Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


3. Chapter two the change

Linda and I ran right past Claudia and Jessica and straight to class “what’s with them they look like they’ve seen a ghost or something” she asked “yeah a ghost or something” I replied as I smirked we arrived at class just before the bell went “phew made it!” Linda shouted as she sat down I looked back to Claudia and Jessica and I couldn’t help it I started laughing “what’s so funny?” Linda asked “oh nothing” I quickly said “ok oh look who we have today” Linda said as she pointed to our teacher “oh great Mr. Runner and he is going to make us run like always” I said as I looked in my pocket for my extra hair tie “ok class the racer one of the most beautiful people to watch or be the way they turn into a blur right before your eyes it’s beautiful I used to be a racer oh yeah you better believe it I once raced in the Olympics oh yeah I did anyway today I am going to turn you into racers how you may ask well today you are going to run the school track until I say stop ok I’ll give you five minutes to stretch and get ready oh and the fastest runner will get something special at the end of class and trust me it’s worth all that running you going to do ok so five minutes starting now!” he shouted “hey Fallen got a hair tie I could borrow?” Linda asked “it’s on your bag” I said as I tightened my shoe laces Linda turned around to look at her bag and just as I said my extra hair tie was right on top of her bag “how do you do that!” she asked as she tied up her hair “do what ?” I replied “know me so well like the hair tie how did you know I was going to ask you for one?” she asked “because you do every day” I replied “oh well I won’t tomorrow!” she shouted as she put her joggers on “sure you won’t I believe you” I said sarcastically with a smirk on my face “hey Fal don’t forget your inhaler you might need it” I walked over to my bag and grabbed my inhaler and dropped it in my pocket “ok my future Olympian’s get ready the entire class lined up at the red line spry painted on the grass “on your mark get set go!” Mr Runner shouted and off we went Linda zoomed past me everyone did I’m not much of a runner and then there’s my asthma and it sucks I kept running at my pace and I liked it “come on Fal speed it up a little!” Linda shouted too me I looked up at the front of the group and I how far I was from it and I liked it I hated being the center of attention so I kept running at my pace then suddenly I heard someone laughing and talking “I think she should change her name to failing ha-ha” I don’t know who said that but I didn’t like it I started running faster then suddenly I heard something that sounded like a roar I turned around and then I saw this huge dog wolf thing it was huge it had red eyes and massive teeth that looked like it could bite me in half I looked right at me then it ran straight for me “ahh” I screamed and ran but I wasn’t fast enough the creature was caching up to me I started running faster and faster till before I knew I was in front of the entire class but that creature was still chasing me and it didn’t look like it was going to stop I knew what I had to do I turned around and headed right towards that creature I was ready to fight this thing I got ready for impact I was so close I could smell it then suddenly it turned into some type of smoke or something and I breathed it in I didn’t want to but it was like I couldn’t stop myself I absorbed all this smoke stuff then I collapsed I couldn’t breathe it felt like someone had hit my heart with a sledge hammer my lungs were burning each breath of air was like swallowing shards of glass it hurt so much I tried to get up but I couldn’t suddenly I heard someone running towards me I looked up to see Linda running and then kneeling next to me “Falen what’s wrong!” she shouted to me “I c…ant bre…ath” I tried to shout but the words were so quite “where’s your inhaler?” Linda asked as she tried to calm my breathing “in my poc…ket” Linda checked my pockets but she couldn’t find my inhaler “it must of fallen out ok no inhaler don’t worry just breathe in through the nose out through the mouth ok just breath” suddenly my eyes started burning “ahh” I felt like my eyes were on fire then suddenly my hands started to hurt and me nails were getting longer and sharper I closed my hands and covered my eyes which were still burning “Falen what are you doing!” Linda shouted as she moved my hands from eyes “woe Falen what the hell is going on!” she shouted as she got up and walked back from me my heart beat had slowed down and I could breathe again my eyes still hurt but they weren’t burring anymore my fingers had blood coming from them and my mouth was hurting right where my canines are and I tasted blood in my mouth I reached my hands to my fangs and I tasted more blood I looked at my finger and it was cut as I stared at the blood everything seemed to slow down I could hear my heart beat but it