The broken promise

Patch is a guardian angel. Kara is mortal.
In the angel and demon realms, they are assigned to watch over humans if they're in their royal blood line, or just... deseprate.
The only problem is, Angels and demons aren't allowed to be together.
It's always been a long standing rule for them, and Patch followed it clearly.
... but with this mortal, it's different.
As the prophecy will be foretold once again.


3. Indescribable

Chapter 2

‘Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing


The darkness of other people’

Carl Jung

School had sucked terribly for Kara Matthews. Given the fact her grades were extraordinary high, and the fact she had only one best friend, Cordelia Halliday made her life hell. Kara was never popular, or had a group of friends- she just had one, and she was thankful for that. Kara’s life was simple and ordinary; she had a family with her mum, dad, and two brothers, Jason and Oliver. They weren’t all bad, she supposed. But whenever Kara had a bad day, Jason or Oliver always tormented her about it. Her life was planned out for her already- and it’s not what she wants to do either. Her parents assigned her to be a physicist, and live in one of those grand mansions with her brothers as workers, bouncers, and well… just her mother’s spies really.

Guessing it was just a simple sibling relationship considering all the Disney shows she used to watch had that sort of link.

She rarely ever spends time at home, if she had free time, she’d either go to Isaac, her best friend’s house, or the nearby lake.

Her mother believed that every family had some sort of curse. And her family was the unlucky one. She guessed it was understandable, seeing as Cordelia made her life horrible. So horrible that she was too scared to even go into high school.


Simple, because she was smarter than she was- but she really knew the reason why Cordelia focused her hatred on Kara the most. She made her look like an utter idiot in front of a group of jocks in the lounge. Yeah, Veronaville High wasn’t exactly paradise- it was a simple city college for people with low self-esteem- or they’re either maniacs, braniacs… take your pick.

Back on to the family curse. It’s insane. Her mother believed demons and angels was the family curse. Every full moon a demon and an angel come to the “human realm”, to find a soul mate and guard them with their lives. If the human no longer wishes to be part of the demon or angel’s lives, they break the contract; the immortals are either punished or go straight to hell with no questions asked. But her mother believed it happens to the daughters in the family blood line, each curse is activated at the age of seventeen. And Kara was fifteen, so she just simply thought it was just an old bed time scary story.

Veronaville High is like most things, off the highway. Part of the school is covered from trees and shrubs and the chain link fences, but the actual building looked like tiny apartments all attached together, painted in the most boring colour you can find. Maroon bricks. Surprisingly, the metal detectors were broken. Kara didn’t know why they were, but it was easier to bring knives and guns into school. They weren’t allowed mobile phones either, because from the huge crime rate from Veronaville. That’s why the population in this wide area is so small. It’s either someone got murdered, abused, or the pricings of the houses are too high.

Veronaville over all isn’t paradise.

Dull dusty grey skies, rain, tropical thunderstorms… yeah, no one would bother- or even dare to go on holiday here. Kara spent the majority of her time alone because she didn’t like the other students. They all just seemed too plain and well… they weren’t original. Besides, Kara believed that high school was for education, not to socialize.

From where Kara was sitting in the library, it was all dark and too tight- she felt claustrophobic, but it beats the groups of geeks all surrounded by a table, or chess. Kara couldn’t help but roll her eyes at that thought. Everyone was just clones of each other.  But she noticed some one different admiring the art displays that were on the far right side of the library- and she couldn’t help but watch him. By that, she went a little closer to from where she was. And my god, the sunlight made his hair reflects some sort of metallic black shade.


She was too late to small talk with him as Cordelia came strolling in with the most ridiculous stilettoes, big dangly hoops for earrings and ugh… she brought in a poodle that’s small enough to fit in one of those expensive parada designer bags. This time Kara wanted to gag. She was wearing bright cherry red lipstick, and ugh… how much Kara wanted her perfect tan and her honey blonde hair and her smile.

Kara despised her for her good looks and low personality. She never admitted that she had been jealous of her. But Kara smiled broadly at the fact the guy didn’t smile at her at all.

When Cordelia realized he wasn’t interested, her face scrunched up like one of those angry pigs you see in cartoons. Now Kara loved this- seeing as she could now possibly have a chance with the new guy- because damn, he looked dashing.

