At Cross Roads

Re-entry for the Name on My Wrist comp


2. October 17th 2012 ~ Philadelphia, USA

A phone call.

VIDIC: Yes, Daniel.
CROSS: You lost them, Warren. You lost them. Again!
VIDIC: You misunderstand. This is the first time.
CROSS: Don't fuck with me. I read the report. Project Siren is over. Done! Your mole is dead, the Assassins are gone, you have no idea where Desmond Mi–
VIDIC: This information was restricted. How did you–
CROSS: I'm still part of the Sanctum. I have access.
VIDIC: Of course you do. [ pause] And you are a valued member of our Inner Circle. I trust you, Daniel, you know I do. But you should not have told the doctor–
CROSS: Yeah, well... I'm sorry about that. She... She doesn't know much.
VIDIC: [ sigh] I'm a busy man, Daniel. What do you want?
CROSS: You know damn well what I want. I'm coming to Rome.
VIDIC: Are you sure you're up to it? According to Dr. Sung's report–
CROSS: I've spent the last three days in the Animus. The good doctor upped my meds. I'm back on my feet. I'm fine now. In control.
VIDIC: So you're fit for duty?
CROSS: I am. I'm ready, but the bastards won't let me leave.
VIDIC: The truth is I could use your expertise in Rome.
CROSS: Good, I–
VIDIC: Has Dr. Sung given you your leave?
CROSS: No, but she will if you ask her. She said I'm–
VIDIC: Stay put. I'll take care of it. You'll be on the next flight to Italy.
CROSS: About time.
VIDIC: What was that?
CROSS: Never mind. I'll see you in Rome.

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