With Them

What will happen to a girl who is insecure of everything?
Will someone tell her something?
Will she find love?But who?

Read to find out.

*1D and 5SOS fanfic*


10. 3 Years Later



* 3 Years Later*


Luke's POV


3 years later,I still didn't forget about Lilly.

We (Ashton,Calum,Harry and I) tried to call her but never answers.

We heard she's a 'Victoria Secret Model',I mean she's...HOT.

We went to her house she's not there,but her parents.

We asked her parents where she is,they said

"Lilly moved to the U.S. 2 years ago"

"Has she changed?" I asked

"Kinda,she is still our bad good girl,but she changed a bit of her outfits" Nathan said (Lilly's Dad)

"Does she have a boyfriend?" Harry asked

I elbowed Harry to shut up.

"Ow,what did you that for?" he said acting hurt

"SHUT. UP." I said whisper-shout

"Boys,boys,I know you guys like Lilly more than a friend,especially you Luke" Molly (Lilly's Mom) said pointing at me

I blushed knowing she told her mom

"But no she doesn't have a boyfriend,knowing she's too busy for that" she continued


"Do you know where she lives?" Ashton asked

"She lives in New York,she's quite known there so you could asked where she's house is" Molly said

"That's all we need to know.Thank You so much!" I said rushing to the door


It's a good thing we're going to New York for our 'U.S. Tour'.

We went strait to the airport and flew to New York.






Lilly's POV


I just got home from work and my phone went off.

It was Calum,It's been 3 years since we saw each other.

(L-Lilly C-Calum)




C-Hey Lils,How are you?


L-Hey Cal,I'm good.What about you boys?


C-We're good.You know we missed you soo much!


L-I missed you guys too,where are you guys now?


C-We just landed here in New York.


L-Really! Want me to pick you guys up?


C-Yeah that'll be great!


L-I'm gonna send y driver to pick you guys up.


C-Alright bye.




*End Call*


I told Daniel (my driver) to pick the boys up and I went upstairs to take a shower.

After I shower,I went to my closet and picked an outfit.


Lily's Outfit:


I left my look natural and went to the kitchen to make cupcakes.

After finishing with my cupcakes,I went to the backyard and played with Sport.

15 minuets later,Daniel told me the boys are here.




Luke's POV


I have never been so nervous of my entire life,I'm sweating like I have been in an oven.

Once we we're inside I could hear Lilly laughing at the back yard.


"Guys I'm just gonna get Lilly" Daniel said

We just nodded and he left.

We observed Lilly's house and it's HUGE,I mean she's the only one to live hear in this 2 story mansion.


10 Seconds Later...


"Hey Boys" Lilly greeted

We turned were we heard her and WOW SHE'S HOT.

'Luke shut up'

Lilly hugged Calum first,then Michael,Ashton and last me.

At first I didn't hug back cause I don't know what to do,but then I relaxed and hugged her back.

I then looked at the others and there mouths dropped.

When we let go she was smiling widely.

"Hey guys long time no see" she said

"Yeah,Wow" Calum whispered,looking at Lilly up and down.


"Um...do you guys want cupcakes or something?" Lilly

"Yeah" We all nodded

Then Sport jumped on me and began to lick my face.

"You miss me buddy" I said to Sport

"He sure did" Lilly giggled

'Man,I miss her giggles'

"Sport stop it" I chucked

Sport stopped licking me and jumped on Calum.We all began to laugh.


"Hey Lilly where's your bathroom,I need to remove Sport's saliva on my face" I mock her

"Haha,really funny Luke.It's upstairs,second door to your right."She said sarcastically

I followed Lilly's instructions and washed my face.

After I used the bathroom,I saw a room that's ajar.

'What's in there?Well there's one way to find out'

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