Adopted By 1D!

hello my name is Lucy and I am 16 year old, I got blonde hair and I'm in the orphans its not always good in the orphans and its not always bad. But will I ever get adopted well read on to find out!


3. Starting school!

-Lucys pov- 


I woke up in the mornithoughtuse my stupid alarm wokfunnyi went to take a shower and wore this : 


I started walking to school ....i started walking to the office amd i said "Hello mam im Lucy claire tomlinson and im new here could i have my timetable please". She nodded and she gave it to me and i saw Jack omg thats really him he saw my and i ran and and hugged me and spinned me around . he said "Lucy will you be my girlfriend and you got all my lessons"."of course i will be your gorlfriend and ok". We went to our first lesson holding hands.


-skip all lessons-


Finally it was home time i gave my phone number to jack so he could keep me in contact and i saw liam with an orange car and i thought thatbhe already got a car i walked to him and i said "whos car is this i love it". "Its yours i bought it for you because louis wouldnt buy you one so i thought i will buy you one". He said i hugged him and kissed his cheek. 


The car looked like this : 


i started driving my car home and parked it into the garage... Everyone looked happy when they saw me from school i hugged them all and i messed up daniel my brothers hair. When upstair to change in my batman pyjamas again : 


-Jacks pov-


There was this new girl coming but thought she is going to ne annoying but i found out it was lucy i asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes im so happy... Sorry i will introduce myself : 


Name: Jack Wright


Personality : Caring,loveable,out going,funny

Hobbies: football,basketball,skateboarding,baseball,free running and gaming

Favourite colour : blue

Hair colour : brown

Eye colour : blue


Hope you enjoyed this chapter i try and update later tonight! X 



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