Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


14. Chapter thirteen poisoned

“You want to see it fine I’ll show you!” my blood was boiling as my heart raced that film my mother’s voice it was like a trigger “augh now you will feel my power!” I watched Falen shift she grew huge as her clothes began to rip and tear right off her “Miss Omen calm yourself you cannot change in my class room unless chained Miss Omen stop it right now!!” Falen snarled as her face changed into a wolf’s muzzle and fangs “you don’t control us no body controls us augh!!” Valerie stared at me and Falen “brother it would be best if you calmed her down before she truly changes Miss Scarlet said she was unstoppable once in her true form and I don’t want to die at her claws stop her!” I ran over to Falen “hey Falen look at me its ok stop it don’t make me hurt you again please don’t make me use it!” Falen’s eyes turned dark green then back to blood red she snarls violently almost fully changed “Halima stop it please they will hurt her!” ‘What on earth was my brother doing “brother what did you say?” ‘dam it I can’t let Valerie know Falen’s secrete “Falen im sorry” I ripped of my necklace and shoved the stone in Falen’s jaw and muzzled her with my hands she thrashed around in pain snarling I could tell it was working as the purple light slipped through my fingers she thrashed around a few more times till her form shifted back into a smaller wolf her fur began to melt away I quickly took off my jacket and covered her before she returned to her normal form she collapsed onto me blood dripping from her mouth her lips were burned I gently pulled out the stone it was covered in blood “oh god Falen im so sorry I had to dam you Halima you control the changes you did this im so sorry please forgive me Falen” Miss Ater ran over to Felix “oh my her skin she has a temperature get her out of here and to the infirmary now!” I grabbed Falen and ran to the infirmary I gently laid her down on one of the beds “Falen hey wake up please show me you’re alright” Falen didn’t respond her lips turned a dark shade of purple like my stone dark purple spider web like veins started spreading from her lips “help anyone please!?” Dusk appeared next to me “you don’t have to shout we have super hearing hmm this is strange please what happened I need to know Felix?” ‘I can’t tell her about the stone if they knew it hurts her they would take it “ah Valerie was picking on her again and she got angry and turned I used my stone it has the power to weaken creatures it worked on her Dusk stared at me “um ok then well your stone has poisoned her like a werewolf swallowing silver it’s going to burn and eat her from the inside but lucky for you if you dilute it she will be fine now what kind of blood type dose she drink?” a tall young boy with bleach blond hair and white eyes from the night class walked into the room “her favorite is AB- and she only drinks it from coffee cups” Dusk smirked as she stabbed a needle filled with black liquid into Falen’s arm “hey what did you just do to her!?” Dusk pulled out the needle “hmm It seems your care for this creature looks like my sister is replicable” ‘oh god she’s bringing this up again “Dusk don’t start it’s been almost five hundred years she would of wanted me to find someone to spend my life with” Dusk laughed “oh yes of course she’s only the girl who turned you saved your life loved you with all her heart and died saving you also vampires don’t have lives were not alive stop acting like you’re a human cause you’re not and never will be ever again!” ‘hey I can dream I would do anything to be human again grow old with the one I love some kids I never wanted this I was dying I wanted to live so I became the undead “look Dusk im going to my room call me when she wakes up” Dusk vanished I turned off the lights I saw the boy pull out a chair and sit down beside Falen he gently grabbed her hand ‘who is this guy I recognized him from class but what is he to Falen and how does he know her favorite blood type and that she only drinks it from coffee cups thought I only knew that I glanced once more before I left the room “bye Falen” ‘my eyes softly opened breaking the soft crust coting as my head pounded I could feel the blood pumping through my body I felt nauseas as my stomach twisted into knots i saw two greyish blue eyes staring at me "Alyaim!!?" i lunged of the bed in rage tackling her to the ground gripping my hands around her neck "you bitch how could you i trusted you and you were helping them hurt me why?!" Alyaim struggled to breath as i crushed her neck im my hands "A...Angel...!" a young girl with soft white skin blond hair and gold eyes ran into the room she grabbed me pulling me of Alyaim she squawked like in angry bird as she grew a large golden beak and long dark gold talons Alyaim got up coughing her neck bruised and red her eyes were blood shot the bird girl squawked again helping Alyaim up she glared at me i stared at my hands they had gone red from squeezing so hard "Alyaim i..." i ran out of the room as fast as i could i ran to Felix’s room " Felix please let me in!" Felix opened the door "Falen what’s wrong you’re ok please come in" i pushed past the door and over to the wall and over to Felix shackles he built them for me just in case I lost control i shackled myself “augh!!" Felix watched me he chucked a blood bag over at me " Falen here drink" i stared at the bag my fangs grew larger as my claws dug into the ground i pulled at the shackles " Falen here" Felix undid the shackles and took me over to his bed " you’re ok Falen just relax" my claws had gone down but my fangs were sharper than ever "im sorry Felix" he stared at me confused " for what Falen?" i could feel my eyes swelling with tears i was trembling i muffled a sentence with a soft breaking voice " for...hurting you all the time" Felix stared at me he softly smiled " Falen you can hurt me as much as you want I’ll never leave you no matter what you do” Felix handed