Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


2. Chapter One the vision

(Beep, beep, beep, beep) Auh! I moaned as I reached my hand over to the alarm clocks sleep button beep, beep, beep, beep it kept echoing “oh come on!” I shouted as threw my blanket of me and unplugged the alarm clock then I jumped back into my bed I put my pillow over my ears to try to block out frank and Fiona’s argument they were having I closed my eyes but all I could hear was Frank shouting’ “I don’t know why you get like you this!” and Fiona shouting back “just leave it alone Frank!” who knows what there arguing about this time all I know is I’m never getting back to sleep now then suddenly my door shook and Fiona has cracked it and slammed the door again those two are the worst foster parents ever I would rather go back to an orphanage then listen to them arguing all the time’ “Falen get up and ready for school!” Frank shouted “ahh!” I moaned as I got up and slid of my bed I walked over to the door and down the stairs “ahh good your awake now go and get ready for school!” Frank shouted as he grabbed the newspaper “hello to you to Frank” I said sarcastically as I walked into the kitchen and over to the fridge “oh good morning sweetie” Fiona said as she flipped one of the eggs in her frying pan “I’m making your favorite eggs and beacon” she said cheerfully as she crabbed out the beacon from the fridge “great!” I shouted sarcastically as I walked back up stairs and into my room and over to the curtains and opened them to find them covered in snow great another freezing day’ I walked over to my cupboard and grabbed my black denim jeans my red and black sweater my asthma inhaler and my medication for when I feel sick which lately is all the time I walked back over to my bed and pulled of my pajama pants and wriggled into my jeans then I slipped on my red and black sweater followed by my big black jacket and my long black boots I pulled my jeans over my boots and grabbed my bag I walked over to my desk knocked all my books into the bag I’m not even sure if I grabbed the wright books but really I don’t care I ran into the bathroom to tie and knot my brown and red hair and into a pineapple bun then I added some eye liner and a little mascara not that I needed it at all I just liked it I ran back in my room zipped up the jacket grabbed the bag and ran down the stairs and to the door I was just about to open it when “wait don’t you want breakfast?!” Fiona shouted “crap” I muttered as I turned around “ah no thanks Fiona I’m not hungry I just want to go I mean get to school I don’t want to be late” I said calmly “mum would it kill you to call me mum Falen?!” She shouted “probably” I muttered as I walked out the door I opened the door and the frost wind wiped across my face it felt like having my face slowly dipped in freezing cold water then suddenly I had a strange flash of something it was so vivid and immediate as if I was dreaming I was standing alone in a small town covered in red snow and in front of me was a house with a grass green roof and a white door this house I have seen it before but when and where suddenly a little girl appeared in front of the house she looked like me but she was younger I’d say five or six I can’t remember anything from this age except waking up in a police station on a couch with my arm and neck wrapped in bandages I turned back to the little girl she wore a white dress with red flowers her hair was long it reached to the end of her spine her eyes were red and she was covered in blood ‘what happened to me at this age something terrible from the looks of the little’ me the girl looked directly at me then I heard a scream “ahh!!” and then the girl was gone and the snow seemed to fade till I was standing at the door again “woe what was that” I muttered as I walked out the door and onto the ice covered grass I took a deep breath and focused it was time to go I walked over to the bus stop to look at the schedule Cancelled “oh great!” I shouted as I threw my bag on the ground “now I have to walk in the freezing cold perfect!” I shouted sarcastically suddenly the class window at the bus stop cracked as I walked past it “woe was that me ha yeah I have the ability to break class when I’m angry keep dreaming” I said as I grabbed my bag and walked across the road (beep, beep) huh I turned around to see a car drive right next to me “hey watch it!” I shouted as I ran out of the way as the car stopped in front of my neighbor’s house (beep, beep) “come on Jessica” the driver shouted ‘wait a minute I know that voice’ I walked over to the driver’s side I looked into the window and the driver is I knew it it’s Claudia Millers a girl who hates me just because I was different then her friends and because I didn’t warn her and she was caught by the principal smoking outside our classroom she was about 5foot with long black hair she wore short skirts and boob flashing top in this weather she must be crazy but then again she is one of the popular student’s she was smaller than me but not skinner that’s for sure she wore way to much make up she was a total cake face (beep, beep) “come Jessica you’re going to make me late!” Claudia shouted out to the girl running out her door while fixing her hair and trying to put her book in her tiny bag “hey slow down!” I shouted as she ran right for me “ahh!” I shouted as she knocked me down “oh my god Jessica!” Claudia shouted as she ran to help Jessica up Claudia ran past and knocked me back down “hey!” I shouted as I got up again and grabbed my bag “Jess are you ok? Claudia asked “yeah I’m ok” Jessica replied “what the hell is wrong with you why didn’t you move out of her way!” Claudia shouted “hey she is the one who ran into me and speaking of running into people you nearly hit me with your car!” I shouted as I walked of “and for the record everyone knows you don’t run on ice you idiots!” I shouted as I crossed the road suddenly the car past me “whatever freak!” Claudia shouted out to me ‘yeah call me whatever you want freak mutt bitch dog I’ve heard it all’ I kept walking to school and 15 minutes later I was there I could see those giant metal gates that trapped defenseless student’s for hours of torture normally known as class ahh the horror I walked over to car park which only the poplars’ and the teachers use ‘huh Claudia’s car wasn’t here’ I started walking across the car park when suddenly I heard a car skidding on the road I turned around and saw Claudia’s white Holden headed right for me I could hear Jessica shouting in the car “Claudia hit the brakes!” but the car didn’t stop it sped up and before I knew It I was jumping over the car like it was a hurtle it was as if time stood still as I jumped over the car and then I heard a crash I looked behind me and saw Claudia and Jessica running from there now dented white Holden “what the hell was that!” Claudia shouted as she stared in horror of me “you jumped over Claudia’s car like it wasn’t moving” Jessica shouted as she looked at Claudia’s car “how did you do that freak?!” Claudia shouted “I don’t know” I calmly said as I walked off towards the lockers with a smirk on my face “oh my god my car!” Claudia screamed I kept smirking a I walked over to my locker I reached into my pocket and grabbed out my locker key “hey Fal!” someone shouted behind me I jumped and hit my head “oww” I said as I rubbed my head and turned around to see my PE partner and my only friend Linda Stevens she is 16 she’s taller than me which I hate she has short brown hair with blond bits her hair is just below her shoulders and always wears a red ribbon around her neck she said it was the last thing her mother gave her it has a crystal that goes on it but she took it off and keeps it in her room “sorry Fal didn’t mean to scare you” I got up “you didn’t scare me I was ah” I couldn’t think of anything else to say “ha-ha I scared you just admit it” she said as opened her locker and grabbed out her PE bag “ahh we have PE today don’t we? I asked “yep first thing double period too” Linda replied as she closed her locker “oh great I mumbled as I hit my head on my locker door “ha-ha come on we don’t want to be late!” Linda shouted as she ran to the oval “yeah that would be very bad!” I shouted sarcastically as I shut my locker and ran after her
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