How NOT To Fangirl

Ever been a Fangirl/Boy.
Don't pretend you haven't.
Cause you have.
This is will tell you things that will make your fellow fandom worshippers angry.
So do not do them.


6. How NOT to write FanFic

Here is an example. Just please no.

Going into fail mode now - 


(Comic Sans,  ew)

Hay all mi fans. This is mi new fanficshun. Pleez no haet ok.

Itz probly better than urs so like shutt up.

dedicates to Leeam, Hary, Louiz, Zain and Nyial.

I put my beaeutifull dip died hair into a messy bunn. "Wow I look hot"" I say into thw mirror.. Cause i doo. I am out buying sandwichees when Leeam from 1 direcshun comez up to me. "OMG Leeam!" I cri. "Can I get a foto?" He smilz at mee."Ur So hot CrystallianaGemDiamondAngelLoveKatie." iblush. so hard.d suddnly he grabz my thinn bodi and dragz me intp a nearby cubbard! "OMG!" HELP!" I screem. the boyz r there. "1D?" I cri. theey smilze sexily and say "We're kidnapping you girl." So I am sad, alone and depresxed." but in th end its k cause i mari them all, and we hav 18 kidz. like Jewl, Ghettiana. Prechus.

THanx ChaAPetr 2 tomoz

Bai a;; my prechus fansQ!



This is not aimed at 1D fanfics. Many of my friends here are directioners. It's just an example. Be honest, this ish exists. It's with all fandoms! 


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