At Cross Roads

Re-entry for the Name on My Wrist comp



Before anyone gets immaturely excited about it - no, there will not be explicit sexual content. There may be some adult references, but nothing strong.
But, since we the pivotal character of this story is Abstergo Agent, Daniel Cross/Subject 4 - it would be difficult to avoid mention of
a) Alcohol abuse,
b) Ideologically sensitive material (mentions of self-harm, mental outbursts, distressing information, etc.),
c) Coarse language,

As should be obvious, this is an Assassin's Creed fanfiction and I tried to stick to the lore of the game. For the most part, I have. For the rest... Well.

Firstly, the character Daniel Cross probably lived within an Abstergo compound entirely for the latter part of his life. With his mental problems, it's unlikely that they'd allow him to roam around freely.
But I've given him a life outside Abstergo.

Secondly, Daniel was transferred to Rome just after Lucy Stillman was killed, but was returned to the compound in Philadelphia - where he was to be treated by his main physician, Dr Sung - around about the time Desmond fell into a coma.
Because of my additional characters, I have kept both Daniel and Dr Sung in Italy.

Lastly, I don't actually know if that padded, orange brace on his right arm is a Hidden Blade - I'm only assuming, as Daniel used to be an Assassin. It could well be just a fashion statement (although, I don't think Daniel to be someone who'd be particularly trendy...).

Also, some of the chapters, like phone call transcripts, are taken from Assassin's Creed: Initiates (as if I could recreate words that Vidic said XD) and I didn't edit them in a major sense.
If you haven't checked Initiates out yet, you should (especially those fans that think Assassins and Templars in all your waking hours), very informative on small details.
Those of you who were expecting full-on gore and violence - don't be disappointed with the beginning. Poor Mr Daniel Cross has suffered a lot in his fictional life. A LOT. I think I cried just reading his Assassin's Creed Wiki page. I thought I'd give him something to live for (he must have had something, right? I mean, who goes on living after Vidic puts a knife to you? Clay/Subject 16 couldn't hack it).

Also, I don't tend to write in the modern age. Historical fiction is what I'm most comfortable with (though, Assassin's Creed wouldn't be Assassin's Creed without history, so I intend to put in some towards the end). But I'm experimenting with modernity. If I screw up with linguistics or happen to stick a battle-axe in there somewhere - please bear with me XD.

And I think that's it, so, yeah: Enjoy the read. I'm sorry if this disappoints.
I'm not good with emotions or modernity. This might just be one big screw-up (that wasn't a pun of your life, Mr Cross, I swear! O_O), but tell me what you think anyway.
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