was so loud I could smell the pine scent form the pine tree’s miles away I could hear some guys talking in the locker room but the thing I noticed most was that flowing sound coming from Linda it was her blood I could hear her blood I could see her blood it made me hungry I was staring at my friend and I felt like I wanted to slash her throat open “Falen why are you staring at me like that?!” Linda shouted as she stepped back even further I could smell that delouses scent coming from her my eyes were completely drawn on her throat my throat felt like it was parched it was so dry and burning with each breath I stared at the blood on my fingers it enticed me I rubbed the blood all over my lips and tongue it tasted so good I wanted more I got up and was ready to slice someone open and quench this thirst “hey Linda come here it’s ok I’m fine” I said calmly “I don’t know Falen your acting weird and what is up with your eyes there red “she asked as she came a little closer “I don’t know maybe you should come closer and check It might be something has gotten in my eyes and made them sore and looking red please Linda they really hurt could you just have a quick look please” I begged her to come closer “OK Falen I’ll have a look” she replied as she walked closer to me her scent was even stronger it was taunting me her skin looked so soft and tasty she came closer her neck was at the perfect spot my fangs were ready to pierce through her sweet flesh and drink I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her neck closer to my mouth “I don’t see anything are you sure there is something in your eyes?” Linda asked as she looked at my blood red eyes maybe you should look closer” I replied as my mouth was just a few inches away from her neck I could feel my hot breath reach her neck my fangs were just touching her skin I was about to bite down when I felt this horrible feeling in my gut “what am I doing?” I whispered to myself as I pulled away from Linda’s neck then I pushed her away from me and I looked away I ashamed of what I almost did I couldn’t bare looking at my friend who I had just tried to kill “Falen you ok?” Linda asked me I didn’t reply I pushed Linda out of the way and ran for those giant gates and then out of the school I ran straight home I didn’t even bother to tell my foster parents why I was home I just ran straight up to the bathroom I locked the door and went to the mirror I couldn’t stop staring at my reflection my eyes were crimson red my nails were just a guess three inches long and my teeth were white and spotless with razor sharp canines sharp enough to cut my finger even with no pressure “ahh!” my mouth was hurting again but this time it felt like my mouth was being cut right at the gums everywhere was aching and I didn’t know why “what the hell is wrong with me!” I shouted as I punched the mirror and shattered the class my hand was all cut with bits of class still in it but I didn’t hurt there was blood flowing from the cuts on my hands that smell again just like Linda’s it smells delouse I licked the blood of my hand it was so good I wanted more “no stop!” I shouted as I threw myself on the floor of the bathroom the bits of broken class now stabbing into my legs there was so much blood my throat was burning again then suddenly I heard Frank and Fiona outside the door (bang, bang, bang) “Falen open this door right now!” Frank shouted as he hit the door even harder “Frank don’t shout if you want her to come out then calmly ask her” Fiona shouted “oh shut up Fiona Falen will open this door before I break it down and then I’ll break her do you hear me Falen open the door right now or you will be waking up in the hospital do you hear me?!” oh I heard him aright and he was making me angry just his voice made me want rip his throat open ‘but I can’t I must stay in here until I calm down’ “ahh!” I screamed my hands bones were breaking and growing my heart beat had risen “ahh please stop!” I shouted as my chest began to break too it was as if my body was changing “no please ah stop” I cried as I held my chest and lied on the floor in excruciating pain I could hear my bones breaking and moving in ways they shouldn’t be with each bone more pain “ahh!” I screamed again it was so painful I felt sharp stabbing pains in my ribs I moved one of hands to see my nails had turned into claws and I had been stabbing them into my rib cage suddenly the door fell down and standing behind it was a pissed off looking Frank he slapped me across the face and through me out of the bathroom I landed right next to Fiona who did nothing but look at me as Frank came over and kicked me in the gut “ahh!” I screamed as blood spat out of my mouth as he hit me again “I told you to open the door or I would break it and then I would break you, you are a stupid little girl who doesn’t know when to listen but I’m going to teach you how even if I have to break every bone in your body!”
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