With Them

What will happen to a girl who is insecure of everything?
Will someone tell her something?
Will she find love?But who?

Read to find out.

*1D and 5SOS fanfic*


9. Goodbyes and I Love You


Lilly's POV


I woke up with the boys yelling my name.


I laughed and heard knocks on the door.

I decided to prank them again I went to get my spy cameras and did my plan by,tying and putting myself in the corner and act like I was tired,I let myself fall on my side and fake sobbing.


When they went inside they were shocked,then Calum,Liam,Harry and Luke went to my side and untied me.

"Lilly what happend?!"Liam asked.

"I-I-I PRANKED YOU!!!" I shouted running and hide in the music room.

"LILLY" they all shouted


3 hours later they still didn't find me and I was tired so,I quietly went to my room and found no one in my room.

I quickly took a shower and change.


Lilly's Outfit



I went to the living room,with the boys still finding me.


"Have you seen Lilly yet?!" Louis asked breathless.

"Yeah she's in the music room" I replied

"Ok!" he said about to run but stopped.

"Wait a minuet" he whispered to himself

"LILLY!" he shouted hugging me....TIGHTLY!

"Louis can't breath" I tried saying

"Oh sorry"He said

"Lilly we were looking for you everywhere" Louis said worried

"You guys were SOOO busy looking for me that you didn't even notice I was infront of you"I laughed

"What's so funny" Luke asked

"Nothing" I said quickly

"Hey Lils I thought we're just gonna prank Zayn and Louis,not you pranking all of us." he said pouting

"Aww is Lukey pouting.Come here" I said with a baby voice and kissing his cheek

Luke blushed


"Wait...so you and Luke we're the ones that pranked me and Zayn" Louis asked with anger

"RUN!" I shouted Louis trying to catch us.

"Zayn,Harry catch Lilly!" Louis shouted at them.

I ran with the 3 boys chasing me around the house.


20 minuets of running the boys (Harry,Louis, and Zayn) got tired and we stopped.


"Hey guys when are you leaving?" I asked sitting in between Harry and Luke.

"Um...tomorrow" Luke said saddly

"Ok" I said


Awkward Silence


(Oh I forgot,I got those spy cameras when I started to prank people and kept it with me everywhere)


"Hey guys what about we go to the beach?" I asked

"YAY!!!" they shouted and went to their rooms to change.

I went to my room and change into this:







After I changed I went downstairs to see all the boys chatting in the living room.

I rolled my eyes and called the boys to get in the car.

When they saw me they were frozen.

"Um..guys?" I waved my hand to their faces.

*Still Frozen*

"Ok then I'll go with someone else"I teased

They snapped back to reality and ran outside.


I went to my Mini Cooper with 5SOS,and I let Liam drive the rest of the boys in my Range Rover.


Skip Car Ride


The boys raced out the cars and me and Liam took our time to get the things out.

After we put the things down I stripped my outside outfit and saw the boys drooling infront of me.

"Ugh Guys stop it"I said annoyed

"Your so Hot" Harry whispered

"Shut up"I mumbled and went to the car to get my surf board.


While I was walking back alot of boys were flirting with me.

'Ugh Boys'

I went to the boys and saw them playing around the sea.

I decided to start taking the waves so I did.


After I surfed,I went on shore and a boy gave me a towel.

"Here you go" he said

"Ok?" I said more of a question.

"Oh,I'm Leo" he said pulling his hand out to shake.

"Hi,I'm-"I was cut when Harry put his hand on my waist.

"Hey babe,whatcha doing?" He asked

"Wait,Who's this?" Leo asked

"I'm her boyfriend Harry" He said

"WHAT?!" Leo and me shouted

"Don't play games with me babe" he said pulling me closer

"Your not my boyfriend!" I shouted

"I think this will change your mind" Harry said seductively 

He leaned in and kissed me,I slapped him hard and walked out.


'Why would he do that!'

'Ugh I hate him! I hate Harry Fucking Styles!'


