Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


13. Chapter twelve Subject Blood Wolf

I was running as my heart was pounding in my chest. Sweat trickling down my forehead. My legs were carrying me as fast as they possibly could. All I could see were white walls and doors concealing the rooms that I'd been tested in. Those days, were over. I wasn't staying one more day in this hell hole. This was my chance. One of the white coats reached in to take me to another test room. To see how long my heart could last without bursting. They wanted me to run as long, and as fast as I could. But instead, I acted like I snapped into one of my psychotic breaks and went postal on him. Once I knocked him out, I took his keys and put them in my pocket, just in case I had been caught again. I had to run as fast as I could to get away. My bare feet pounded lightly on the white clean tile. My lungs strong still, since I just got away. My eyes flicked from side to side, frantically searching for an exit. "Get it! Subject blood wolf is escaping!" I heard the voices of white coats behind me and down the hall. I'd been found out. "No! Not today! I'm getting out of this damned place!" To my dismay, I heard footsteps pounding heavily behind me, and getting closer. I tried to force myself to run faster, but fate had another plan for me. Just ahead, the doors to the left of the hall burst open, and more white coats with tranquilizers blocked my path. "Dammit!" I skid to a halt, the bottom of my feet burning a bit and whipped my head around, my brown and red hair fluttered in front of my face, and saw the other white coats slowing to a stop. They had me trapped. "No! Stay back!" I shouted. My heart was pounding harder and harder against my ribs. But they didn't listen. They were edging themselves closer to catch me. I felt panicked, until... I saw a window out of the corner of my eye. My eyes widened a bit. But then I turned to the white coats with a gleam in my eyes. "See you suckers... not!" My black bat wings burst from my back and I turned to the window before they could do anything. I jumped, and busted through the window. The glass shattered and skid across the ground as I rose higher and higher into the air. I was free. I could still hear the white coats “subject Blood Wolf will return for now use one of the clones” ‘clones what they cloned me no that’s not right I have to save them there me!” I flew back to the order center and onto the roof I followed two white coats to a black door marked “S.B.L.C hmm subject Blood Wolf Clones there in there” I flew down into the room and used my claws to climb on the ceiling “how do I get in’ I watched a white coat walk over to the door he opened a number panel and entered “ the key code” I waited till it was clear and entered the code into the number panel the room was dark “h…hello?” light turned on all around me revealing hundreds maybe thousands of growing pods each one had me in them I could feel my stomach twisting into knots but I couldn’t look away they had cloned me some were mutated mixed versions of werewolf and vampire others were more beastly then human “oh god I think im gonna be sick” I ran to the nearest bin my chest burned as I coughed up a large amount of blood “i…I have to get out of here there’s to many to help but I will though I swear I will come back!” I ran out of the room sealing it behind me as the door locked alarms activated all around me “BEEP…BEEP…BEEP ALERT SUBJECT BLOOD WOLF HAS BEEN LOCATED I REPEAT SUBJECT BLOOD WOLF HAS BEEN LOCATED!!!” i went to run but white coats surrounded me they blocked the windows and all the exists I was trapped “its ok Falen just calm down” ‘that voice Alyaim what no she’s my friend why is she here with the white coats?’ large excruciating electrical pain filled my body “AHH!!!!” I screamed in pain at the top of my lungs as I thrashed around my body heating up I could feel something touching me “Falen wake up Falen!??” my eyes snapped open as my heart beat raced and just chest pounded up and down I couldn’t talk my lungs burned from the scream Amisi stared at me with fear and worry “Falen are you ok I woke up to you screaming you looked like you were in a lot of pain what happened?” I closed my eyes calming my breathing “I had a nightmare or a memory I don’t know it felt so real every touch every sound every smell it was so real was it a memory or a nightmare?” I got up I was covered in sweat “oh gross I need to change” Amisi stared at me “you were also talking in your sleep you said Alyaim’s name and something about clones and subject Blood Wolf what were you dreaming?” I couldn’t tell her till I knew the truth “I have to see Alyaim now!” I ran out of the room  heading for Alyaim I bashed on the door I probably would of broke it if I hit any harder “Alyaim get out here I need to talk to you about Subject Blood Wolf!!?” I waited for a response I couldn’t get those memories or that pain out of my head I could feel my chest burning up the urge to hit something rising as every muscle in my body flexed and stretched growing tearing I fell to the floor “ahh no not this again please no help augh!!” I ran after Falen she seemed upset and when she gets angry that scary girl appears “Falen where are you Falen?!” I heard Falen’s scream echo through the stair way “oh know Falen!?” I ran up the stairs till I reached the top Falen was almost fully shifted into her werewolf form “ahh Felix help Felix I know you can hear me…” I felt a hand on my shoulder “Amisi what is it?” I looked up at Felix he stared at me with concerned eyes “wow your fast ah Falen she’s almost turned she said you helped her last time she lost control can you help her?” Felix ran over to Falen he examined her and kept his distance “she’s too far gone I’ll take her far away so she doesn’t hurt anybody…” Felix flew past me and into a wall I looked up in shock “Felix what happened…ahhh!!!” Falen stared at me with those pitch black and vibrant red eyes she was huge compared to other werewolf’s ide seen before and more beastly I was frozen I knew if I moved she would attack Felix got up shaking the broken bits of brick and wood of his body “Falen that wasn’t nice heal!” ‘What was Felix doing was he’s treating Falen like a common dog?’ Felix stood his ground and yelled with a very stern voice “Falen I said heal now heal!!” Falen stares at him as if she under stood him I watched as she slowly got on all fours and held her head down making a soft whelping sound like a sad dog Felix slowly walked over to her “shh its ok Falen im not hurt you’re not bad its ok” ‘what was he doing she was obeying him how did he know how to do that?’ I slowly got up “ahh Felix can I move now or will she tear me apart?” Felix softly laughed “you can relax Amisi Falen wont attack you I’ve calmed her” I slowly walked over to her and Felix “wow Felix” I watched Falen’s fur melt away till she was back to normal but shaking she slowly got up I could hear her bones cracking back into place “im sorry I didn’t mean to I got angry Missi I didn’t hurt you did i?” I quickly turned around ‘Even after all she’s been through and all that she is she still only cares about others’ “no Falen you didn’t touch me im fine” Falen softly smiled “ah good im gonna put what’s left of my clothes back on” Felix softly chuckled “I could get you some new ones” I reached for my taters shirt and pants “no that’s fine im gonna go back to my room we have night class soon I’ll see you in class Felix” I walked down the stairs with Falen back to our room “are you sure you’re ok Falen you still seem a little shaken by your dream?” Falen sat on the edge of her bed I could tell she wasn’t fine by the look in her eyes they were soft watery like she would start crying “Amisi look I just want to go to class get picked on and threatened by nearly every vampire there just like every other time I just don’t want to think about my dream” ‘what was her dream about I only heard bits and pieces but it really scared Falen and Alyaim had something to do with it but why?’ I changed into my blood red and black uniform and headed for the door Amisi watched me with concerned eyes “I couldn’t tell her she would just ask questions and I don’t have the answers’ “I’ll see you in the morning have a good sleep Missi” I walked out into the court yard and over to the night class and the vampire territory I picked up Valerie’s scent it was all over this place and fresh blood “Hello half breed today we are learning about your kind time to see what you really are!” ‘What did she mean were learning about Blood Wolfs’ I ran over to Miss Ater “ah excuse me miss why are we learning about Blood Wolfs?” miss Ater looked down at me with bright red glowing eyes framed by a dark layer of black eye liner and mascara “it is because of you Miss omen now leave me” Miss Ater was the tallest women I had ever seen she had flawless white skin with glowing dark hair she wore a beautiful golden dress with matching gloves she was very old fashioned but she is a vampire so maybe that’s what she likes to wear from her decade if you didn’t know any better you would think she was from an old painting perfectly beautiful in every way I was quite envies as were most students “all right my children of the night take your seat tonight we have a very special video one of our founders left us a documentary on the Blood Wolfs and we are going to watch it” Valerie quickly lifted her hand into the air “miss which founder left us this video?” Miss Ater glanced over at me and softly smiled it sent chills down my spine “why our greatest founder the vampire who started it all one of our queens Scarlet Mortem Omen the Blood Wolfs mother and one of the world’s best Blood wolf hunters she almost single handedly killed half the Blood wolf population helping them become almost extinct down to the last one her daughter Falen Mortem Omen your class mate sitting right at the back of you all trying to hide herself haha” all the vampires looked over at me I could tell they were judging me just by the look in their eyes “what you expecting me to change just cause you mentioned my mother’s name?” Miss Ater laughed “oh miss Omen would you change for us show us that vile true from you try to hide so hard?” I stared at my glove I could feel the blood heating under my birthmark almost burning ‘don’t change no matter what they do don’t change’ I looked up at Miss Ater and stretched resting my legs on the seat infrount of me “no I don’t really my true form is not something I want you and your little class of whores and dicks to see or judge I can’t change who and what I am I won’t have you judge me because of it now play your dam movie that my mother left for you im actually curious to hear what she says about my kind before creating one!” Felix glanced over at me with a soft smile “alright watch the movie and please re frame for talking during it!” a huge screen flashed on a young beautiful women with crimson hair and emerald eyes smiled at the camera “hello young ones if you’re watching this then you seek knowledge of the blood wolfs their strengths there weakness everything about them  I’ll start simple every single blood wolf is born with a bloody wolf paw birth mark on their right hand this mark turns black when enraged or turning there really is only one thing you need to know about these creatures they are disgusting vile half breeds that will kill you without hesitation they may look pretty seeing as all blood wolfs are girls but don’t be fooled by them if you see it kill it don’t hesitate or you will die silver decapitation blood loss and intense sun light is the only way to kill these creatures but in their true form they are  unstoppable to kill and control if you need more information seek my guide in the scarlet red rose goodnight my child I know you’re watching”  miss Ater and the other students stared at me my hand had shifted into a werewolf claw as it carved a rose into my desk Valerie glared at me “half breed you alright that video make you mad are you gonna change for us haha show us that form half breed come on show us!” ‘That’s it!’ I stood up throwing my chair to the ground “you want to see it you want me to show you fine I’ll show you the creature and I hope it hurts you!”

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