The broken promise

Patch is a guardian angel. Kara is mortal.
In the angel and demon realms, they are assigned to watch over humans if they're in their royal blood line, or just... deseprate.
The only problem is, Angels and demons aren't allowed to be together.
It's always been a long standing rule for them, and Patch followed it clearly.
... but with this mortal, it's different.
As the prophecy will be foretold once again.


6. arrivals

Arriving to Texas wasn’t as easy as Kara expected. She was constantly trying to block her ears from the complaining from Patch’s three companions, and as well as her parents and Cordelia. The only person she thought that was being normal and responsible was John. He was so steady, but he looked as if he was hiding something. She could even feel the paranoia vibe he was giving off to her. She didn’t like it at all. She noticed the symbol on his wrist, and she pursed her lips together.

Unsure whether to think that asking him what the symbol was given of his mood swings. But she made her finger hover over the permanent tattoo. She gasped slightly to herself as she spotted a date in the most perfect calligraphy writing, which she figured it was used by a quill sort of thing.

She could take her eyes off the tattoo; she was watching it intently, as if she was waiting for something to happen. John rolled down his white satin silk sleeve, covering the mark as if he had sensed she was watching him. John was hiding something, and he wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping it covered from the looks of his face. 

Oh god.

“You know if you want to know all you have to do is ask.”  John grumbled underneath

 his breath. He was the oldest out of the three, she realized as she blinked in surprise at the sound of his voice.

He looked so young though, she couldn’t believe it. Kara cocked her head to the side, raising her eyebrow.

“Uh, okay… what’s with the tattoo?” She bluntly asked and a cool chill swooped over her, causing her to arch her back slightly. John’s teeth grinded together almost as if he didn’t want to answer, but given to his big sigh, he had relented. He glanced up in the mirror making sure that everyone in the back seat weren’t listening and he had put on a low grumble of a voice. 

“I’ve been assigned to someone. We don’t get along well.”  He muttered bluntly, shifting about in the driver’s seat and pulled up to an old beaten down motel, parking to the nearest free parking space to the entrance. The motel looked so much like a rundown warehouse, the smell smelt like decaying flesh. Even from just the view of the motel, Kara didn’t at all trust it completely. As she was in the middle of nowhere, it was dusty and deserted- and deadly hot. 

“Okay, I’ll check in a room for us. It’s getting to dawn, we can’t be out at night.” John roared clearly so everyone could here. Cordelia grimaced at the view of the motel, and so did her parents, and John had taken in the message and jerked back away slightly.

“Oh, hell no- I’m not spending the night in-”

“Quite your damn whining, we’re only here for one night so suck it up Cordelia,” John snapped at her before she could finish her protest and fixed his alarming gaze at Kara, who suddenly felt panicky.

“You’ll be coming with me to the lobby; you guys wait in the lounge” He demanded as if he had been the commander, leading a group of armature soldiers. Paul and Simon saluted sharply as if they were intending to follow along which in result, John scowled at them.

“Kara, help me get these bags out of the boot,” John hurried over to the back of the car, gripping on to the boot lid and he opened it quickly. In the boot contained three black baggy bags. John immediately unzipped them, revealing silver daggers, cross bows, and wait… is that a flame thrower? Kara gulped slowly, but for some reason she found it difficult to breath. Her parents walked slowly to the back of the boot, and their faces twisted into cautious and worried.

“You’re not only keeping us in Texas, but you’ve bought a shed loads amount of weapons!?” Kara’s dad exclaimed, giving a cold look at John, who reflected it back. Kara glanced over towards Paul and Simon, who were snickering like children by Cordelia, who exaggerated an eye roll. Kara sighed in disbelief at the group.

“Easy there old guy,” Paul giggled deeply, picking up a solid golden stake, with a sharp tip extending from the top. Kara’s eyes grew wide in horror, wondering what Paul was going to do. But so far, Paul hadn’t done anything wrong.

He was just simply admiring that weapon, probably just to get Kara’s father frustrated, because her father’s eyes were flickering with pure disappointment.

Simon chuckled. “They’re for defense; you seriously think that we can’t go to Texas empty handed? That place is crawling with shinigami’s; you’ll be dead in a minute.” He finished for Paul, who nudged him as a ‘good explaining’ gesture on his shoulder, heaving the bag over his shoulder whilst Simon and John took the other one. For some reason, the smell was getting nauseating as they walked hesitantly together to the main entrance.

