Dearest With Red Hair

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  • Published: 12 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 3 Oct 2014
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***For the Name On Your Wrist Competition***

Nowadays, The Test is all that matters. School is a minority, friends are a minority even family are minorities. Why waste your time on love and friendship when the world is so full of misery and sadness? Besides, nobody gets to know you. Why not? All they do is look at your hair and every thing they need to know is right there.
But for Cassy it isn't right. Why be judged on your hair? She believes in the old days, of freedom and romance. So when she meets Evel, the dashing boy next door and hears of his plans, she decides to join in.
What will happen? Will Society take over? And will Evel truly turn out to be her dearest with red hair...
**Choice Two Of The Selected Choices**


3. Change

“Tomorrow, everything will change,” warns Miss Roberto as I try to rip my eyes away from the window. The window is a thick panel of glass, blocked by a sheet of grey sugar paper yet I still stare at it. It looks better then Miss Roberto at any rate.

“You won’t be seen as a minority, as weak, as a child. Tomorrow, you will turn into an adult. Somebody who can contribute to society, who can be seen as important and strong, to do something different. To change the world! Heck, you could live at the Resident Block attached to HQ! Now wouldn’t that be something?” She surveys us, a look of ‘as if that will ever happen’ glinting in her eyes.

“Why, you could be living on End Street!” End Street is the road where any rich and highly successful men or women live, if they aren’t working at HQ. It is almost the second highest rank of importance and richness.

“Perhaps-” she begins, but is cut off by another voice. A student? No. No pupil would ever interrupt Miss Roberto, apart from if their arm was falling off. Even then, she probably wouldn’t care.

Through the door comes a man we all know too well; Michael. He is in charge of the Colour Dye Scheme, which in a whole is The Test. Many a time as he produced assemblies to show us all and given us little talks. Boring, pointless talks.

Slowly, his brown eyes survey the room and takes in our horrific grey hair. You can tell that he hates us, with a sort of crazy passion, and he has no respect for us. To that, I’m never surprised. We’re minors with un-decided choices and he’s a big, decided man who has one of the top houses down End Street.

“There’s been a change in the system,” he says in a steady, unperturbed way. System? What system? Surely not, no, it can’t be! Can it? Can The Test really be changed?

“What system?” asks Miss Roberto but Michael waves a hand at her. He’s become more flustered for some reason.

“We don’t have a lot of time! Quick, ok, Miss Roberto and class. As you know, The Test was scheduled for tomorrow. Now, for the first time, there has been a change. I assure you no flaw or strange malfunction, just a change in plan ordered by Head. You see, in order for something to come into effect, we need you to co-operate. We need you to take The Test right now.”

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