Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


4. Chapter three forgetful minds

(Drip, drip, drip) I could hear water falling my eyes felt heavy I could hear sounds I didn’t know what they were “hey you ok?” somebody asked I lifted my eyes breaking the crusty coating on them “hello?” someone asked again my vision began to clear and I saw small pale skinned girl sitting next to me she had pale grey eyes short black hair and was wearing some Egyptian type skirt shirt and Egyptian crown with a snake on it “hey wake up!” someone shouted I still felt groggy like I had just woken up from an asthma attack my head was pounding and I felt like I had been hit by a truck “ah what ah- what happened?” I asked “oh good your awake!” somebody shouted “ah my head” I said as I tried to sit up my eyes were still blurry but I saw someone coming closer to me suddenly I saw frank about to grab me I reached out my hand and grabbed his arm digging my nails into his arm “ahh let please let go!” a girl shouted I looked at my hand and I saw it was grabbing that girl who was sitting next to me before blood was dripping down her arm and onto the floor “please let go I’m sorry if I upset you just please let me go please” the girl begged I instantly let go of her arm and pulled my arm back to my chest the girl looked at me horrified then ran out the door leaving blood drips behind her my eye sight had returned I looked around and I instantly knew where I was ‘ah hospital but how did I get here the last thing I remember is going to school and running’ “hello!” I shouted waiting for a response but I didn’t get one I examined my body to see I had needles and wires stuck into me I quickly ripped them out a couple of them hurt but not that much I got up out of the bed but when I stood up I collapsed onto the floor my legs were like jelly I crawled over to the door and tried to lift myself up but I kept falling “hello help anyone!” I shouted as I crawled back to the bed suddenly I heard footsteps someone was coming closer and closer suddenly a blond haired young women in a white jacket and holding a clipboard came through the door she looked at me “ah I see you have awaken and earlier than expected she said as ticked something on her clipboard I could hear the clicking of the pen as if it was right near my ear I could hear the tearing of the paper as she turned the page I could smell detergent this place reeked of it the woman came up to me and examined me before pulling out a whistle and blowing it right next to me “ahh!!” I screamed as I covered my ear it was so loud all I could hear was ringing in my ears “ahh good your heightened senses are working!” the women shouted I looked at her ‘what the hell was she doing’ “I’ll just go and get Miss grey I will be right back don’t go anywhere!” she shouted as she left the room the ringing in my ears wouldn’t stop ‘this must be what it is like to be right next to an explosion’ I put my fingers in my ears hoping it would drum out the ringing but it didn’t this is worse than my alarm clock I couldn’t take it anymore I screamed “stop!!” at the top of my lungs the room began to shake violently the windows shattered and glass shards went everywhere the room was still shaking I tried to stand up again I had to level myself on a wall but I was able to stand I tried to walk I kept holding onto the walls as I walked out the door and into really long hallway “where am I and how did I get here” I looked around but nobody in sight I kept walking until I got to the end of the hall way at the end of the hall way was this massive metal door I tried to open it but it was locked I tried looking through the windows but they were all blurry I looked around but there was no way out “where the hell am I this can’t be a hospital there would be people everywhere!” I shouted I kept walking until my bare feet stepped on something it was warm I looked down at my feet and saw I had stepped on a small puddle of red liquid it was blood that girl in my room before her arm was bleeding it must be her blood I looked around until I saw a small trail of blood drops on the ground I followed them till I came to a small white door with blood on the Handel I went to touch it suddenly I had that flash dream thing again but I saw that girl running holding her arm then opening this door she closed it again then I was back standing at the door “what was that I saw what that girl did ok this is weird have to get out of here and back home” I opened the door to find it led into a large dining room “what the how does this ok never mind I just need to find a way out” I looked around this giant dining room until I saw another door ‘ok let’s hope this one lead to the outside world’ I looked around to see if anyone was here but still not a person in sight “ok where is everybody?!”I shouted “there not here” a voice whispered “huh where is that voice coming from hello is someone here!” I shouted “someone” the voice repeated ‘ok this is weird’ “ah where am I?!” I shouted but the voice didn’t respond suddenly the giant metal door opened in the hallway “out is that way” the voice whispered “ok do I go back through the metal door like the creepy voice said or do I go through the other door just across the room” ‘I don’t know I just want to go home and if out is through those metal doors than that is the way I go’ I walked back through the small white door and back to the big metal doors I pulled on the handles and they opened I walked through them to find a class room “what the this isn’t out!” I shouted as I turned around but the doors had closed and locked again “hey let me out I want to go home let me out!” I shouted as I bashed the doors violently “LET ME OUT!!!” I screamed with angered tone as I punched the doors and as I did they threw of their hinges I could feel my heart beat it had sped up and my chest was hurting I looked at my hands not a scratch on them I walked over to the doors and saw my fist prints molded onto them “woe ok voice I want out now tell me the real way out or your doors will not be the only thing I break!” I shouted I waited but the voice didn’t reply ‘fine I’ll find my own way out’ I walked over to the windows I could see out of these ones it was night and I saw people in uniforms they looked like students I tried to open the window but it wouldn’t budge “ok I just broke a two metal doors just by hitting it I’m sure I can open this window” I pulled harder but it still wouldn’t open this made me angry “open you stupid window my way out is right through you now open!” I shouted as I pulled even harder than before but it still wouldn’t open that’s it I stopped pulling and walked back from the window I hope ‘this doesn’t hurt’ I started running aiming straight for the window I closed my eyes and didn’t stop (smash) my whole body had smashed through the window I opened my eyes to see myself falling towards the ground “ahh!” I screamed as I hit the ground (boom) I felt the impact of my body colliding with the earth “ok that hurt” I mumbled as I tried to lift myself up “oww I wined as I moved my leg I looked back at my leg and the bone was pointing the wrong direction “ewe” I shouted as I grabbed my now backward leg and pulled the bone back in the right direction “ahh oww!” I screamed after I cracked the bone back into its right place ‘note to self don’t do that again’ I lifted myself of the ground and shook all the dirt off me I climbed out of a body shaped crater “woe no wonder that hurt” I mumbled as I looked into the crater of my body I looked up at the window I had jumped out of “ok that’s high what the hell was I thinking I didn’t know if I would have gone splat on the ground I could of killed myself!” I shouted “hey who are you?!” someone shouted “huh” I mumbled as I turned around to see who was talking to me I had fully turned around then I saw this tall thin pale skinned black haired girl wearing a boob flashing top and a really short skirt with a pin on the shirt that said president “I said who are you?!” she shouted “ah I’m ah I don’t think you need to know who I am!” I replied “ah who are you?” I asked the girl smiled at me not a kind caring smile more I’m going to rip you apart and laugh about it smile “I am Valery Craven and the class president of the night class and you are not one of us so who are you and what class are you from?” she asked I didn’t know how to respond ‘I’m not part of a class I just woke up in some strange school with no memory of ever coming here and I just want to go home’ “I asked you a question and it would be wise if you answer it!” she shouted with a threatening tone “ok I don’t know what class I’m in I just woke up in a strange room in this strange school ok I just want to go home” I said calmly “all right and what is your name?” she asked again “my foster mother always told me don’t reveal your name to anyone you don’t know” I said as I stepped back from this evil looking girl “tell me your name or you won’t wake up next time you fall asleep!” she shouted as she came closer to me with those threatening eyes I stepped back and almost fell into the body crater “I’m going to enjoy draining you dry” she quietly shouted as she came even closer “miss Craven please stop threatening our new student “huh new student I’m not a new student I’m not even supposed to be here I just want to go home!” I shouted “Miss Omen please follow me”
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