How NOT To Fangirl

Ever been a Fangirl/Boy.
Don't pretend you haven't.
Cause you have.
This is will tell you things that will make your fellow fandom worshippers angry.
So do not do them.


4. How NOT to be a Frozen Fangirl

Hello. As you may have realised Frozen is HOT Right now!

*Pun Intended*

It has been hot for almost a year. Wow. Cray. I hate that word.

Anyway, Sometimes, Bursting out into Let it Go makes you look bad.

So, This will tell you what NOT To do to achieve the rank of..



DISTRESSED SISTER. Whichever is your favourite. I'd go for Troubled Queen but.. yeah.

Let us start off with something that bugs me.

When people sing Frozen songs. In public. Do NOT Unless you know the WHOLE sequence. I'm talking about second to second accuracy, Right had 45 Degrees up, Down,

The lot.

Seriously though, If you're going to do it Do it properly.


Never EVER let someone make fun of Frozen.

Here's an example.

Loser: OMG Wi yoo like frozen? itz a stooped babi fylm!

You: Excuse me?

Loser: Yeh I sad dat you is sadd!

You: Ahem. *Let it Go plays as you freeze that poo :D*


DO NOT Let amateurs annoy you. They are lower than you and should respect you. If your conversation goes downhill... (See Previous)


Ok, I know it's hard but don't pretend you're just like these characters! People like that are SO Annoying! Here's a guide to help you determine whether you can call yourself similar to Elsa or Anna.


To be like Anna you must:

-Had at least TWO Boyfriends.

-Have an older sister.

-Be hella energetic.

-Annoy your older sister until she plays with you. (Or freezes the kingdom.)


To be like Elsa you must:

-Not be bothered by cold.

-Have a younger sister.

-Have 4 Times the amount of average hair.

-Always stay in your room. Until you become Queen and..

I'm not explaining again.


Hope this helped!









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