The broken promise

Patch is a guardian angel. Kara is mortal.
In the angel and demon realms, they are assigned to watch over humans if they're in their royal blood line, or just... deseprate.
The only problem is, Angels and demons aren't allowed to be together.
It's always been a long standing rule for them, and Patch followed it clearly.
... but with this mortal, it's different.
As the prophecy will be foretold once again.


4. explanations

Patch was telling the truth.

Her mind was going all fuzzy, and her eye sight felt blurry and uncontrollably hot. When she tried swallowing a lump of air down her throat, she couldn’t breathe. And then… a high-pitched ringing sound pounded away in her ear drums, and even then, everyone knew what was happening to her. And by the looks on Cordelia’s face, she knew too. And she hurried to her bag, digging for her phone in her small bag, typing in a number frantically.

          ‘…Hello? Yes- its Cordelia, It’s time- we’re on our way.’ Cordelia then flipped her phone shut tight, grasping on to Kara, helping her way into the back seat.

It was all going so quickly, and in such a rush- she had no time to stop and ask questions. Her mother was crying, from what she could just about manage to see; her father’s jaw was tense, and his palms were folded into fists- as if he had no time for a fight.

          “But how can it be time? She’s not even sixteen yet!” Her father growled at Cordelia. That was when Kara’s mind suddenly clicked. Once you’re sixteen, your time will come for the curse. Kara didn’t believe any of this, she had to though… but she just couldn’t. This was when she wanted Isaac, or anybody she knew and liked- by her side.

          “It’s not always an accurate timing- The curse activates itself, she must either become something like Patch- or she dies,” She distinctly heard Cordelia explain quietly. She didn’t hear anything; it was either that they stopped talking from out of pure rage and awkwardness, or she was knocked out fast asleep.

Unfortunately for Kara, it wasn’t the first one. It was in fact, the second one.

She found herself, surrounded by haunting dreams.

Her nightmare was one of the ones where you had to run so fast until your lungs exploded into confetti. She had been facing Alaric, the man she had an encounter with at her house, from where Patch pounced at him. But this time, it was in a dark location that she didn’t recognize. Glass shattered everywhere… and she felt light headed, overwhelmed with horrible and negative emotions. The negative thoughts were swirling inside her,  making her stomach churn and tighten; she just simply couldn’t breathe.

Oh godis thatblood

Yes, it was blood- she was surrounded by dysfunctional creatures with grey wings and stitches… lifeless on the ground. Kara felt as if she had no heart- and she ached all over.

“Damn it!” Kara shrieked as her palm sunk into the broken glass. The horde of demons practically demolished her powers. Patch wasn’t here to help her either, she was on her own. Kara’s blood was trickling, and gushing out super-fast that she even felt her pulse jolt right down. The smell was confusing as it was mixed in with… demon blood. That’s not good. No. Kara started to panic frantically even more, if the demon blood gets mixed in with human blood…the venom takes over her entire body system and she becomes one of those blood sucking freaks. Then she gasped in horror as a low distinct wicked chuckle coming from shadows in the far corner. That’s what she thought where it was coming from, anyway because everywhere around her was pitch black. Her heart was racing even though she felt like it dropped to her chest, her lip was throbbing and my god… she just ached all over. She had no time for tough talk.

          “And so the little vermin decides to go to the layer all by herself?” The demonic voice cackled with laughter, sighing as if this had been too good to be true. “This is demon territory,” He finished. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, he was right in front of her. Crouching down with his daunting razor blade fangs flashing at her- and oh my god, she got the warning. She couldn’t scream she couldn’t squirm away in fright; she was panting so fast her head felt hot. The next minute she knew… she fell into a deep, deep sleep. Surrounded by complete and utter darkness.



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