"Lilly are you ok?" Luke asked with worry on his face

"Luke we're going home.Ashton,Michael,Calum let's go!" I shouted

"Wait what about us?" Louis asked

"Just let Liam drive,when your done" I said with anger


I looked at Harry frozen on his spot where I slapped him.

We went to my car,and drove home.


*Skip Car Ride*


I ran to my bedroom.I screamed and cried in my pillow.

My throat began to burn so I stopped screaming and decided to change.


Lilly's PJ's



Right now it's 9:35 pm,I stayed in my bed until it was 12:58 pm.

I got hungry so I went downstairs to see everybody in the living room.

Once I got to the bottom of the stairs they stared at me then the 5SOS boys attacked me with a hug.


"Lilly are you ok?!" Luke asked worried

"CAN'T BREATHE!" I said trying to get air

They mumbled "sorry"s and got up,Calum helping me.

"Are you ok?, you've been in your room for..." Ashton paused counting the time

"3 hours and 23 minutes" he continued

"I'm fine"I sigh


I went to the kitchen and saw Niall eating.

"Hey" he said with his mouthful

"Hey" I waved

I went to the fruit bowl and ate an apple.




"Um so...what happen to Harry and you back there?" he asked nervously (he finished eating)

"We can't talk about it here"I whispered

"Ok,where are we going to talk?" he whispered

"My room" I replied whispering


We went to my room and I locked the door.

"So..." Niall said

"He made a kissed me infront of a guy" I mumbled

"HE WHAT!!" he shouted

"Niall be quiet the guys might hear you" I whispered

"THEY SHOULD!" Niall busted out of the door and went down stairs.

I just sat on my bed worried.

'What will happen if I broke the band up'

'Or maybe they'll lose their careers'

I thought, then I heard Niall shouting at Harry.


I ran downstairs and saw Harry on the ground with a bloody nose with Zayn,Calum, and Liam helping him.

Michael,Luke,Louis, and Ashton was holding back Niall shouting...


"YOUR SUCH A MAN WHORE,FUCKER AND-" Once Niall saw me his eyes soften,the boys let him go and Niall hug me tightly.

I just stood there shocked at what I saw.


"I'm such a mistake" I mumbled

"What! no your not" he said letting me go

"If I wasn't here,would this happen" I said,as my eyes began to water


I went to Harry and saw him still on his spot,I bend down and said

"I'm so sorry Harry" I kissed his cheek and ran to my room.

I slammed my door and cried in my pillow.


A few minutes later there was a knock on my door.

"C-Come i-i-in"I stuttered

Luke popped his head out with a guitar and came in.

"Hey,you alright?" he asked,sitting beside me

"Yeah" I sniffled

"You don't look alright" he chuckled

I smiled

"Do you think you could sing for me?" he said giving me the puppy eyes


'Aw his cute' Lilly what are you talking about,he just want to be friends.

I came back from my thoughts and nodded

I sang (Katie Sky-Only You)


A girl in the playground
Making a sweet sound
Living with no one to please!
A fish in the ocean
River in motion
They're living wild and free!

You've got one life, so go live it
Game's on so go win it
Breaking your doubts on the way!
You've got something to believe in,
But time waits for no feeling!
Don't stop, it's yours to take!


Cause it's you, only you, only you
Sing like you know it's true!
Only you can decide if you see this through
Cause you can do anything
You can do anything!
Da da da da dadada
Da da da da dadada


A lawyer, a teacher, a girlfriend, a preacher
Thinking that they were to blame!
There's no need for hiding
Cause when we stop fighting
Turns out we're all just the same!


You've got one life, so go live it
Game's on so go win it
Breaking your doubts on the way!
You've got something to believe in,
But time waits for no feeling!
Don't stop, it's yours to take!


Chorus: (x2)
Cause it's you, only you, only you
Sing like you know it's true!
Only you can decide if you see this through
Cause you can do anything
You can do anything!
Yeah you can do anything
Oh you can do anything!


