Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


8. Chapter seven it all makes sense well not really

I looked over at Falen ‘what if she gets lost I’m sure she will be fine besides I have eyes for only one girl “ok guy’s I’m going for a walk continue with whatever you are doing” from the noises I was hearing they would be awhile I walked over to the crater I made with my body ‘I still can’t believe I survived that {grumble} ‘ah man I’m hungry I wonder if I can find anything to eat around here I walked to I’m guessing the front of the school it was huge it looked like a castle and a mansion combined ‘wow this place is big how will I find food here I looked around for someone but this place was more deserted then a ghost town “hello are you lost?” someone asked I turned around but nobody was there “ah hello is anyone there?” I looked around again but still nobody “I’m here I’m behind you” I turned around and saw a little girl she looked about 11 or 12 years old wearing white pajamas with stars on it “ah hi who are you” I asked “I’m Gloria Grey nice to meet Falen Omen” she knew my name but how “miss grey told me who you are and to keep an eye out for you” oh so that’s how “ok ah Gloria do you know where I can get some food I’m starving” she smiled “ah ha follow me we walked through about a million hallways that seemed never ending till finally we came to a room marked cooking I could smell something it spelled delouses “mmm what is that” Gloria just looked at me and opened the door I walked in looking for that smell instead I saw that girl again but she looked different she had blue skin black hair grey eyes wearing wrapped bandages like a top with a black short skirt she wore a golden Egyptian styled crown with a snake on top also smaller bandages on her legs all the way to here feet she was barefoot with golden nail polish a green snake seemed to be wrapped around her arm on top of some white bloodstained bandage’s right where I grabbed her she looked up at me and Gloria “you!” she shouted as she stood up with anger written all over her face “ah hi sorry about the whole grabbing your arm thing before I was really out of it and I thought you were my abusive foster farther so I reacted I really am sorry” she looked at me and the anger seemed to fade from her face till she smiled “it’s ok I didn’t hurt that much ok that’s a total lie it did hurt but I’m ok now and it was my fault anyway I wasn’t supposed to be in the room I should of known better anyway it’s nice to meet you my name is Cleo Amisi Atti but you can call me Amisi for short” {hiss} “oh and Assi my pet snake but he prefers asp” Gloria just kept smiling “hey Missi got anything to eat” Missi how many names dose this girl have and why is she blue “sure there’s plenty of stuff to eat oh ah what are you?” Amisi stared at me waiting for my reply “what am I ah human ah what are what are you?” Gloria and Amisi kept staring at me “well I’m ah mummy and Gloria is a ghost” ‘ok didn’t expect that is she serious “Falen ah she’s not joking by the way” Amisi and Gloria just looked at each other smiling “you’re a mummy and you’re a ghost?” they looked at me “Yep” they both replied with big smiles “ha-ha very funny you two ok Gloria if you’re a ghost prove it” I said with a mocking tone ‘no way she’s a ghost but I would like to know why Amisi is blue “ok but if your faint it’s your own fault” Gloria stood up then walked over to the door “wow you can walk that’s really ghostly” she looked at me as if she knew something I didn’t “you just watch” she said as she kept walking “you’re going to hit the door!” I shouted but then she was gone “huh what how” Amisi started to laugh “go to the door ok oh and close your eyes” I followed her instruction I walked to the door and closed my eyes ‘they better not do a prank on me or they regret it “you can open your eyes now” I opened my eyes to see Gloria’s head in front of me but it was through the door “ahh what the hell!” I screamed as I fell backwards “ha-ha I did warn you!” Gloria shouted as her whole body fazed through the door she looked transparent with a grey glow around her body “your ah g…ghost” I was shaking who wouldn’t be I just saw a girl walk through a solid door “told you she wasn’t kidding I’m a ghost and Amisi is a mummy and you are at the Thanatos private schools for girls or should I say ghouls and just across from out school is the Morte private school for boy’s ironically it was founded by a girl the vampire queen Scarlet Morte omen some say she died and some say she is hiding after doing something that was forbidden hey she has the same last name as you Falen omen” I looked over at Amisi and Gloria but didn’t say anything I guess it was because I was shocked by what I had learned but why did the name Scarlet sound familiar “hello Falen anyone home?” Gloria was waving her hand in front of my face “huh oh sorry Gloria I was just thinking so vampire’s mummy’s ghost exists?” this was still shocking “yeah and many more every supernatural creature that humans have ever read about or heard of