Adopted By 1D!

hello my name is Lucy and I am 16 year old, I got blonde hair and I'm in the orphans its not always good in the orphans and its not always bad. But will I ever get adopted well read on to find out!


5. Shopping with the idiots! aka boys!

-Lucys pov-


I woke up I heard screaming downstaors , I took a quick shower before we go shopping also jack has not texting me all weekend and today I'm not even going to school because me and the boys and dad are going shopping and hanging with each other.  This is my outfit : 


I headed downstairnand i saw that everyone had the breakfast i think because the dishes are not cleaned up so after shopping i know what i will be doing cleaning the house and the washing the clothes , i drank some milk out ofnthe cartoon.I saw the faces on the boys fasces looked like they were disgusted for what i did. I ignored what there faces looked like. i started walking to the car and i had to seat at the boot with harry i really like harry but i got jack but i wonder why he was not texting me at all im getting very worried maybe i will see him after school. 


We arrived at the shopping mall and i got out the van real fast and entered the shop that said JD because not kinda a girly girl im more tomboyish so louis bought mensome trackys andnsome stuff for the gym thats where we going after the mall thank god i took my phone and head phones with me. I got everything i need and niall always gets hungry so we went and had something to eat. We go into the van and i was sat nice to harry again i went between his legs and i looked up and smiled he smiled back, i cuddled up to his chest and fell asleep.


-skip car ride to the gym-


I woke up by someone shaking me it was harry so i got up and kissed his cheek and got my new gym back , new towel, my phone and headphones, clothes for later and clothes for gym to change now....i emtered the gym there was the cute boys thank god not from my school and louis said "be careful ok see you on the treadmill or somewere here". I nodded my head got my locker key from dad and went to get changed got my water bottle.i started on the treadmil and indone 10 hours on it and the boys still havent came outt, i went over the bag for boxing i put on my own bag and i started punching when i was little like 8 my dad used to buy me a little punching bag. I saw the boys starting and i heard harry to me "i challange you too do as many press ups try beat my score 270 press ups ....3.2.1 GO". I did 400 press ups and they were shocked i drank my water even thenhot boys kept looking they went to exerise and i went to have a shower and got changed into this : 







Because we ggoing to the award show I done my make up and everything.






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