With Them

What will happen to a girl who is insecure of everything?
Will someone tell her something?
Will she find love?But who?

Read to find out.

*1D and 5SOS fanfic*


3. Oh No!


Lilly's POV



I saw....One Direction with 5SOS with wide eyes.


I ran past them to my bed room.I locked the door and saw a scared Sport on my bed.I came to Sport and calmed him down,then I heard 9 pairs of feet running to the stairs.They knocked and I was shaking.



"Lilly come out of your room,don't worry" Liam said through the door.I didn't say anything I just sat on the corner of my room shaking like a cold puppy.


"Lilly open your door" Louis said calmly.I didn't reply.


"Lilly we're coming in" Zayn said.


I started panicking and want to move but my body was numb,until the door opened and I started to breathe heavily.


Louis came closer to me I couldn't feel anything even Louis touch,then Sport came infront of Louis and started growling and barking at them.


They slowly moved back.Sport went under my bed to get my inhaler.He gave me my inhaler and I put it in my mouth and started inhaling.When I relaxed the boys just stared at me with worried faces.They tried to come closer but Sport won't let them.


"Lilly we're sorry for what we just did" Zayn said apologetically 


"It's alright" I said


"You guys can come closer I'm alright" I said reassuring them


"What about Sport?" Harry asked


"It's ok I got it" I replied,then they came closer with the 5SOS boys


"Lilly these are 5SOS" Niall said pointing at them


"Hi I'm Lilly,and I know you guys Michael,Calum,Ashton, and Luke.Nice to meet you guys" I said,shaking all of there hands

"So...We heard..." Luke said nervously 


"Yeah,I'm terrible" I sigh 


"No! um... I mean you were really good" Luke said nervously scratching the back of his neck.


I smiled warmly at him and he just stared at me.


"Um...is he ok?" I asked the boys pointing at Luke.


"We really don't know,it's the first time Luke's this nervous to a girl" Michael replied


"Hey Luke,you ok?" Ashton asked



Then Luke came back from his moment.


"Huh...um yeah I'm fine" Luke replied


"You've been staring at Lilly for 5 minuets without blinking" Calum said


"I think someone has a CRUSH on Lilly" Louis said sassily 


I just giggle,stood up and took my Instax camera and asked "Guys can we take pictures?".


"Of course" Harry replied,we took a picture of me and 1D and another one with 5SOS.


"Thanks guys" I said and put the picture in my album.


"What's that?" Zayn asked and sit next to me


"It's my album" I replied


"Can we see?"Ashton asked


"Sure,If you need me I'll be in the kitchen" I said,they nodded.


I went to the kitchen with Sport by my side,drinking my milk.


After I finished drinking,we went to the backyard with my guitar.


I sat on the bench with Sport lying down beside me.


I grabbed my guitar and strum a few notes.


A few minuets later,Michael and Calum sat with me on the other side of the bench.



"What are doing?"Calum asked


"Just strumming some notes" I replied



"Could you play with us?"Michael asked

"Ok" I replied


We stood up and told Sport to go to my room.When we arrived at the music room


I asked "What are we gonna play?" 


"What about Heartbreak Girl?" Calum asked


"Ok,I'm on the drums"I said


"Your going to sing right?"Calum asked


I shake my head for "no"


"Why not?"Michael asked sadly


"Nothing" I whispered


"Ok let's star-" I cut Calum off


"Wait,I need to check if the door is locked or the others eavesdropping"I said



That's when I open the door with the others dropping on the floor.



"Guys what are you doing?"I said feeling annoyed


"Um we were just umm...umm??"Harry said nervously


"PLAYING TAG!"Louis exclaimed


Then the other's started saying to each other "That's right playing tag!"


"Yeah,I noticed" I said annoyed


"Hey guys do you want to have a sleep over 'til your next concert?" I asked them


"YEAH!!" They all shouted


"Wait let me change,I smell like sweat" I said giggling


They all nodded



I went to my bedroom where Sport is sleeping.


I put a thin blanket over him and kissed his forehead.


I quietly went in my walk in closet and changed my outfit.



Lilly's Outfit



I walked out of my closet and brushed my teeth and hair.


I walked down the stairs and saw the boys talking.


"Boys c'mon" I called


Once they saw me they checked my body up and down.


I giggled and went through the door with the boys following.


"Ok,1D in the Range Rover and 5SOS and me in the Hummer" I said


"Who's gonna drive?" Louis asked


"Liam"I said while throwing him the keys,catching it


"Oh man!" Louis pouted.We all laughed and went into our ride.



*Skip car ride*



We went to the 1D's house and packed their things.We're now heading to the 5SOS' house and now waiting for Michael.





"I'm here,I'm here.HAPPY!" he ran


"VERY!!"we all started laughing and Michael went in.



*Skip car ride*



"Finally home"I said falling on the couch,then Sport began running towards me and licked my face.


We were all laughing our heads off.After we were done laughing I let them settle in there rooms.


I went inside my bedroom with Sport and change on my pajamas and put my hair in a messy bun.



Lilly's Pajamas



 I went to the kitchen to see Harry in his shirt and boxers.


"Hey" he said


"Hey"I said


"If your flirting with me,you don't half to.Your already hot" Harry said with a smirk on his lips


"What?"I said to him with a questioning look


"I know you have feelings for me,you don't need to hide it anymore"he said walking closer and closer until our bodies touch.


"Your just used to girls that always have a crush on you" I said annoyed


"Oh really,What will happen if I do this" he moved his lips slowly closer to mine,

but I push him off grabbed his arm and twist it.


He whines at the pain,I let go and left him there.


When I went out of the kitchen I saw Louis,Zayn, and Liam infront of me,with anger plastered on my face.


"What happend?"Louis asked with worry on his face


"Ask him"I said with my gritted teeth.


I walked to my bedroom,took my pillow and shout in it.



Then I heard a knock on my door.


"Come in"I said sitting on my bed


Than I saw Calum's and Michael's heads popped in my door,and came in.


"Hey,What happend back there?"Calum asked sitting beside me.


"Harry"I sigh


"He made a move,didn't he"Michael said


"Yup" I said popping the "p"


"What did you do?"Michael asked


"Push him off me and twist his arm" I said simply


"Wow! You just beat the shit of HAROLD STYLES!"Michael and Calum said in unison and high-fived.


I giggle to there childness


"So...Can we continue our little show"Michael asked with excitement


"I don't know?" I shrugged


"PWEASE!!" they say giving me puppy eyes


"What do you think Sport,are they cute enough?" I asked Sport


Sport responded by licking my face...AGAIN!


"Ok...Ok...It's a YES!" I said laughing


"Let me wash my face first"I said


After I washed my face,Calum,Michael, and I checked the boys quietly.Their all asleep.We went to the music room and played "Heartbreak Girl".Michael and Calum will sing and play the guitars and I play the drums...

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