Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


10. Chapter nine the reviling of truths

I opened my eyes to see Alyaim walk off  to the big tree where I first saw her she pulled out that black book and began writing she looked so sad I could even see tears shining under her eyes like tiny stars I looked over at Carl poor guy he look like he had been kicked in the heart what she said must have hurt him but it was the truth and truth can hurt I watched him walk off “what he’s going to leave again even after what she said that she wouldn’t be here the next time he came back no Carl stop walking she’s serious I could hear it in voice stop but he didn’t he just kept walking till I couldn’t see him any more I looked over at  Alyaim she had watched him walk away and more tears flowing down her cheeks I closed my eyes again I could hear her pen scrapping across the paper this super hearing rocks I concentrated on her voice “you have made your choice so be it I’ll always love you Carl” I opened my eyes I can’t take this anymore I ran over to Alyaim and grabbed her into a hug I felt her hug back “you saw didn’t you” she could barely speak she was too busy crying “yes and heard every word I’m so sorry  but please don’t leave” I said as I held her tighter “he loves you more than anything I can senses it please don’t give up on him don’t give up on what you too have please  be strong I know you are” she was trembling “you don’t knowing anything about me how do you know I’m strong?” I let her go and stepped back “I can see it and you can too you just choose to ignore it but I ask you to not ignore it for yourself please know you’re strong and don’t give up” I was getting to her I could feel it “very well I will stay only because you have asked me too Falen Morte omen” why does everyone keep calling me that,’ because Falen that is your name ,huh what you’re in my head oh my god you’re in my head , ha-ha yes I am speaking to you telepathically I thought it would be easier this way Amisi and Gloria know what I’m doing Falen I have been watching you for a very long time ever since your mother asked me to keep you safe , what you knew my mother? , yes Falen I did Scarlet was a wonderful women and my best friend and the day you were born I don’t think I had ever seen her happier that was the day she made me your  guardian and god mother if anything would happen to her I would take care of you, if that’s the case why did I end up with frank and Fiona raising me instead of you, I’m sorry Falen I don’t what happened but you and Scarlet dropped from the radar for years I can only sense you now because you have awakened, awakened that old lady said something about awakening what does it mean? , oh god you don’t even know what you are I guess Scarlet never told you ok well it’s up to me ok Falen I’m sure you know that there are monsters in this world vampires, werewolves, ghosts and many ,many more but they is only one of you in the entire world Falen a lot of monsters made sure that your kind were hunted down to extinction and you mother and father the leader of the clans and packs they were in who were in charge of hunting down your kind made the biggest crime of all the created one of your kind Falen your mother was a vampire and your farther was a werewolf and they were not just ordinary they the kings and queens of their packs so to speak your mother was the queen of the omen clan of vampires created by her and your father still is the alpha of the werewolf pack in wolf land woods I believe you’ve met him the man called chase with three scars on his face your mother gave him those the day they met , you mean my father is just through that forest and I was absolutely terrified of him when I met him , yes this is normal see he is the alpha therefor you will feel loyalty and fear from him because of your werewolf half oh silly me I forgot to actually tell you what are well Falen you are a Crimsonlycanus, crimson what?, lycanus it means Blood wolf because you are half vampire half werewolf there for you are a blood wolf the rarest of species there’s not a single blood wolf left on this planet except for you Falen and that is why you are here for protection from all those monsters that want you kind exscinded by any cost so please stop trying to run away we all just want to protect you Falen, this is too overwhelming please get out of me head, very well we may speak with our voices instead of our minds “no I don’t want to talk anymore I’m sick of talking, off not understanding what was going on why I’m here well now I know and the truth is terrifying I just want to go home back to a small town covered in snow where my best friend and I would hang out make fun of the popular kids and just be normal I just want to be normal I don’t want to be a blood wolf or whatever I don’t want to be Falen mortem I just want to be Falen Tomsan the girl who gets picked on because of a birthmark of a bloody dog paw I guess I now know where I got it from now the girl who every day gets abused by her drunk foster farther who never gave a shit about her I don’t want to be a monster I just want to go home dam it you can’t keep me here!” I watched Alyaim and she was watching me probably waiting for me to run again but I couldn’t I don’t even know where I would run too this place is huge “Falen calm down” ,huh is she serious “I don’t want to calm down I just want to get the hell out of here!” Alyaim stared at me calmly "Falen trust me i know how your feeling please just calm down" i softly glared at her "no you dont have you been lied to all your life and has your whole life been changed in a matter of seconds!?" i felt that sharp pain returning to my chest "augh!" i clutched my stomach Alyaim sighed as she twisted the ends of her hair "Falen please just calm down before you have another episode" i breathed slowly as the pain started to fade i nodded then winced my head was throbbing "ah my head it hurts!" Alyaim gently pulled me toward her " shh just relax Falen your regaining some off your memories dont struggle it will just get even more painful" i closed my eyes as the throbbing continued i felt like i was spinning i heard i sirens and shouting and screaming it sounded familiar i opened my eyes and saw i was back home in the bathroom i saw myself huddled on the ground covered in my own blood i saw frank break down the door grabbing me punching and kicking in the chest "i remember this but what happened after this?" i saw frank go to hit me again but this time i grabbed is hand I growled before biting it " what is this memory no!" i watched as i became rabid and feral i tore off franks arm blood pissed out like hose covering the walls me frank and the terrified Fiona " no i dont wanna watch this it’s horrible im killing him im tearing him shreds let me out let me out?!!" i felt a hand grasp my shoulder as if pulling me back into the present Reece stared at me his eyes filled with worry " Falen are you ok?" i couldn’t stop my i trembling i could taste his salty skin and bitter blood i looked down at the ground i saw drops of blood below me and on my shirt "ah...?" my eyes felt wet i went to wipe them as some blood dripped on to my lips Reece pressed his finger against my lips wiping off the blood " "so you cry blood that means you’re a vampire but you got into the pack which means your werewolf you can’t be both??" Alyaim smiled "no Reece she is both your looking at Falen mortem omen the last blood wolf" Reece stared at me almost angry that soft expression was replaced by anger "what your kind is disgusting what are you doing here you should be extinct there no place here for a disgusting half breed like you! !?" i backed away trying to hide how hurt i felt Alyaim glared at Reece "hey leave her alone she didn’t ask for any of this she’s got enough problems she doesn’t need you being an ass...Falen??" i broke free from Alyaim and ran off those words he said just echoed in my head i could get them out "d..disgusting half breed that’s all i am to this world of monsters" i kept running i didn’t know where i was going i just had to get away from that face Reece made when looked at me it was too painful " there you are?!" i turned me head and saw that crazy girl from before "thought you could get away huh well guess again no one escapes Valerie craven!" i sighed " i am so not in the mood Valerie!" she smirked as she appeared next to me twisting my arms behind me “you think you can hurt me like that and get away with it?!" what’s she talking about "augh...oww" i felt her nails digging into my left arm she grinned as it started to bleed her skin become pale and clear as her eyes lit up like two red fires i could see her fangs as the reviled  them self slightly hidden by her dark red lips "oww let go!”

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