing with things.

He’s also a two faced when it comes to negotiations. He tricks his victims into getting what he wants, but he never gives what they want without a reasonable price without them ending up shot or tortured brutally.

John was the type of guy who kept to himself, he was always the responsible one, and I had been the strong one. Not only that Paul and Simon were the childish one.

But tomorrow is a new dawn and a new day, and I am intending to save the Montez family without taking no for an answer, even if I can’t love Kara in that way, It’ll still look good on my resume to other girls that I could probably get.

But I’m not looking for a relationship right now… not from the last one twenty five years ago. Her name was Anna; she sacrificed herself in order to save me from Alaric. That had been the most dreadful thing I’ve ever encountered. I was weak and hopeless at the time, as I had been just a beginner recruit. This had been a field test, I and Anna were best friends as well as lovers, but it was… devastating. Right now I yearn for her sweet calming words, her loving embrace that always lifted up my spirits.

Back to the field test, we were in the training grounds out in a restricted grassy area, that had been cut-off because of an incident that happened quite a while ago now, but they put fences up there in case it didn’t happen again. But as there were no training rooms free for us, we were allowed to go there as we were ‘trusted’ with our companions.  In my defense, she wouldn't take no for an answer as she had been determined, keen trainee, and stated that this had been her fate. Believe me or not, I had been assigned to watch over her. My first soul mate... died in the hands of my enemy. 

My second soul mate, would have the same fate because of my curse... and I would do anything to prevent that happening to her. Because the state I was in when Anna died, I had isolated myself for months, i didn't feed, i didn't sleep... I just let the grief consume me, eating away my pure heart and i slowly crumbled away. Nothing is left of me but the darkness within. 

And that is my curse. 

it repeats... in a cycle until one day, I fall into oblivion if I beg for a merciful death. Nothing merciful oblivion, it's  just an detachment from hell. 



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