Adopted By 1D!

hello my name is Lucy and I am 16 year old, I got blonde hair and I'm in the orphans its not always good in the orphans and its not always bad. But will I ever get adopted well read on to find out!


1. Introduction to Lucy!

Lucy's pov


I woke in the morning to children shouting and getting ready for adoption today I got out of bed and went downstairs only in y pyjamas I ate my breakfast and wen to brush my teeth and took a shower.i went through my closet was thinking what to dress I got this best friend he's name is jack and I do miss him. I picked out this outfit : 


I went and made my bed because grace the manger of this orphan would go mad she comes and checks our rooms if they are clean and tidy. She is very nice sometimes but I just hate her I don't know why but I have to live here until I get adopted by a couple or even someone famous I hope I get adopted by someone famous because I just want a loving home and a caring family that will love me for me. I got out my phone that was nearly smashed to pieces it was my old blackberry curve when my parents had me but they went to jail or they left me with my grandma and never came back for me that's how much my parents loved me note the sarcasm . I packed my bags and l came downstairs with them and out them in the far corner ad grace said "what you got your bags packed for?"."I got packed just in case I get adopted".i said to grace. 

sorry I will introduce myself to you : 


Name : Lucy Matthews 

Age : 17 (birthday 12th June)

Hobbies : skateboarding, football, singing and basketball

Personality : caring,loveable,shy and out going when you get to know me and funny!

favourite colour : blue, red, white and black

favourite animal : giraffe,pandas and tigers 

Favourite boyband/singers : little mix , one direction, sleeping with sirens and black veil brides.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter I try and update tonight after some history revising got a test I Thursday wish me good luck love you all my little cupcakes! 

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