The group paused at the step leading towards the big brown old door, except John, who forcefully swung the doors open.

The inside looked as if it hadn’t changed since the eighteen hundreds. The checkout desk was solid dark brown, with a bookshelf stacked with room keys and paper works, the lounge wasn’t as appealing either. It had six circular tables but four chairs; they were all slung on the floor carelessly. There was a leftover smell of tobacco and some sort of drug that John subtly pointed out as they first looked over to the ash tray. There had been country folk music playing in the juke box, but it was old and static.

And no one had been behind the desk. Luckily, Kara spotted an old miniature bronze ‘ask-for-assistance’ bell right next to an old brick phone. As her dad went to poke the ringer with his finger, he jumped back in surprise as a stranger walked in.

Kara guessed he was the owner. He wore studs on his leather boots, dungarees with a black and white striped shirt underneath the straps. He had a bear belly, and one of those old western cowboy hats. Kara looked over to her parents, and they did not at all look impressed.

“John?” The man beamed with excitement as if they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Even his voice was countrified. Even Simon and Paul ran up to the man, struggling to wrap their arms around him.

“My god, it’s been forever. What are you on the run for this time?” He flashed a daunting wolfish grin, the man quickly dug in his dungaree pocket for a box of cigarette’s and small matches. After he lighted the cigarette, he plunged it into his mouth, hanging loosely.

“Patch, again.” John grunted, and motioned towards the cigarette pouch in the man’s hand. The man willingly gave him one and lighted it for John who held it stiffly in his hand for a second.

“So Bill, guessing business is short?” John struggled as he took a toke from the cigarette, and coughed forcefully several times which caused Bill to collapse with laughter.

“Oh man old John, you lost your smoking instincts or something?” Bill looked at John shamefully.


            “Sorry to interrupt the chitchat but, are we going to check in or not?” Kara muttered; she couldn’t stand the stink that was forming from the chemicals in the cigarette. Neither did anyone else. Perhaps Simon and Paul.

            “Oh right!” Bill clasped his hands together in delight, running behind the counter grabbing a few shaded bronze keys from the middle shelf, piling them all into Kara’s hand.

            “Kara, this is Bill. An old pal of mine, he’s interested in mythology, more of the paranormal side of things but, he found out about us so.” John shrugged, leading away to the rooms with Bill at his side. As Bill pushed open the doors for their rooms, Kara’s face twisted as if she had just seen a rotting dead body. Cordelia, in the background, was hesitantly pulling out a small bottle of anti-germ hand gel from her pink Michael Korbs small bag, and Kara’s mother was eyeing the gel too. The smell of the anti-germ gel smelt like strong cucumbers, but it was better than the tar and nicotine scent lurking round the whole place. Cordelia rubbed the gel thoroughly on her hands, as well as her mother. On the other hand, Kara sighed in embarrassment. But as they all walked into the room, she desperately wanted the hand gel.

            “Sorry about the blood stains on the bed, but it’s the best room we’ve got for the night.” Bill grunted, whacking a small cable TV which caused it to loose signal, and the TV went all static, flickering with black and white lines.

John nodded and handed him a few American dollars, which Bill delightfully took.

            “This’ll get me some food tonight. Thanks pal, well if you need me I’ll be downstairs in the lounge,” The owner rubbed his stomach   as if had been hungry, glancing around awkwardly and walked out the room; leaving awkward silence in the air.

Then Kara looked out the blurry, non-transparent window, feeling it was dark already, she hovered over the bed. There were only three single beds, and one double bed which Cordelia claimed before anyone else could have a say. Kara grumbled under her breath, and walked over to the bathroom. The bathroom had a small, mouldy cream bath; the tiles were splodged with blood, and on the steamy mirror had a photo of a wanted criminal with a red dart in the centre of his nose.

            “Why me?” Kara asked quietly as she felt some one lurking in the door step to the bathroom.

            “You’re desirable, weak, and vulnerable for a human being.” Simon stated, folding his arms as he closed the door behind him. His face turned serious as he rested against the bath awkwardly, Kara watched him intently.

            “You were mistakenly assigned to two people, It never happens. Alaric finds you bloody attractive, can’t blame him. You’re perfect for bait.” Simon started, letting the information sink into her system.  This was when Kara suddenly felt a little uneasy about this topic of conversation.

            “Bait?” Kara asked, confused as she raised her eye brow. She didn’t like the sound of where this had been going. Simon grinned dauntingly, biting his sharp long fingernails. They were longer then hers and she had been a female. They hadn’t been manicured though.

