How NOT To Fangirl

Ever been a Fangirl/Boy.
Don't pretend you haven't.
Cause you have.
This is will tell you things that will make your fellow fandom worshippers angry.
So do not do them.


3. How NOT to be a Marvel Fangirl

I think the outstanding rule of this is NEVER EVER watch your first Marvel film in the cinema. Just don't. In a lot of Marvel films their are links to other Marvel films, and you will either sit their, confused, or really annoy Marvel fans by asking questions. Best to stay at home for your first one.

Another thing is to try and avoid the comics in your local shop, especially if your a HUGE fan. You'll probably end up sitting on the floor reading (which I have nothing against) or just squealing in delight as you flick through seeing all your favourites. Not good in public, maybe at home.

NEVER presume you know everything, especially if you have never read the comics, you'll look like an idiot if you do.

Always stand up for your favourite character. I have seen fans have massive shout offs about characters, don't be the one to back down if you love the character.

Don't pretend to have watched Marvel films. If you say you have people will start talking to you about it, and you can't get away with just saying you like that bit, or find this bit funny.

Never say ANYTHING BAD about the feminist characters in Marvel, unless you want to start world war 3.

I think that those are the basic rules of Marvel Fangirling. Enjoy.

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