Dearest With Red Hair

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  • Published: 12 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 3 Oct 2014
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***For the Name On Your Wrist Competition***

Nowadays, The Test is all that matters. School is a minority, friends are a minority even family are minorities. Why waste your time on love and friendship when the world is so full of misery and sadness? Besides, nobody gets to know you. Why not? All they do is look at your hair and every thing they need to know is right there.
But for Cassy it isn't right. Why be judged on your hair? She believes in the old days, of freedom and romance. So when she meets Evel, the dashing boy next door and hears of his plans, she decides to join in.
What will happen? Will Society take over? And will Evel truly turn out to be her dearest with red hair...
**Choice Two Of The Selected Choices**


14. Night

The night breeze is cool and gentle. It tangles the silvery fingers of it hand through my hair, then moves on, singing its night song. Evel and I sit on the grass, like the day we first met.

Except this time, my head is on his shoulder, and he’s arm is round me. We look at the empty street, at the stars waking up, at everything. We’d only have hours and Head plans would work.

“What happened?” I ask and Evel shrugs.

“Chrisie says that we managed to pin Head down and destroy all the pink liquid. Then, since Harry got all the guards, no one came to the rescue. We left Head after smashing all the screens and ripping all the papers. Now, we’re here.”

I laugh and he does too. Our voices dance along the breeze, travelling far away. The serenity is beautiful.

“Evel,” I say. The thought of our kiss plays on my mind constantly.

“The kiss?” he asks. I nod.

“I meant to kiss your cheek but you turned your head,” he admits. I sit up, removing my head from his shoulder.


“But I’m so glad you turned,” he says and I smile. Resting my head back into the position before I sigh.

“Cassy, I need to tell you something,” he says. Removing his hand from around my waist, he turns towards me.

“What?” I ask and he leans forward, pressing his lips on mine. The taste of Cola and mint remains, faded and almost gone. We kiss for a while, breaking apart a little at a time. My mind was racing, now all I focus on is Evel.

Evel, Evel, Evel.

“I love you Cassy,” he says. My heart tugs. Do I love him? Yes. No. Do I?

“Evel, I-”


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