At Cross Roads

Re-entry for the Name on My Wrist comp


12. November 12th 2012 ~ Rome, Italy

Beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep!

Daniel woke up groggily to the sound of his alarm, and Amanda muttered something into his chest. He squinted as he tapped a button and the light of his cell-phone lit up the room, blinding him.
“The fuck...?” he grumbled, blinking heavily a few times and rubbing his eyes. He checked the phone. 2:20 am. That was alright. He got up carefully, trying not disturb Amanda, and picked his underwear and trousers off the floor and pulled them on. He looked around for his shirt, but found that Amanda was using it as a blanket. It was only then that he realised they were still in her living room. He sat down by her feet and rubbed his shoulder, a goofy smile on his face.

She had bit him. Hard.

He could feel the teeth-marks beneath his fingertips, a strange and arousing pain throbbing in his shoulder, and when he looked at the wound, he could see it was darkened.
The pinch of reality to his personal euphoria.
Daniel sighed to himself, glad that all this wasn't an elaborate hallucination or some weird dream.
But time was ticking, and he'd have to return to the his world - the only world he thought he could ever know - soon.
It changed his mood drastically. It bothered him. But he tried not to let it show.
He tickled the underside of Amanda's feet. She mumbled something angrily and kicked out at him. Daniel laughed.
He shook her shoulders gently, “Amanda,” he said softly, “Amanda, wake up.”
“Mm...?” she looked at him, bleary-eyed, and mumbled, “Get away from my face, Daniel, my breath sinks.”
Daniel chuckled and pulled her up, “You have my shirt,” he said.
Amanda yawned and stretched, the shirt falling from her frame. Daniel felt the temperature rise in the room as he watched her.

Amanda frowned and murmured, “Are you leaving now?”
Daniel nodded.
They gazed at each other for a while, before Amanda hugged him tenderly, “Be careful, okay?” she said.
Daniel pressed her to his chest, but said nothing. He kissed her neck and then her lips.
“I will come back,” he reassured her, “as soon as I can.”
“Where... Where will you be going?”
Philadelphia. But he wasn't about to tell her that.
“Far enough,” was his answer.
Amanda looked down, keeping her hands around his shoulders, “Will you ever tell me? About all this?”
Daniel looked into her eyes, “Maybe. Maybe one day, when all of this is behind me and we're still together. But... But not today. Not soon.”
Amanda nodded and kissed him, “I'm going to miss you. I'll be worried,” her eyes became wet, “Don't... Don't die.”
He put a hand to her face, wiping her eyes with his thumb, “I'm very good at coming back alive.”
“It's surprising... That, with all your problems, your... government still sends you on missions.”
Daniel shrugged, “I guess I'm just that good.”

Amanda giggled, waiting for him to say something else, something more. But he just took his shirt and pulled it on. Then his hoodie. His socks. His boots. He walked over to the front door. His brace. His coat.
He sniffed.
He sighed.
He turned around.
“Don't worry about me too much, okay? I'll be alright,” he said, “And...”
Amanda raised her brows.
Daniel hesitated. He cleared his throat. He considered just leaving on that note. Chickening-out. But he couldn't.
Not without saying it.
“I... think I like you too, Amanda.”
Amanda knitted her eyebrows together, trying hard not to grin. Daniel didn't talk about feelings often. She had to let him have this, “You... think you like me?” she repeated.
“I, uh, haven't finished deciding,” Daniel said sheepishly.
She couldn't help it. Amanda laughed, “Go on, Daniel. Don't you have a world to save?”
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