          “So who are we boy stalking?” Her best friend Isaac whispered as he crouched down beside her. Isaac was the only person Kara really particularly liked, he didn’t like football, or rugby… but he was a little bit of a nerd when it comes to computer games and movies. Kara remembered the day when Isaac forced her to go and watch ‘the lord of the rings’ in the cinema with his dreadful ex-girlfriend. The film was perfectly fine, but it was just April, his ex, was complaining about the film, pointing out all of the screen failures, constantly going to the bathroom and she didn’t even bother to eat popcorn with her mouth closed. The best part about Isaac was, he had taken an interest in guys, so hell, he was also good at picking out the bad ones, and the good ones. But Kara swore she saw Isaac flush when the guy turned around. Even the best part about Isaac, was that he never dug into her old past life, or social life. The guy’s eyes were pure golden brown, his black hair was draping over his forehead, and he was just… wow.

          “Can I help you? Are you crouching down behind the bookshelf for any sort of reason?” And even his voice was so deeply attractive and alluring. Kara could vividly see a wall barricading over him; not literally, he came across as a person who had no time to talk. She was caught of day dreaming from when Isaac quietly nudged her elbow.

He was standing right in front of her.

          “Oh… sorry, I was wondering why you were… um, looking at my art.” That wasn’t a lie, actually. That thought came across her mind the first thing she laid her eyes on him. She recognized that dreadful art piece anywhere. The only down side of it was, she made it. She tried making the most difficult angel wings there was, but she destroyed it by smearing black charcoal around the edges and odd places. But the guy seemed to look surprised at her; she didn’t know actually, she felt a little offended. Isaac didn’t say anything as he was glued to his phone probably texting Daniel. Daniel was Isaac’s latest victim, by victim, that means crush. Kara always wondered how Isaac managed to get guys before her, and he’s even gay. Isaac was very fashionable, she supposed. His voice was deep than high pitched- and he had perfect cheekbones and figure.  What’s not to like?

          “Your name is Kara Matthews?” The guy pointed at her, with his perfect masculine eyebrow raised. She glanced at Isaac, well… where he was. He wasn’t there anymore.

          Kara nodded at him, but she sniffed the air at the same time, she smelt fire for some reason. And it was obvious the guy smelt it too, from the way his face cringed.

          “It’s coming from downstairs… crap,” He guessed, clenching his fist slightly. “My names Patch, by the way- I have to go,” Patch quickly said, running downstairs- and Kara followed him secretly along behind. Kara gulped slowly, and pulled out her phone from her trouser pocket, dialling Isaac’s number.

This guy is bad news

She didn’t put in kisses or hugs, because she can feel his vibe from a mile off, even just thinking about him… made her shudder.

She looked at Patch cautiously, and she blinked in horror as she saw his eyes flare full on gold as he made his way to the back of the school. After the fact Kara was nowhere to be seen on campus, she hesitated quickly back. But she forced herself to go forward… just a little further. And she heard faint guy laughing whilst she rested against the maroon coloured wall. She could see three of them, but… they were in costumes.

Rather odd costumes.

Kara blinked again, rubbing her eyes as if she had been hallucinating. But the people didn’t seem to go away. And they were smoking… tree branches? Kara wasn’t exactly sure how to… cope with that. It’s probably a new drug addiction.


 People smoking trees with wings… and… stitches. Kara couldn’t believe her eyes any longer.

          ‘…I told you not to follow me, you parasites!’ Patch spat at them, carefully stepping over the torn of twigs and leaves. Ugh that smell was nauseating. Kara couldn’t smell the Earthly like smell from the trees because of the horrible bio that the three… abnormal people were producing. She even felt water fill up her eyes.

          ‘…I’m sorry master, but it’s getting to violent down there…’ The one with the hairy body shrugged as if it was no biggy and took a bite from a red apple that was on the floor.  So gross. His voice was loud, high pitched…probably countrified, and he was obnoxious. Patch kicked him in the ribs, it wasn’t violent, or hard… it looked soft, but he squirmed away a little bit in defeat.

          ‘You know damn well that Alaric won’t stop at anything to kill me! I’ve gone up to the human realm to get the hell away from that place!’ Patch kicked him again, this time it was more aggressive.  Kara slipped slightly on a slippery part of the surface and gasped.

