Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


7. Chapter six Thanatos private schools for girls

Roy checked my leg and he kept smiling at me it was a little creepy “Falen you should leave now” Roy looked worried and so did Reece “dad I need to get her out of here before Chase finds her” they were whispering but I could still hear them “who is chase?” they looked at me with shock on their faces “yeah I heard you now who is chase” I asked again “he is the alpha” Roy replied “yeah I know he is the alpha Carl already told me that I asked who is he and why are you guy’s freaking about him finding me?” I wanted answers and I was determined to get them they both looked at me then at each other there facial expression were terrified they seemed really scared who was this Chase guy and why were Reece and Roy so freaked by him “guy’s I’m waiting” I said with a stern controlling voice “Chase is ah well he is um a man who leads our people he ah is tall muscular lightly tan with light bushy hair a bit like yours but darker he has deep dark blue eyes slight facial hair and has a scar of three slashes on his left cheek he doesn’t like to talk about his past or how he got the scars he is very protective of the people he cares about and doesn’t like outsiders in his territory anything else you would to know Falen” Roy had told me everything he knows about Chase but that still didn’t answer my question “oh speaking of chase here he comes” they both whispered as they looked in the direction the tall muscular lightly tanned man with light bushy hair a bit like mine but darker with deep dark blue eyes slight facial hair and a scar of three slashes on his left cheek walked closer and closer until he stopped and looked at me he seemed frozen in fear and confusion as I looked at him he seemed familiar like I had seen him before as I looked at him I began to hear a familiar tune like a lullaby playing in my head it seemed so soothing like it could calm and angry beast chase breathed heavily then began walking again the tune stopped as he stood in front of me his face seemed so sad “who are you?” he asked I could hear the pain in his voice I didn’t reply something about him scared me he wasn’t like Reece Connor or Carl they seemed so nice just looking at them I knew they were nice but Chase he scared me and I mean he was terrifying and he hasn’t even done anything except ask who I am I felt my hands start shaking followed by my entire body “hey are you alright?” Chase asked as he grabbed my shaking hands I felt claws slash across my face “ahh!” I pulled my hands free and went to cover the claw marks but they were none no marks no blood like nothing had happened but I felt it “Falen are you ok” Reece asked as he came running up to me I kept my hands cupped on my cheek even though nothing was there it still hurt I looked up at chase again and I saw claws on his fingers with blood dripping from them “Falen is that your name?” Chase asked as he raised his hand to mine still dripping with blood Reece walked past chase and held me “Falen are ok please say something?” he held me safely in his arms I felt like nothing could hurt me but I looked back up at Chase and couldn’t take it anymore “Reece I’m sorry” I whispered as I broke free from his hold and ran back into the forest “Falen wait!!” Reece shouted I kept running till Reece was just a voice in the back ground thankfully it was morning so I could see where I was going I slowed down till I was just walking my chest hurt from the violent heart beats the running had caused from all the fear I felt from Chase I had forgotten about my foot and the cut on my four head till they started hurting again ‘I have no idea where I’m going how am I supposed to get back to the school then back home if I don’t know where I’m going “hey Falen wait up!” someone shouted it didn’t sound like Reece I stopped walking and turned around then I saw Carl run towards me “Carl what are you doing here?” he just looked at me and smiled I’m going back to the school I have a date and I heard you ran off so I thought I would help you find your way back it’s easy to get lost in here and admit it you have no idea where you going so just follow me” Carl was so nice he barley even knew me yet he was helping me and he always had a smile who ever his date is must be lucky to have him we walked for what seemed like hours and the whole time Carl just talked about anything the forest his date Reece and Connor anything really “hey were here” I looked through the tree’s and saw the school again hopefully that crazy chick wasn’t still here I looked around but the only person I saw was pail skinned girl with long brown hair wearing a long black hoodie that seemed to cover her down to her wrists and just about her knees she had long dark grey legging that went up to her knees she was sitting under a tree and she seemed to be reading or writing in a book she looked sad “beautiful isn’t she?” I turned around and saw Carl looking at her with love I could just see it if love had a scent he would reek of it “so are you going to stare at her all day or are you going to talk to her?” Carl looked at me his smile faded and he looked sad “I haven’t spoken to her for a long time and I don’t know what to say” hmm I wonder why he hasn’t spoken to her and is she his date I placed my hand on his shoulder “how about hi it’s a start isn’t” Carl smiled at me “yeah your right” I looked back at the girl she closed her book and got up wow her hair was longer than I thought it went all the way to the end of her spine she pulled out a bag from behind the tree and pulled out a drink bottle and put away her book then her drink bottle she zipped up her bag and began to walk of “what are you waiting for Carl she’s leaving go!” I shouted suddenly she stopped and looked in our direction ‘did she hear me the girl dropped her bag “who’s ever in there come out now I don’t like being watched!” she seemed angry I began walking out “oh you you’re the one watching me?” she seemed cold and not amused “ah actually he is” I grabbed Carl’s arm and pulled him out from the tree’s “gasp Carl” she walked closer till she was standing right in front of him “you’re here like you promised” her voice was soft and sweet sounding just like the voice I heard in my head when I first met Reece Carl and Connor “I’m sorry  I wanted to come sooner but Chase wouldn’t have it he doesn’t approve of our relationship and finding way’s around him is like finding humph” Carl was cut off by ’s kiss she seemed to be longing for him and she showed it so did he they wrapped their arms around each other as if this was the last time they would ever see each other I turned around to give them some private to give them some private time and by the noises I heard I’m guessing they needed ‘I haven’t touched her in so long why did I wait she was the only thing I wanted you idiot you could of lost her I could feel her  hands rubbing up my back her skin so soft like velvet the smell of her hair that sweet strawberry lingering in the air I could feel her lushes lips locking with mine I parted and began to kiss her neck  I could smell the rosy essence of soft skin she moaned with pleasure as I moved my lips down her sweet neck as I did she began taking of my shirt  I stopped and went to unzip her hoodie she looked at me with a seductive smile I knew what she wanted I unzipped to reveal her black lace bra and her lean figure I could feel her rubbing her  fingers up down and across my chest my whole body began to tingle with sensation I felt small pains at the end of my fingers ‘no  I looked at my hands claws why now I stepped back it was too dangers she came closer and looked at my hands she smiled then pulled me back towards her she wasn’t scared that I could hurt her  I felt something some sort of instinct I pushed  into a tree I don’t know why but it felt right I felt strong and powerful I felt primal like an animal I couldn’t stop myself I attacked her lips and she didn’t fight it at all I felt my body and hers getting hotter sweat began dripping  from our body’s she’s all I ever wanted and I have her now and nothing will ever take her away ”

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