Adopted By 1D!

hello my name is Lucy and I am 16 year old, I got blonde hair and I'm in the orphans its not always good in the orphans and its not always bad. But will I ever get adopted well read on to find out!


4. Being ill!! Hope to get better!

~Lucy's POV~ 


I woke up with a big head ache and I running nose I think I am ill oh no I hate being ill and also got back pain I might be starting my period soon I hope not I hate them so much pain I went to the bathroom and dried myself off and I wore this today : 





I wore this because I had to go to school to at least I got some jeans in my school bag if I get cold ...done my make up and went downstairs with my school I done all my homework already ...I started walking downstairs and I heard the boys in the kitchen and I said in my  croaking voice and blocked nose "Morning Everyone ....I gotta go to school ok talk later". " wait missy your ill we all can tell and Liam told me that he bought you a car that's good of him and be careful and if you still don't feel well sign out of school and come home". Dad said to me (aka Louis).  I went to the garage to get my car and turned on the engine and put my seat belt on for safety and I was driving to school. 


-skip car ride-

i arrived at school and parked my car everyone gasped because they saw who I was and what type of car I got...I saw jack with his friends but I didn't want to disturb them so I started walking to my locker to get my singing book out because I got music first than I got maths ...I got a text from Harry saying  : 




from Harry :  Hey Lucy ...Louis is worried and wants you home at lunch time ok x love Harry 

i texted Harry back saying :  Ok tell Dad I might coming home at break because I'm really not feeling well ok x and why did he text me but you. Love Lucy (4 mins later) I heard my phone vibrate again it was Harry it said : well he is busy cleaning the house and among chicken soup for you btw we staying at home for you and keep you company were not in the mood as well to go anywhere so don't worry get to lesson young lady xx.....I sent back said : ok I  will and not a young lady anymore lol xx Lucy and I locked my phone. -skip two lessons now it's break-


i cant handle this I'm too sick to be in school I was sick in the toilets at 2nd lesson My boyfriend did even text me or talk to me today so I went to the office and said "hello I would like to sign out because I'm not feeling well at all been sick at 2nd lesson". "Ok sweet heart I signed you out hope you better". She said sweetly I nodded and opened my car and started driving  home when I arrived I parked my car into the garage and shut the garage door and went inside the house I saw Dad I hugged him and he jumped because I scared him. He kissed my forehead and he shouted "Boys come down and bring Lucy's pyjamas one of you and the other one bring pillows and a quilt to cover she has the flu". "Daddy I love you I'm very tired". I said he smiled and kissed my forehead he picked me in bridal style and there boys finally came and put pillow under my head and covered me I was ready on my pyjama that look like this : 







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