The broken promise

Patch is a guardian angel. Kara is mortal.
In the angel and demon realms, they are assigned to watch over humans if they're in their royal blood line, or just... deseprate.
The only problem is, Angels and demons aren't allowed to be together.
It's always been a long standing rule for them, and Patch followed it clearly.
... but with this mortal, it's different.
As the prophecy will be foretold once again.


5. alive


Love your friends but keep your enemies closer


I threw Alaric into a wooden chair forcefully, which in result, made the chair collapse into odd pieces. I was truthfully more worried about the house than Alaric. Myself, and him- we had a past. It's complicated, as we were both assigned to the same girl to watch over. We both even had the sire bond and that. My relationship between Alaric and me, we're cat and mouse. We don't get along as he's a shinigami; which is his supernatural form that he's managed to hide quite well. I'm guessing he's put a seal on himself, because Paul,  Simon and John are in their true forms in what Kara believed was costumes for a school play or film. 

          "You know I'm suited better for her," Alaric spat and black blood sprayed across the oak wooden floor. I'm glad I've gotten him limp and in an awkward heap on the ground- it really showed how weak his human form was. It  just made me laugh wickedly in my mind. 

Seeing him squirm was just a privilege of mine to watch. 

         "Well that's for her to decide," I folded my arms as I hovered over him. 

What am I saying this for? We're not allowed to be together with mortals. I shook my head at my thought, and my eyes flared a dark crimson red full of rage. 

        "I'll let you off this time, stay away from Kara." I clenched my fists,  aiming directly at his face. 

He wasn't knocked out, but he was on the verge of giving up. The best way to knock a shinigami out for a very long time is to snap his neck.

They can't die by that, you'd need an enchanted angelic dagger. It's handle is pure gold with rare diamonds shaped into a ying yang sign- like the same sign I noticed on John's wrist earlier. The only difference is on his wrist was a date from when he was assigned to his soul mate. The blade itself was plated in solid silver with ancient encrypted language of the angels and demons. Tongue. Even now just looking at the text on the blade was just... highly difficult. The only person I've ever known to read tongue was John.  

In vampiric speed, Alaric was gone. He went so fast before I could even blink. That was when I realized Jason was leant up against in between the kitchen door, arms folded and tensed up, and I could clearly see on his face he was appalled by our first encounter- which made me shift a little awkwardly at his presence. 

       "Taking my family hostage to Texas?" Jason stated bluntly, exaggerating an eye roll. My jaw was set tight as I had been trying to suppress my anger towards Kara's attitude brother. I didn't truthfully care about Jason right now, but for some reason, I thought Kara would have wanted me to do something about him. 

       "I know our first heart-to-heart family meeting didn't go as planned like the movies, but try not to mess things up? The curse has been activated and your family haven't even bothered to prepare early." I shot back, lifting my hand up in the air out of frustration. Jason's green eyes glowered up at me, unsure what to reply. His body movements were stiff and agitated, which was a pure sign that I had won the argument. 

       "What is going to happen to Kara now?" Jason asked lowering his voice in a pleasant manner. My eyes flared an alarming gold, and my heat was firing up like crazy. 

 I knew what was going to happen. 

       "She's going to be assigned to either me or Alaric... and become either a shinigami or an angel." 

That was when every emotion in me dropped, I felt as if I was dead. With no positive emotion glowing inside of me, or at least any form of hope that'll strengthen me into saving Kara.

I was meant to be her guardian angel, after all. 

Jason completely ignored what I said, rushing out to the front yard and dug in his pockets quickly to get his car keys, pointing at the yellow Porsche with black stripes across the street, rushing towards it. 

     "Where are you going? Get the hell back here!" I snarled after him as he rolled down the shaded black windows by the front seat. Inside his car was a real beauty, black leather seats, a neon green gear stick, with a matching neon orange steering wheel, and even his car radio was full of shaded neon colors. 

     "Going to Texas, coming or not?" Jason gestured the seat next to him- and I didn't know what to think. Right now my eyes were glued on the car, admiring it. 

To be truthful, this could give me some bonding time with Jason. That was when he rolled up his right arm sleeve, showing me the back of his wrist, then my eyes grew wide in mixed feelings. 

He was already assigned to someone of us. 

     "I'm assigned to your kind as well, I'm eighteen, so when I'm twenty one I have the choice of removing it. But hell,  she's goddamn hot, so." Jason shrugged, going into his mini fridge opening a can of monster energy drink, taking a sip before he replaced it back into the cup holder on his side. 

     "Fine..." I sighed. Unwillingly, I pulled myself into the leather seat in the car, wishing that I had my car. I never went out without my car, but seeing as I detected Alaric's demonic scent roaming around Kara's house, I had to go. 

And this was when Jason started up the engine the car responded to a low but deadly beautiful growl, and we went of the highway to Texas. 

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