After I finished Luke clapped

"You were GREAT!" he said shouting 'great'

"Thanks" I said




"So...you're leaving tomorrow" I said sadly

"Yeah" Luke sighed

"You know I could drive you guys there" I said

"YAY!" he cheered hugging me


We laughed soo hard that we fell off my bed.Luke fell on top of me.

When our laugh died down,I saw Luke staring at me.When our eyes met,all that I was thinking was I really like Luke.

'But I know Luke only wants to be friends,I mean who would like me,I'm a nobody.'


I noticed Luke slowly closing his eyes and leaning in.He was about to kiss me,until...






Calum went in my room.

"Hey Lilly have you seen Lu-"he was cut off when he saw me and Luke.

"Um...Luke you can get off me now" I said 

"Oh,Right!" Luke said getting off and helping me

"Uh...that was awkward.Anyway Luke we need to go."Calum said

"Yeah OK,but Lilly's going to drive us there"Luke said to Calum

"Hurry up we're gonna be late"Calum said running down 

"Let me change,Luke get out"I said pushing Luke out of my room

"We'll be in your car!" Luke shouted through my door 

"OK!"I shouted back


I rushed through my closet and changed.

Lilly's Outfit:



I ran outside and to my car and drive off to the airport with 5SOS.

The 1D boys have their own ride.


*Skip Car Ride*


We took a seat and wait for them to be called.

I sat in between Luke and Harry.We were all quite no one talked the boys just looked down and I looked to their gate.


After a few minutes later they were called.

They walked to their gate and I stopped.

"Well this is it guys" I sighed

"We're really going to miss you Lilly" Calum said hugging me

"Yeah me too" Michael said joining the hug

"Meee threee"Louis said jumping in the hug

"GROUP HUG!!"Zayn shouted


We all hugged except for Harry and Luke.

I let go of our 'Group Hug' and went to hug Harry and Luke.

"Come here you guys" I said hugging them both

Harry was surprised at first but hugged back and Luke hugged me tightly.

I let go of Luke and dragged Harry where the boys couldn't hear us.


"Harry I need to talk to yo-" Harry cut me off

"I know you like Luke and i"m sorry for you know..." He said nervously

"Yeah,and I should be the one saying sorry" I looked down

"It's not your fault" he said lifting my chin up

I nodded and hugged him tightly.

"I'm really going to miss you and I wish we could be friends" I said holding my tears back

"Yeah me too and of coarse we could be friends" he chuckled 

"Bye Harry" I said

I kissed his cheek and ran to Luke.


"LUKE!" I shouted running to him and hugged him tightly never wanted to let go.

"I'm really going to miss you" I cried 

"Hey,we'll see each other again" he said rubbing my back

"Luke c'mon time to go" Ashton said patting Luke's back

"Give me a minute" Luke pleaded

"Ok,Bye Lilly" Ashton sighed and hugged me

"Bye Ash" I hugged back

Ash let me go and went to their gate.


When everyone was out of sight,Luke looked at me and said

"Look Lilly I don't know if you feel the same way but I really really like you"Luke said holding my hands

"As friends?" I asked

"No,I mean more than that" Luke said nervously

I just stood there frozen.

"I shouldn't have said that,now everything is awkward now" Luke said devastated 

"I love you" I whispered looking down

Luke kissed me,I kissed back.I felt butterflies flying wild around my stomach and felt FIREWORKS not sparks FUCKING FIREWORKS,but I stopped the kiss and looked down.


"Hey what's wrong?" Luke asked worried lifting my chin up


"Luke you'll be touring around the whole world,and they're alot of more

beautiful girls out there.Maybe it is best if we forget about this,we're going to break each others hearts if we don't" I said sadly


"What are you talking about? I've loved you ever since I first met you,you

told me how you felt about me and now your telling me to forget about you?" Luke said his voice cracking                                                                                                                                                                                       

"Luke I'm not perfect,you should live life and enjoy it" I sighed

"Luke I love you so much to let go,but it's better this way" I sobbed

I kissed him softly and walked out without looking back.


I went in my car and cried there.

'What have I done?'

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