Everything went silent for a long, uncomfortable time. Patch’s alarming gaze fixed onto hers, his fangs sharply extending.

          ‘What the hell?’ He demanded furiously in a demonic voice, walking towards her, caging her in his arms. Kara’s heart literally throbbed, and coldness jolted up her spine.

                   ‘I… I wasn’t going to tell anybody!’ She found herself whimpering in defeat and shock. Kara gulped slowly, his eyes were stone hard- and his hands felt ice cold.

          ‘Did you hear what we were saying?’ He asked quieter this time.

          ‘Just to say, my name’s Paul- and yes she did.’ Paul. The one with the hairy body waved from behind before she could say anything. Crap, crap, crap!

She bit her lip nervously and she struggled to take her eyes off Patch. For one, his eyes were the only things she could look at, and secondly, he had beautiful eyes. She even noticed Patch’s face scrunch up furiously either at Paul, or her, perhaps both.  Not that it was a big deal… scratch that, it was a huge deal.

          ‘It’s not what it looks like; we were just organizing a play.’ He looked straight through her, or at least, she felt that he did. His cherry red lips parted open slightly, he was breathing in a medium pace- as if he had ran a marathon. And… his breath… it smelt… odd.

          ‘Oh Patchy!’ A distinct high pitch voice called in a seductive way from behind. Please tell me it’s not who I think it is. Kara’s eyes closed slowly but securely as Patch cautiously released her from his cage. Kara turned around to face her arch enemy. Cordelia.

          ‘What’s she doing here? Paul, Simon and John are here. She can’t-‘

          ‘It’s because she followed me okay!?’Patch snapped at her before she could exaggerate. Can’t? Can’t what?  Cordelia jerked back slightly in fright and confusion. Of all the places, Kara ended up here for this afternoon. There were probably better things to do- but nothing that came to mind. And now they were looking at her. Patch’s jaw was gritted tight; Cordelia was just giving her glares and strange threatening looks.

          ‘I’m not going to tell anybody about your play,’ Kara insisted, flushing crimson red. She wasn’t actually going to tell anyone, but she was thinking about telling Isaac. Patch eyed Cordelia and cocked his head slightly to the side, as if he was indicating a signal. By that movement, Cordelia instantly knew what Patch was trying to signalize, and she dug through her River Island designer bag pulling out a necklace of some sort, placing it on Patch’s open palm. The chain was silver plated, but dangling on the ends of it had been a huge, flat emerald rock in the form of a diamond, shimmering away. Paul, Simon and John’s faces lit up like something you’d see out of a horror film. Patch handed it to Kara freely. Kara felt her self-trembling nervously, and she continued to gaze up at Patch.

          ‘Have this-’

          ‘But sire- do you have any idea what you’re doing?’ John gasped and his eyes flared gold. It was more of a yellow, but… still, the feeling was indescribable.

          ‘I know what I’m doing.’ Patch snarled at John, and then he looked at her. Kara’s mind was going fuzzy and dizzy, and her vision was going blurry- that rock had been real.

          ‘I can’t accept that, seriously-’ She waved her hands as if she had been refusing the gift. Patch just tucked it into her palm with no questions asked. She felt like she was stealing for some reason.

From Cordelia.

Kara turned over the rock and it had some sort of engravings marked into it.

Kara’s face went pink.

To the soul mate that is destined to be mine

Patch’s facial reaction reflected hers, and it was highly uncomfortable.

          ‘Keep it on your neck, it’s to protect you.’ Patch told her, and oh god, Kara never felt this nerve racking before. Her temples were pounding, and chin trembling, and she was longing for him.

          ‘But why?-’

          ‘Don’t ask questions, just… put it on, I’ll tell you everything tomorrow.’ Patch’s face suddenly went dark and mysterious. She felt his golden brown eyes stare through her soul, and she shuddered. The three men with the costumes exchanged worrying glances at each other and shifted around uncomfortably.

By Kara’s guesses, they were all thinking the same thing.

What the hell just happened?

