With Them

What will happen to a girl who is insecure of everything?
Will someone tell her something?
Will she find love?But who?

Read to find out.

*1D and 5SOS fanfic*


8. Clubbing-Part 2



Lilly's POV


When Jerri went down stairs...

"Um...Jerri,where's Lilly?" Harry asked

"Right here" she said

That's my que


I walked down,and saw the boys' mouths drop on the floor.

They scanned my body up and down without blinking.

"Wow"Harry,Michael and Calum said

"I think I change my mind" I teased

"No!" they shouted

"ok,ok kidding" I giggled

"C'mon lets go" Jerri said


I just stand there playing with my dress nervously.

"Lilly what are you standing there for?"Jerri asked annoyed

"I don't feel comfortable with this dress" I said nervously

"Don't be such a baby" Jerri said annoyed

"Maybe I'll wear shorts"I said running to my closet and wore my high waisted shorts.

"LILLY TIME TO GO!!"They shouted

"COMING!" I shouted back


I raced down stairs and we went to our rides.

Me and Michael in my Lamborghini.Harry and Calum in Jerri's Mini Cooper.


*Skip car ride*


We went inside the club and I already smell sweat,alcohol, and vomit.

Michael snaked his hand on my waist and led me to the bar.

We sat on our seats and Michael ordered two shots.

"Here drink" Michael said handing me a shot.

"I don't drink" I said putting down the drink.

"C'mon try it"he said

I shake my head for 'no'

"More for me then" he said,and swallowed it.


Michael ordered more and more until he was drunk.

"Wanna have some private time baby"he chuckled

"Mikey your drunk" I said to him carrying him to my car.

"I know your still a virgin" he burped

"Shut up" I said annoyed


Geez he's heavy


I finally got him in my car,he and passed out.

I went to find the others.I saw Jerri grinding a guy.I grabbed her arm and she yanked it of.

"Hey what are you doing Lilly" she said angry

"We need to go home,your drunk" I said

"I was having fun here!" she shouted angrily

"No time for that c'mon!" I said annoyed


I dragged her out of the club and put her in her car,on the back seat.

2 down,1 more to go.


I went inside and saw Harry passed out on the floor.


I left Harry and look for Calum,I saw Calum just sitting on a chair alone.

I went over and he isn't drunk.


"Hey Calum!" I said

"Hey,your not drunk right" he asked

"No,I don't drink" I replied

"Me too" he sigh

"Why the long face?" I asked

"Nothing"he whispered

"Oh ok.Um...can you help me with Harry?he passed out on the floor."I asked

"Yeah" he answered


We went where Harry passed out,and carried him out of the club.

I put him inside Jerri's car,on the backseat.


"Calum you'll drive" I told him

"Ok but,Where's the keys?" he asked

I took Jerri's purse and took her car keys,I gave it to Calum and told him that,we're gonna go to my house first and drop off the boys,and take Jerri to her house.

He asked"Ok,but what about the ride home?"

"I'll take Jerri and her car home,and you drive my car and bring the boys back home" I said

"Cool" he said


*Skip car ride to Lilly's house*


I pulled out my keys (house) and opened the door.I saw Niall,Ashton and Luke watching a movie.

"Hey guys" I waved

"Hey" they said

"Can you guys help us with the others?" I asked carrying Michael and Calum carrying Harry.

"Oh!" they jumped of the couch and helped us Luke too

We carried them to there rooms and put a trash can on the side of there bed,a glass of water,and Advils on there night stand.


I went to my room where I found Sport sleeping on his bed.

I went in my closet and changed into my PJ's.


Lilly's PJ's



I went downstairs and didn't see anyone in the living room.

I went to the kitchen to see Luke just standing beside the counter looking down.

"Hey,Whatcha doing?"I asked him

"Hey just thinking" he sighed

"About what?" I asked,getting a glass of water

"Nothing" he sighed again

"C'mon you can tell me" I reassured him

No reply


"Ok then,how about we prank one of the boys?" I suggested

He nodded with a huge smile plastered on his face.

"C'mon then" I whispered


We checked the rooms if everyone was asleep and they were.

We decided to prank Louis and Zayn,cause they're the pranksters here; well not anymore.

I went to Michael's  room and took his orange hair dye.

I told Luke to get ALL the CARROTS  in the fridge and hide them.

Once he was done,We went to Zayn's bathroom and mix the hair dye inside his shampoo.

We went to my room and we took my little spy cameras.

(I'll tell you why I have those stuff)


"Remember to lock your door when you go to your room" I said

"I will,Good Night" he said


With that he left my room and closed the door behind him.

I locked the door and went to sleep.

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