me a chalk white coffee cup " here drink you will feel better" i stared at the coffee cup and the boiling liquid in side it " i dont want it" Felix stared at me " Falen you need to drink you’re a blood wolf which means you need even more blood then regular vampires but you barley drink a full cup every week you should be drinking five or even six cups a day to keep your thirst under control look me in the eyes and tell me you’re not starving?!" Felix smirked as he dipped his finger into the coffee cup coating his finger with the hot sticky blood i couldn’t talk i felt paralyzed all i could do was stare at his finger he softly stroked my lips with his finger turning them a dark shade of crimson painting them with the blood i shut my eyes the smell was so strong it was unbearable "Fe...lix stop..." he pressed his fingers harder against my lips as if trying to open them i felt something wet and warm going across my lips i softly opened my eyes Felix smirked licking my lips softly " if you’re not going to lick it up i will" ‘what is he doing?’ Felix pulled away handing me the cup “here just drink it and I’ll stop ok?” ‘He’s just playing with me but why was he being so s…seductive before just to get me to drink?’ “Falen hey you ok?” I turned to face Felix my cheeks went red flustered as my lips pressed against Felix’s ‘when I turned around so did he and now were kissing again’ I felt Falen go limp ‘I didn’t mean for this to happen but it did again why can’t I control myself around her I just want her back’ I felt something hit my chest it sent my flying into the wall I felt winded as my chest heaved in pain as blood spat out staining my lips neck and chest I winced softly from the hit I looked up and saw Halima glaring at me her Emerald eyes had tints of red in them she looked furious as a dark red and black shadow appeared around her like an aura she started walking over to me each step heavier than the last like she was trying to break the ground just by touching it she lashed down and grabbed me by my throat crushing it in the proses she screamed in her royal and angered tone it was furious yet also sad “we had an agreement you would protect us nothing more why would you do that augh I can still taste you it’s disgusting I should tear you to pieces for kissing us again!!!” ‘Halima snarled like an angry beast and I was her prey’ “then why don’t you Halima go ahead kill me your forcing me to be so close to the one I love but to never have her gentle embrace to me that is far worse than death so go ahead kill me!!” Halima loosened her grip on my neck as she took a shocked step back “y…you would die for us?” she asked curiously as a soft grin crept across her lips “no not for you Halima for her for Falen I would…no I will die for Falen!” ‘I felt her hand let go as I fell to the ground “augh what I hit a nerve dam that hurt” Halima smirked devilishly as she began removing her jacket “what…what are you doing?!” I stared there shocked ‘what is she doing stripping infrount of me what’s her plan?” I felt her jacket hit me in the face I pulled it off to see Halima undoing her shirt one button at a time she smirked looking over at me as she undid the last button reviling her bare torso and her huge perfect breasts hidden by her black laced bra Halima gave a soft giggle as she saw me staring she bent down on one knee teasing me some more placing her breasts and cleavage in clear site “naughty boy peeking while a girl undresses Hehe” ‘Halima truly was confusing one moment she could be vicious and threatening and the next she could be cheekily rude and cunning I didn’t know which side of her I would get every time she woke up she was truly confusing’ I felt more clothing hit me as Halima threw them at me till she was stripped to nothing but her bra and panties “Halima stop it if this is your way of punishing me it isn’t working if anything you’re doing the exact opposite” Halima glared over at me as she stepped over to me throwing her foot into my chest pinning me to the ground with just her foot “augh!!...” more blood spat out of my mouth from the impact this one hurt more than the other I could feel her foot break past my bones “the opposite huh well then how’s this were throwing our gorges perfect body infrount of you but no matter how much you desire you can never take it that’s your punishment so desire at us all you like but know this you will never have us you pathetic little vampire why…why do you resemble him to such detail why do you remind us of Khait!!?” Halima stared at me no longer angry but hurt I could see she was trying so hard to contain her tears she made the same face Falen did when she was upset she tried to hide her sadness behind anger but I could see through it “you miss him don’t you your lover Khait you know he’s more than likely dead by now sure he was a vampire but it’s been thousands of years since your rule Halima you just have to let him go just like I can never have her you can never have him” my words cut through her like a hot blade I could see the pain in her eyes as a single tear escaped her eyes she pulled back her leg finally letting me free and my bones to heal ‘what I had said hurt her more than I thought she was trembling Halima always looked strong even when she was being childish but now she looked like a fragile little girl going to break she and Falen truly were the same in many ways “look im sorry I upset you I never should of said that it was mean Halima are you…are you ok?” she didn’t respond as she continued to walk away from me and over to my bath room “um are you going to stay the night?” without a word she softly nodded before closing the door and locking it ‘I know I shouldn’t have but I used my enhanced hearing to enter the room I could hear every sound so well it painted a picture in my head Halima was sitting in the bath tub crying her eyes out her blood tears were turning the clear crystal water into clouding blood red “Khait!”
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