Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


11. Chapter ten Felix the vampire

 i caught the scent of my own blood that burning feeling again the thirst " haha can you smell it they say the blood of a blood wolf is coveted by all monsters its taste is like nothing anyone has before and it’s a just a rumor but the blood of a blood wolf can bring someone dead back life haha shall we see if these are true ?" i felt Valerie remove her arm from one off my arms i could see Valerie taste my blood "mmm oh wow they weren’t kidding this is the best blood I’ve ever tasted!" Valery was distracted now’s my chance i used other arm to elbow Valery in the chest knocking her to the ground i ran off as fast as i could my arm stinging in pain i saw two metal gates i ran up them they opened reviling an empty path i followed it as my arm continued to bleed its was now dark again i had lost track of how long i had been walking it was too dark to see anything anyway i felt tired as i kept walking my steps had slowed down till i wasn’t walking anymore i felt lifeless like i had no energy i felt my head hit the ground as i lost consciousness "Falen honey wake up baby first day of your new school" that voice soft yet stern i knew that voice? i opened my eyes and stares at a ghostly pale skinned women with dark red hair and bright green eyes "can’t sleep forever sleepy head haha..." her voice faded into the back ground as everything went dark again "w...where...?" i looked around i was in a large room the walls were a creamy white and the curtains a raven black i was laying on a large king sized bed with velvet red sheets and soft lush white pillows the room was filled with beautiful scented candles this room looked like a honeymoon suite at some fancy hotel "ahhh your finally awake i see?" i heard a soft male voice coming from the corner of the room i saw a tall learn muscular man sitting on an office spiny chair he was softly looking over at me he had soft pale skin with dark black hair and soft red eyes his ears were slightly pointed and  he was wearing a dark blue silk shirt it was open reviling his bare muscular torso i just stared not saying a word he smiled reviling his fangs he appeared next to me just like Valerie did "ahhh...!" i reacted punching him in the face i hit him so hard he flew back into a wall " oww hey calm down im not going to hurt you but i will if you hit me again ok!!" his soft look was replaced by anger just likes Reece’s i couldn’t get that face out of my head i started trembling again "..." i couldn’t speak not a single word would come out he sighed "look im sorry im not going to hurt you i apologize look im Felix please what’s your name?" he softly smiled at me again "f...Falen" i looked down hiding my face i saw him staring at me as if he recognized me "you ...ah never mind it’s nice to meet you Falen" i pulled up the blanket up more as if to cover myself i looked down in a panic " im naked???!!" Felix nodded " ah yeah when i found you all your clothes were bloody and dirty so you needed new ones "ahh i swear i didn’t do or see anything Falen im a vampire i can easily get you out of clothes without peaking" i pulled the blanket over my head i felt Felix sit down at the end of the bed i peaked out my head and saw him sighing holding his head in his lap "ah Felix um what are you doing and where am i??" he looked up at me he looked sad his cheeks were red and flustered "i...I’ve waited for you since that night Falen..." what was he talking about had i met Felix before?"  i felt my body be pushed down onto the pillows "ahh...?" i didn’t move i couldn’t before i knew it Felix had grabbed my hands and pushed me down holding me down with his body "Falen sorry..." he got closer to me his face leaning closer into mine why does this seem familiar like I’ve done this before and why am i not fighting back i...i like this i like what he’s doing?? “Felix what are you doing??" he closed his eyes learning closer till our lips were pushed against each other i froze shocked 'what is this i like it Felix i...' i crumbled at his touch it felt so familiar like a dream my eyes closed as i kissed him back ‘n…no get off us!!’ I felt Falen’s hand push against my chest “Falen please don’t fight this will awake your memories…” Falen eyes snapped open but they were bright green her hair had become dark blue and red she growled pushing me of her “don’t you ever touch us like that again our heart belongs to Khait!” I stared at Halima “oh no not you again I thought we got rid of you!” she softly smirked “ah the vampiric lover from her past to bad she doesn’t remember you or all the time you were together haha I will not allow her memory to return and there is nothing you can do about it vampire haha!” she’s keeping Falen from me Grrr my hands melted and stretched till they turned into large claws “you’re not stopping us this time Halima I won’t let you!” i ran up to her slashing with my claws she dogged them so fast it was like she knew what I was going to do “haha you wouldn’t harm this precious body now would you vampire haha?” I stopped ‘ah she’s right if I hurt her I’ll hurt Falen and I can’t do that not again I retracted my claws “hmm that’s what I thought even if you did fight me you wouldn’t stand a chance im the first blood wolf the creator of my kind and your kind hunted down mine into extinction what do you honestly think of my kind are we grotesque monsters are we really that different from your kind why us why have we been hunted and hurt just for being different!!?” ide never seen this side of Halima before she almost looked like she would cry “Halima please give me back Falen I won’t kiss her again just please I’ve waited for her since that night please just let me be with her before the order takes her away again?” Halima grinned “on one condition you protect her from all dangers including other lovers this body is not hers its mine im just stuck with her as my roommate in this mind now you protect my body from all threats especially any other lovers this heart is taken and not by you got it!?” I sighed as I walked over to my bed “yeah it’s a deal I’ll keep her safe I won’t lose her this time” Halima laid down back on my bed still naked “ah can you put some clothes on Halima?” she grinned and stretched “I could but Falen went to sleep without clothes waking up with them would just confuse her and don’t lie you like it you like her and your only looking away cause im making you haha”  I gritted my fangs against each other ‘dam this bitch pisses me off she’s the reason I lost Falen and now she’s keeping her from me damm it im so mad!’ I went to the fridge and pulled out my blood bag “thirsty Halima?”  I heard her get up and appeared behind me “why got anything good to drink vampire?” I could hear her smelling me as she ran her fingers across my neck “you’re not drinking me so back off!” she stepped back I turned around to hand her cup of blood her fangs were stabbed into her wrist as blood poured out into her mouth and onto my floor she looked up at me and smirked and she kept feeding “ahh stop it don’t feed of yourself do you want to get sick you will make her sick stop it!?” she pulled her arm away as more blood dripped from the bite “you wouldn’t feed me so I’ll just feed of myself im not the one that will get sick because of it Falen will and it’s your fault”  I grabbed her arm “stop please just stop it you can feed of me just leave Falen alone” she giggled as the bite marks vanished “ok good little vampire haha” she grabbed my arm and tore into it “oww hey just cause im undead I still feel pain take it easy” she let go “hmm oh im sorry did I hurt the little vampire baby haha!” god she’s so annoying how is she the first of her kind were they all this annoying? She glared at me “I can hear your thought now keep them to yourself or little Falen might hurt herself in her sleep poor little thing” Halima grabbed a knife from my kitchen and tossed it around I watched her like a hawk I couldn’t hurt her that would hurt Falen I don’t have a choice I have to call the school and get them to take her back I’ll come back and protect her “augh no too early you brat ahh oww!” I watched Halima “haha yeah Falen fight don’t worry Halima I’ll keep her safe bye now” she growled as she fell to the floor I ran up to her I waited till her skin went pale and her hair went brown and red again I quickly grabbed a blanket and grabbed Falen lying her down on my bed “Falen she keeps you caged your memories of me of us will you ever get them back?” I watched her sleep she looked so peaceful almost angelic her facial expression changed from peaceful to painful she thrashed around her breathing had increased she began to sweat “Falen wake up Falen?!” her body was burning hot I started to smell smoke “huh where is that smoke coming from?” I ran into the kitchen flames surrounded everything “woe what the fire!!” I ran back to my bed room Falen was covered in Flames but still asleep “Falen wake up augh fire cough…cough the fires too strong to be put out but where did it come from?” I grabbed Falen and covered her with my blanket putting out the flames she wasn’t burn at all her skin just steamed “damm it even with my speed I can’t get past this fire we will burn to easy I shut my eyes and held Falen close as I ran through the flames heading for the door a giant piece of my room fell infrount of nearly crushing us “woe no back up!” we were surrounded there was no way out “no this can’t be happening I can’t lose her again not flames again Falen please wake up!” I held her close to me the flames were getting closer I could hear the sizzling sounds of my burning skin the flames sapped me of my strength I fell to my knees “Halima if you can hear me I need your help these flames aren’t normal there not going out!” the flames shifted from different colors “no not like this cough…cough I shouldn’t be choking I don’t need to breath these flames were made by magic cough…cough dark magic a witch…?” a gust of wind blew past me and ripped me out of the building the cold nights breeze eased my burns “brother are you ok?” I looked up and saw Valerie standing over me “ah Valerie Falen!!?” I got up as fast as I could but was grabbed by the back of the neck “hold it brother you’re not going back in there sit!” she threw me to the ground and held me there I tried to free myself but she was too strong “Valerie please Falen is still in there I have to save her!” Valerie smirked “the blood wolf in there with that fire haha sorry dear brother but she would be dead by now” I watched as the flames devoured my home crimson tears filled my eyes as I thought about Falen still in there trapped hurt or dead Valerie let go of me as the flames died down on what was left of my home “I guess you will have to return to the school now Felix even a vampire needs a roof over their head haha” I got up staring at the charred ruins of my home “Grrr you could of saved her!” Valerie stared at me almost disgusted “augh me save a disgusting half breed Blood wolf I don’t think so I hope she burned now our kind shall be pure again” I ran to the ruins and tore through them “pleas be here please be here come on Falen please I can’t lose you again!?” my hands were burnt and black there was no sign of her anywhere {“wahh!”} I heard crying in my head “what the Falen is that you?!” I waited but got no reply I closed my eyes and concentrated on the cry echoing in my head I got up still with my eyes closes ‘come on tell me where you are?’ “Are you looking for this vampire?” huh? I opened my eyes and turned around I saw a tall young women in long sleeved light pink shirt and a dark purple skirt  she had the brand of the witch marked on her arm ‘witch’ she smiled as she held my red silk blanket in her arms gently rocking it “who are you witch!?” she smiled at me “my name is not important vampire but what I have is here do you wanna take a peek?” she lifted some on the blanket reviling an little sleeping baby with wolf ears and brown and red hair with soft pale tan skin “ah Falen she’s alive?!” the witch smiled as she recovered with the blanket  Falen “yes she is she regressed into her infant form it kept her protected from the flames hmm I wonder what started them” she looked up at me with a devilish smile I already knew she was the one who made them but why? “Can I have Falen please?” she gently patted her hand on Falen’s head and smirked   

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