            “Bait, you know- If ones in a tricky situation, they could use you to get you out of it sort of thing? You’re a girl. So the only offer there is your body.” He motions her figure and smiles softly. “Small and petite, what every guy wants.”

Was he trying to flirt with her? Kara’s body system suddenly felt strangely hot and out of control. Simon noticed her flush, and shifted about slightly, changing the topic.

            “Any who, legend states that one must die in order for the assignment to be complete,”

Kara’s jaw dropped open, unsure what to believe, so she blinked again to make sure she hadn’t been dreaming, and jerked back a little awkwardly as her hand lightly touched a blood stained tile, and she moved more out into the centre.

            “So, basically, I’m an unwanted parasite?” She summed it up, feeling slightly offended, she started to move to the door but Simon had stopped her.

            “No of course not! Well, to be more exact every human being and immortal are vermin’s on the planet all together… but no, everyone has a purpose in life. My purpose? It’s to annoy people,” Simon exclaimed, sounding completely astonished at her remark, but his voice lowered as he started to talk about himself. He folded his arms easily, looking at Kara for a response. All she did was bite her lip.

            “Oh, hold on a minute.” Simon’s eyes grew wide as his mobile phone and a photo of Patch smiling appeared on his tatty old phone, and he  picked it up to answer.

            ‘Hey- wait, what? You’re… no way, dammit Patch! You’re in a nightclub? Why?’ His eyes flickered in surprise. ‘Oh! He’s back? Hell yes! I haven’t seen our old pal since… bloody ages!’ He paused, chuckling with laughter. Kara found herself swimming in a pool of confusion, and her mind felt uncomfortably dizzy.

            ‘You’ve gone past where we are? Where are you now?’ His face saddened along with his hopes which made Kara try to listen intently to Patch’s voice on the speaker.

Automatically, the iron door struggled to open, and a low male grunt came from behind the door, and she instantly knew it was going to be her dad. Simon immediately shut of his phone, even though he had been in a middle of an important phone call Kara had been intrigued in. She could tell it had been her dad because the other old person in the group was John, and he had been immortal. Immortals are supposed to be strong. As Kara’s dad came more into the bathroom, she could see he was hiding behind his hands, from his body posture. Tense, and uncomfortable.

‘So about the curse, one has to die for her to be assigned, right?’ her dad grumbled the question, avoiding his daughter’s eyes. Kara looked over to Simon, who stiffly nodded.

‘Who’s the enemy?’

Simon chuckled lowly. ‘Alaric, sir. You aren’t planning to kill him with that shitty stake are you?’ Kara examined him, and noticed that he hadn’t had a tattoo planted on his wrist- or the date. Kara’s dad glowered at him.

‘What’s wrong with this handmade stake?’ Kara’s dad remarked, folding his arms as he twiddled around with the wooden stick.

‘First of all, its hand made. Second of all, all the weapons are in the bags. The correct weapons,’ Simon explained sceptically, clenching his fists and unclenching them at the same time.

‘Why are they all silver?’ Kara asked and suddenly felt hot. Stupid question.

 Simon raised an eyebrow at Kara, as if she hadn’t been paying attention. ‘Because that’s what kills a demon, as silver resembles the pureness of our hearts… the holy water is like silver nitrate, it burns through your skin. Temporarily damage… still hurts like a bugger.’ Simon finished, checking the time on his phone.

            ‘We’ll be hitting the road early tomorrow, so best bet is to hit the hay now.’ He yawned, going out of the bathroom, but standing part way in between the door to the bedroom.

            ‘I’ll be downstairs with John; playing poker as we shinigami’s don’t sleep, so you humans get some rest.’ He waved goodbye, and Kara looked cautiously at her dad.

            ‘Well… see you in the morning kiddo, oh; you’re sleeping with Cordelia by the way-’

            ‘What? Oh no I’m not,’ Kara protested, forming a small pout. Her dad chuckled deeply.

            ‘I’m sleeping with your mum, so there are only two double beds. And barely even a sofa, so suck it up kiddo.’ Kara’s dad left the bathroom, walking into the other room where her mother had been. Kara had completely forgotten about her mother, and she suddenly felt guilty. She shrugged it off though, and crawled into Cordelia’s bed, who was already fast asleep, and she was hoping to find her way into peaceful dreaming for the day next to come. 

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