Kara just shrugged it off until the classes finished. Nothing interesting happened after that, but she still felt suddenly uncomfortable that she sensed that something bad was going to happen. She tried so hard as in not telling Isaac everything… But it was like trying not to scratch a scab on your body. It was highly irritating.

But as she got home… someone was in her kitchen with her parents. She quickly hurried up to the door and knocked on the knocker, and in an instant, Jason opened it up.

Jason’s black hair was styled slightly at the top, Kara realized. And he wasn’t wearing anything in particular. But he just looked at her… as if a vending machine had spoken up.

          ‘You’re wanted in the kitchen,’ He notified. Kara’s eyes twitched, but she couldn’t ask questions. So she made her way into the kitchen.

And her parent’s eyes settled on to hers.

All that was left was sudden, uncomfortable silence.

Her mother’s blue eyes looked up at her, and her father didn’t even look at her.

Kara was leaning against the door with her hand in her pocket, fiddling around with the emerald necklace Patch gave her earlier. Kara’s hazel brown long hair covered half of her nervous face, and she felt her skin go more pale than usual. She was so confused that her hairs on her spine shot right up as if they could sense danger. There was a man in the house. He was absolutely gorgeous looking. But… from the look in his black eyes, he was also dangerous. He had brown flat hair with a ginger tint to it, and he seemed old from the stubble beard he had. He was wearing a black suit, but with a grey top underneath with… a crucifix for a necklace. What struck Kara the most was the black belt with silver spikes projecting from it. She wished Isaac was here, she sensed trouble. And from the way he smiled at her… man, even Kara could tell that that was so not on the lines of friendly.

This time round, Kara desperately wanted to be with Patch… at that scene.

          ‘Hello Kara, my name is Alaric.’ Alaric, the stranger acknowledged her and more shivers came down from her spine. She looked towards her mother, and she didn’t say anything to her at all. Kara was honestly, completely lost and confused. But she didn’t really want to know what was going on either.

          ‘I’m presuming that you’re aware of your family curse?’ he asked curiously. His voice was so British and oh god… just plain right sexy. For some reason, Kara smelt roses in the air… and passion fruit. It was dull and grey outside, by the time Kara actually got home it was half six in the evening. Kara nodded once and walked closer to the table, resting her palms against the edge.

          ‘Speaking of the curse that it’s real… And I’m certain you’ve seen the angels at your school…’ he motioned the necklace which made Kara’s heart flutter. Then she remembered John, Simon and Paul.  Kara bit her lip as warmth consumed her.

          ‘What are you trying to get at?’ Kara muttered in disbelief. Now the smell in the room was becoming awful. The stench was nauseating. She even noticed that the creamy white kitchen walls were losing its colour and shredding the solid oak wooden flooring was becoming grey and her parents were dissolving.

Kara couldn’t scream, run or hide- but she tried grabbing the fog from where her parents figures were.

Her brothers… where were they? Why did they go, why was he taking her?

But everything came to a sudden stop as Patch lunged towards Alaric, slamming him against the counter top, hard enough to cause Alaric’s head to bleed. Patch looked furious; he… looked like an avenging angel of some sort. He was growling lowly, clearly as a warning, Kara swore… swore! His eyes flared a jewel coloured gold. Her mother was screaming frantically, she went over to the kitchen draw, but Patch stopped her. Kara’s jaw dropped open, her eyes flashed in surprise as he came in with no type of notification.

          ‘Stop it!’ He snapped, trying to look at her mother whilst his eyes were fixed upon the real enemy. Kara felt completely lost and confused. She felt all sweaty and feverish, even though she was wearing a black vest top and shorts.

          ‘Kara, get your parents out of here!’ Patch roared as Alaric pinned him down.

There was now a huge hole in the floor.

A hole- caused by two people.

          ‘Right, where-’

          ‘Cordelia will be waiting outside for you guys, again, don’t ask questions!’ He roared as he clawed at Alaric’s cheeks. The marks were sealing themselves up and then the next minute Kara could see, they were gone. He healed them somehow.

          ‘Now!’ Patch screamed it this time, and she followed his instructions by leading her parents out to the door.


Patch was telling the truth.

          ‘We’ll explain everything when we go to Texas-’

Kara’s mother’s eyes grew wide in horror. ‘Hold up, Texas? No way, you’re not kidnapping us to Texas!'


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