With Them

What will happen to a girl who is insecure of everything?
Will someone tell her something?
Will she find love?But who?

Read to find out.

*1D and 5SOS fanfic*





Lilly's POV




After the song,we fixed our things and went to our rooms.


Once I was in my room,I saw Sport lying on his bed.


I plopped myself on my bed until darkness came over me.








I woke up with large arms on my waist.


I opened my eyes and saw a sleeping Harry beside me!


I pushed Harry out of my bed to the floor,and trap him by


putting his hands on his back and stayed there until my door flew open.


Niall and Liam let me off Harry,while Louis and Zayn helped Harry up.





"SAY'S WHO!"I shouted back


"Woah!what's going on in here?" Luke asked shocked


"THIS PIECE OF SHIT SNEAKED INTO MY BEDROOM!" I shouted pointing at Harry.


"Lilly calm down" Liam said calmly


"I WON'T CALM DOWN THIS PRICK SNEAKED IN!" I shouted louder,until I got an idea



"Sport bark"I said to Sport.


He and obeyed he began to bark and bark until their out of my room.


Once their out I slam the door shut infron of their faces and locked the door.


I sat down at the corner of my room,while hugging Sport.



'Why does it half to be me?He can have every girl but why me.Ugh!!!'


I stayed in the corner for 3 hours without moving,until Sport got hungry.


I stood up and went to the kitchen with Sport following.


Once I walked in the kitchen,I saw Luke with puffy red eyes.


He came and hugged me tight.



"Are you OK!?Did you cut yourself?!Did you hurt yo-" I cut him off


"Luke I'm fine" I said sadly


"Do you want anything?" Luke said with worry


"No thanks"I said while preparing Sport's food.


After I prepared Sport's food,I took an apple and ate it.



After Sport and I finished our food,Harry stood infront of me with bloodshot eyes.


He came and hug me.I pushed him off gently and walk past him.


I was about to go upstairs but Harry grabbed my wrist.


"Lilly I'm so sorry"He pleaded


I just smiled weakly in response.


He let go of my wrist and I went back to my bedroom with Sport on my bed.


I lied down on my bed looking at the ceiling with Sport beside me asleep.


I started to think about what happend today



'Why did this happend to me?Did I do something wrong?Did I hurt somebody?'.

'You did hurt Harry while he was still sleeping' my subconscious told me


'Yeah but he sneaked in!' I told my subconscious


'But it doesn't mean you need to throw him off the bed' my subconscious reasoned


'Fair point' I said to my subconscious.



So I decided to take a bath,to wash the problems away.


I went inside the bathroom and stripped all my clothes off.


Once I took all of my clothes off,I went inside the shower and the steaming hot water started to relax my body.



After I showered,I went inside my closet to find an outfit for today.


I was thinking of skating today,so I wore this:


Lilly's Outfit



I took my skateboard and ran down the stairs.


I was stopped by Louis asking "Where are going?"


"Um..I'm going to Jerri's" I lied


"Ok, we'll see you later then" he said


I waved "bye" to the boys and walked out of the house.



Once I was in the skating rink,I saw my friend Keno.


"Hey Lilly,I haven't seen you for awhile" He said


"Yeah,It's been a long time since I skated" I told him


The awkward silence came for awhile,


'til Keno said "I heard that the boys are in your house"


"Yeah" I sigh


"Let's not talk about it now,let's just skate" I said


"Ok" he replied



This is gonna be a long day.



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