Adopted By 1D!

hello my name is Lucy and I am 16 year old, I got blonde hair and I'm in the orphans its not always good in the orphans and its not always bad. But will I ever get adopted well read on to find out!


6. Pool + Movie Marathon tomorrow Award show ! x


done some exercise and working out i waited for them like for 4 hours but who can blame themselves they need to be good looking everywhere they go. Finally they came out of the changing room , we started walking back to the van. I haven't heard from Jack i texted him saying this : 




To : Jack


hey i think its Better if we stayed friends its over soz x


from :Jack 


ok bye x

wow that was a quick reply but I don't like him anymore I don't know why but there is someone in 1D I really like its Liam because he is caring and always tries and makes me laugh when I'm upset , but I do like Harry as well but I don't know what to do , but I think I will ask dad for help with this one because he knows the boys well anther to choose out of Liam and Harry which one is best for me. 


I went to the kitchen and saw dad alone thank god because I wouldn't want Liam or Harry to know I like them both.I asked dad "Dad I got a question?". "Go on ask ahead sweetie". He said then I took a deep breath in and said "Well I like Liam and Harry , I just need your help to choose because you know how you know the boys well then I do please tell me". "Well Liam has Danielle but I would give Harry a chance if he breaks your heart come to me ok". He said I ran and hugged him and the rest of the boys came and looked as us and laughed. 


I got off dad I said "Going to get changed and Harry I need a word after with you in private k". He nodded and I went upstairs and thought why not were my bikini because it is hot and I might go for a swim ,when I got downstairs I saw everyone outside inside the pool I opened the door and I put my hair in a pony tail.


Harry got out and I took by his hand and went inside , before I could speak he kissed me on the lips , I was shocked but kissed back and he said "I know that you like me , Louis told in private just then". I nodded and said "Yes I do , I liked you since I got here I could tell you did too". He nodded and said as well "Will you be my girlfriend Lucy". "Of course yes I love to be your girlfriend". I said he throwed me over his shoulder and I said "Harry don't you dare throw in the pool". "Oh I won't babe". He said when we got outside he throwed into the pool I swam back up. I said "I cant swim help". He stuck his hand out and I grabbed it ,pulled him in. 


He swam over to me said "You shouldn't of done that babe". "Why not? It was funny even the boy are laughing". He looked at them he gave them a death glare. He kissed me passionate and I kissed back all the boys went back inside and we went deeper into the water next to the statue that nobody can see us , he got out and put me on his lap and he lied me down on the grass and started kissing me down my neck but I stopped him "Harry , I only do it after marriage hope you understand". "Of course babe I understand , I got carried away because you are so hot". he smirked while he said that I got up and went to the door.


I had a shower and I got into my batman oneise and went downstairs and Liam shouted "Were watching toy story". then Niall shouted "Paranormal activity 1 ,2,3,4 and 5". I stepped into both of them and said "RIGHT , WE GOING TO WATCH TOY STORY FOR LIAM HIS FAVE THEN YOUR NIALL OK EVEN THOUGH ITS SCARY.I shouted they understood. I went over to Harry where the sofa is out like a bed. I went under the quilt.I cuddled into his chest he kissed my forehead and then my head fell to his lap. we finished watching toy story now we are watching paranormal activity 1,2,3,4 and 5 I was scared but fell asleep while watching the 3rd one.


Hope you liked this chapter xx 



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