exists except we stay hidden and most attend these schools the humans can’t find us because we are in a special dimension where only supernatural creatures can enter it’s a no human zone and even if a human wanted to enter there’s no way they can unless they have supernatural blood even just a little and you can get in but no blood no entry it’s our way of protecting our selves you see we monster as human have called us have been hunted ever since humans existed we tried to live in peace with humans but it only took a few bad monster’s to tear that peace to shreds and so we have been hiding from the human world for centuries well even longer humans will never except us so we left now were just myth and folklore and movie monster or something your read in fiction novel but we do we exists but they will never know that so what do think about all this do you fear us because we are monsters Falen omen?” I don’t know what to say they weren’t scary they were more shocking “well no I don’t fear you so what you may be monsters but I don’t see anything to fear so you can walk through solid objects that’s cool and Amisi I wouldn’t even tell you were a monster except for you blue skin I think you monster are cool not scary and it’s wrong for human’s to judge you before even knowing you trust me I know how that feels” they both looked at me with a face I only saw on my friend Linda understanding “Falen omen you are a truly wonderful person no matter what people say I have only met you but already I know we will be friends maybe even best friends” they were smiling they looked so happy and it was because of me “well thanks Gloria and Amisi oh and Gloria it’s just Falen ok?” Gloria giggled “yes sorry my friend Falen” I couldn’t help giggle to just the way she talked it’s like she is from a different time though she is a ghost so maybe she is “I also think your cool even if when we met it wasn’t pleasant but we have put that behind us as my mother once said it is better for our past to be forgotten then to corrupt our future so I hope we can be friends” these girls were being so nice to me they barely knew me just like Carl he barely knew but he helped me “hey girls this is going to seem like a stupid question considering where we are but is there any food I’m starving and I smelled something delouses before I came in “yeah there’s plenty of stuff to eat although there wasn’t anything cooking before you came in so I don’t know what you smelling I have been in here since you cut me I know I should have to the nursed office but I came here instead and I there was a first aid kit in the kitchen so I borrowed a few bandages oh I should change them to before the cuts get infected that wouldn’t be nice help yourself Falen there’s food in the cupboard and the fridge have a look” I walked over to the cupboard first wow Amisi wasn’t kidding there was food on every shelf but nothing I liked and some with gross looking title deep fried salamander eyes gross I’m looking in the fridge I opened the fridge well at least they have drinks I pulled out a Pepsi I began drinking it then I smelt that smell again but where was it coming from I followed the scent it smelt so good but what was it I turned around to see Amisi take off the blood stained bandages that smell became more intense I felt a burning in my throat I drank more Pepsi but I didn’t stop “auh” I grabbed my throat and fell to my knees “huh Falen what’s wrong?” Amisi shouted as she ran up to me “are you ok?” she reached out with her arm and more blood began flowing from that cuts I made earlier “auh ah please get away that smell it’s intoxicating” I felt her grab my hand “Falen stop your choking yourself what’s wrong?” my eyes throat and mouth were all hurting burning I was thirsting for something that was so close no I can’t she’s my friend don’t come any closer please “auh get away from me auh” she looked confused she just wanted to help “Amisi you goof get away from her it’s obverse what’s happening she can’t control her thirst and your blood isn’t helping try to wash it off maybe that will drown the scent meanwhile I’ll stop Falen from hurting herself ok go wash the blood” Gloria ran up to me and grabbed my hand but I pulled away I didn’t want to hurt her “Falen it’s ok you can’t hurt me I’m already dead just stop choking yourself it won’t make the burning stop I bit my lip with something very sharp blood began pouring from my lip dripping down my chin and flowing onto my tongue it tasted so sticky and sweet I had forgotten the scent of Amisi’s blood now I was focused on my own “Falen stop you shouldn’t bite yourself it’s not healthy to drink your own blood ask any vampire it can make you very sick please stop!” I heard Gloria but I couldn’t stop I just wanted more and I knew where to find it I could simply bite myself it would be painful but it so delouses “hey the bleeding stopped is Falen better now?” Amisi go get miss grey before Falen starts biting herself!” Gloria shouted and off amiss went “I must stop now”
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