Adopted By 1D!

hello my name is Lucy and I am 16 year old, I got blonde hair and I'm in the orphans its not always good in the orphans and its not always bad. But will I ever get adopted well read on to find out!


2. Adopted what?

Lucy's pov


i went over to my table because I'm the only 17 year old and there's to boys that are 16 years old and they both have a crush on me. We waited for them to come but never showed up and grace came in and said "looks like there not coming just got a call so you can do whatever you want and Lucy word you NOW"."I done nothing wrong so not going". I said and she just sighed and went back to her office. I laughed and I got my guitar out and started singing sexi papi (a.n if you don't know the song youtube it please thanx). 


I started singing I even had my microphone and well I sang in it while playing my guitar, I finished singing I saw one of the boys that fancies me .. His name was Daniel and I hope we get adopted both of us because I don't want him to fancy me anymore and it will be cool if I had him as a brother we could fight and everything. I wen back toy bedroom and wore my batman pyjamas and I went to bed. Pyjamas : 



-next morning-


ineoke ke up and got changed into my best outfit and my suitcase is all ready downstairs I went downstairs and I put my converse and saw one direction and Daniel was there already packed and standing by one direction and Louis came over to


me and said "hello love what's your name? We adopted Daniel and we going to adopt you too". "hello sir my name is Lucy Mattews and is Daniel my brother now". He nodded. So I went to get my bags that are next to the door and Harry smiled and helped as said "don't worry I got it you just take you gym bag babe". So I listened to him. I saw the limo and smiled but Daniel ran and I just stayed by Louis (aka dad), I love him so much for adopting me and I hope I see jack when I get rolled into a school.


We started driving and we past old houses but then when we were in London I saw a house that was huge and we stopped I said "dad why did we stop"."well baby cakes this is our home and you two will love your new rooms". I looked at Daniel and we both smiled. I went running to the house ad went inside I said to Daniel "race you better I can get Into the house before you". We ran I was first and I chosen the best one .. The was a queen sized bed and a black modern wardrobe and night stand with a lamp draws and a door that leads to the bathroom it was huge and i got a hot tub with a shower.  I went back to my room and saw that my suitcase was here to I unpacked everything and neatly put them away. After I finished unpacking I went to have a shower when I finished my shower I blowed dried my hair and done into fishtail and I put my long batman pyjama pants and a blue tank top on I wiped all my make up off and washed my face and put nice cream on. 



I went downstairs airs and dad was holding something behind his back and I looked confused and I asked "what you go there daddy"." Well sun shine I got you an iPhone 5c in white because I know that's your favourite colour". He said to me and I ran to him and hugged him. I saw Daniel coming downstairs and he got an galaxy s5 because he wanted that for ages. We both went to the living room and started downloading Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Facebook messenger many more. I got tired and i said my good nights I heard a good nights. When I arrived a gone under the covers and when my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.


-next morning- 


i woke up thought we could go to the beach and I could have a private word with dad if I could go to school. I showed and but my bikini on a tank top and some white shorts with sandals I skipped happily downstairs and thank god dad was up and nobody else I spoke up "morning daddy, can ask you a question".Morning and sure". He said then I said " can you en roll me to a school and could we go to the beach today this morning". "Sure you can go to school and of course we can go to the beach".he said I hugged him I waited in the car course got everything packed and finally about 2 hours of roasting in the car we were driving to the beach but the private one that nobody knows about.


This is my bikini : 


I loved this bikini when i was 15 so we arrived at the beach and it was really hot outside and i got my things and went outside and i saw all the boys even my brother daniel  they are so exited so i lay down on my towel and put sun cream and i tanned for a bit then i took of my shorts and wentninside the water and it was freezing and dad said "come on its not thaat cold if you wont then getting Your brother to throw you in".  I leaned forward and got in and started swimming and  i swam for a bit then got out and zayn with liam and of course harry had to wolf whistle i giggled and i went for a walk and i thought someone was following me but when i looked back nobody was there. Someone put the hands around my waist i turned it was my brother and he throwed me over his shoulder and liam packed my stuff and we went into the truck ....after today  i fell asleep On daniel and felt the car stopped i opened my eyes and saw liam holding me so i closedmy eyes and snuggled into his chest. He put me on the bed and covered me with the cover.

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