How NOT To Fangirl

Ever been a Fangirl/Boy.
Don't pretend you haven't.
Cause you have.
This is will tell you things that will make your fellow fandom worshippers angry.
So do not do them.


2. A few Rules

If you want to be a true fangirl/boy there are a few things you need to know.

1. Both GIRLS and BOYS are free to be in any fandom they want! Be proud of who you are.

2. Uh.. Yeah that's all you need to know. I think..


If you want to be the best darn Fangirl/boy ever.. There are simple rules to follow.

1. Don't prank call Jeanine. She is my best friend and I may be able to convince her not to kill you but who knows.

2. NEVER call Tonks (looks around) Nymphadora. *whisper whisper*

3. And, dont mess with the Candy Citizens, or you will see how terrifying they can be. A Bloo bloo bloo!




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